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«I'm a Devilman, too.»
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I draw, write, build model kits and translate Transformers comics.

Night owl, wannabe cyborg, wannabe pilot. Can't live without music, something to read and lots of sleep. I like playing video/computer/tabletop games. I love airplanes, gliders, everything thas has something to do with flying.

I like mecha/cyborg/robot-related things (e.g. Gundamverse, Transformers, Gunnm/Battle Angel Alita, various versions of Ghost in the Shell, Neon Genesis Evangelion/Rebuild of Evangelion... the list is long) and every flavour of fantasy/SF in general.

My other interests include transhumanism, astronomy, cultural studies (especially Japan-related), worldbuilding/conworlding, and many more. Yeah, I have too many hobbies.

I find weird things funny.

I collect action figures and model kits, mostly robots and kick-ass girls (these sometimes overlap). Most of my Transformers are actually Hasbro versions, but I've added them for the sake of completeness. I also own a couple of 3rd party Transformers and Western action figures. Overall, I own more figures than shown here, but I'm too lazy to expand MFC database and I'm slowly adding them to the database.
Animated: Gundam UC timeline, GitS, NGE, Trigun, DRRR, KLK, Tiger & Bunny, Ayakashi & Mononoke, TF Animated & Prime, studio Ghibli, etc. Non-animated: new Galactica, lots of movies.
Too many. Examples: writers: Borchardt, Lem, Pratchett, Le Guin; titles: Tkacz Iluzji, Christine, Ender's Game, Ancillary Sword; series: Dune, Witcher, Gentlemen Bastards; comics: IDW Transformers, Battle Angel Alita, Trigun, FMA, Sidonia, Mugen no Juunin
Planescape, Septerra, FF6, Transistor, Portals, Tomb Raiders, KotORs & SWTOR, Thief 3, The Talos Principle, Dragon Age, Mass Effects, Deus Ex 3, Spellweaver, etc. Mainly RPG and Portalvania, but good plot and/or interesting mechanics > genre.
MOE Punkt(e)
Mecha, robots, cyborgs. Wings. Pointy teeth. Claws. Red/gold eyes, black sclerae, slitted pupils. Blue/indigo/purple skin. [Bio]mechanical/xenomorph-style weirdness. Cool weapons, especially blades and sniper rifles. Quattro Bajeena-taii.
Mainly rock (classic, alt) and instrumental (OSTs, classical). Pink Floyd, Franz Ferdinand, A-ha, Alan Parsons Project, Yoko Kanno, Yuki Kajiura, Hiroyuki Sawano, Shigeaki Saegusa, Hans Zimmer, Republika, to name very few.
The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.