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I also own FairyTale -Another- Queen of Hearts from Mytheos.


Thank you :)
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Wait wait wait, you asked me once, if I have some favorite ani song performers.
I don't know how I could have forgotten it, but of course it's LIA
Aoi Tada isn't bad either :D
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Sorry, now it was me who needs so much time to reply :D
Shitty exams...

If you like Ecchi, did you watch Isekai Maou to Shoukan? I started it and noticed that it is really fan Service heavy xD
The Anime is still quite enjoyable.
And what do you think of Shinmai mao no Testament? This Anime does REALLY almost cross the line

Well in case of If My Heart Had Wings, it's too late. Haha :D Recently I completed each and every route. To be honest, it got better and better. Yes, I read about the butchering, but I didn't really notice it. At least I didn't have any Problems

Yeah, this Emilia figure isn't bad, but it's still only a Price figure. Well, for this price you can't do anything wrong.

Wow you are a lucky one, that's really a great deal. I think I wouldn't have bought them, because I don't really care about the twins. I mean, I like them, but it's not enough to belong to my favorites :D

By the way, do you collect stuff like art books? Somehow it became a habit of me to buy at least one artbook of something I really enjoyed. Oh, now that I think of it, I managed it to get a bargain too! I searched the whole Internet for an Artbook of Just Because (At least I think it is one. I don't now yet what it is exactly xD) . Well the only places where it was available was on japanese only sites. But if you want to buy it there, it will get really really pricy. And then coincidentally I found on ebay an auction and got it for 6€ + free shipping. Yes 6€ xD (no bootleg).
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Holy shit you are good!
I have never expected you to guess Kyou right :D
As for Tomoyo, hmmm she is a bit too tomboyish for me, but her personality is funny.
Maybe her qualities come to shine on her route, but I have only completed Kyou's route.

Well in the case of Konosuba, Darkness is my least favorite, It's not that I hate her but I don't like her either. From the first moment on, Aqua was my favorite. She is also on my list of favorite characters of all time.

Haha Jibril is perfectly correct :D

Hifumi? Hmmm she would be on the 3rd place, I guess. Aoba would be on the 2nd. But on the first one, only my cutie Yun can be there. Awww I love her.
By the way, New Game is an Anime which managed it that I feel pure happiness. I don't know why but I had always smiled while watching the episodes

Wow I didn't expect this either, Asagi is totally correct. She deserves the main character way more than Himeragi.
Minimaiya Natsuki? I had to look her up xD In my opinion, she didin't get enough Screen time to Show off her qualities

Lieselotte is also correct, wow xD

Hmmm, you ask if I consider myself as ecchi fan? Well, I don't really like ecchi stuff, but I have watched quite some ecchi Animes. Over the time I learned to just ignore the fanservice, so that I am still able to enjoy the Anime.

The VN is called "If my Heart had Wings" it's not a "must read" but it's pretty nice

I think it will be better, if we limit your list to a maximum of 4 artists ;)
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You despised Haruhi? :o That's surprising, personally I liked her. It was more like that I had to get used to Nagato's weirdness :D
I can 100% agree with you, the movie was amazing. Eventhough I had high expectations, the movie managed it to be even better. Also the fact that they used the very first opening was lovely fan Service.

Well here are some Animes with waifus, I won't list those which are too easy, otherwise you could get hints from my figure collection.

Sooo try your luck:

No Game No Life
New Game :)
Strike the Blood
Trinity Seven

Don't worry if you don't guess them right, my taste can be a bit tricky :D

I watched Gesuyoubi no Tawawa too, but this one is more fan Service orientated :(

No I didn't watch Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai yet, but it Looks like something I would watch. I will put it on my list

I've never chosen an Anime because of a band :D I always go for the cover and often also for the Synopsis

By the way I just started with a VN, from which I took a brake for almost 3 years. Back then, I played only one route but I always wanted to complete all other routes too. Finally I managed to start with it again
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Hmmm, of course I heard of Doki Doki Literature Club, it was almost impossible to not hear about it :D But somehow I didn't play it yet. I had always other things to Play.

When You start playing FF Type 0, then Remember: Deuce is The Best girl :)

Yeah, I survived the endless eight. It was kinda funny to point out the little differences between the episodes. But I think that endless five would have been enough, it got pretty boring after watching nearly the same Thing over and over. At least it was an interesting Idea, I think no other Anime did something like this.

No, I didn't watch Ketekyoushi Hitman Reborn. The only Thing I heard about it before, was the Name xD At first glance, it doesn't look like something I would like to watch and it's also one of these long animes (203 episodes)

Hmmm, you asked me which characters made me love Satomi Satou's voice? Well, at first there is Matoi from Phantasy Star online 2 (I used to Play this game a lot in the past). Then there is Wendy of course. She even voiced the main Girl of the scandal VN Memorys Dogma, which surprised me positively a lot :D I am also pretty sure, when I start watching Hyouka, I will fall for her again, because she voices the main Girl :)

I am glad that Just Because is on your watch list. I really really enjoyed it. For some reason I completely sympathized with the characters, maybe more than I would normally do. It's just that I love the cast. Just Because popped out from nowhere and climbed my ladder of favorite Animes easily. As for the Main Girl Natsume Mio, she also climbed the ladder into my heart <3. I can't say it often enough, her voice ahhhh. (I just skipped through an Episode to hear her voice again hahaha xD )

Ah I see, we have ClariS in common. Their ending song of Beatless is pretty catchy (Btw, the opening Songs of this Anime are amazing, especially OP1).

I wonder who is your favorite Artist or what Anime has your favorite Art style?
Personally, until today I never changed my opinion. My favorite Artist is Na-Ga, who drew the characters of Angel Beats. This art style is just so beautiful :).
Btw, Supipara got also Bonus Points from me, because its art style is somewhat similar to the one of Angel Beats.
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Haha, you will be surprised but I enjoyed Mayoiga too. If you watch it at night, it is even scary :D

No matter how good the manga of Sousei no Onmyouji may be, nothing, really nothing could make me touch anything related to it again.
A Little Story: Some time ago, I watched a Trailer of an Anime called Black clover, at around 10 seconds, they said: "From the makers of Sousei no Onmyouji" I have instantly stopped the Video after reading this ;)

Hahaha, I would be the last Person on earth who would hate FF 13-2 I am a big fan of the FF 13 games. 13-2 is my favorite of them. It seems that most of the hate comes from those, who played the old FF games. Well, my first was FF 13, I have never touched an older one. If you wanna know my alltime favorite FF Game, it is FF Type Zero. I can just say that I love each and everything of this game. Story, SOUNDTRACK (holy shit so epic), Characters and the world, just amazing.

I don't know how you call this hair style, but you can be right. It's just when I think of my favorite hairstyle, then a Picture of Sarah comes into my mind :D

I played FF 15 too, it's an amazing game (There are some flaws, but I don't care). A funny Thing is, that the developers patched the Story xD. I've never seen that such a happened before.

Yeah, I would say that I am familiar with most VN's of steam.
Speaking of VN's on steam, I have a big Problem there. When you look at the store page, then you may see a VN with beautiful art. You check the Synopsis, everything is fine. You think "I will buy this one" BUT then you look at the languages. A lot of beautiful VN's are ONLY voiced in english. This is an absolute no go for me...

I enjoyed Naruto as child, I wouldn't mind watching it these days too, but no :D
Hmm, one Piece... I watched it also as child, but waaay less than Naruto.
Yeah, I agree, Fairy Tail is great, I enjoyed even the filler episodes. It's also kinda cool to see how the characters grow from EP1 to the new ones. By the way, who is your favorite Fairy Tail Character?
My favorite female character is Lucy (such a big surprise, haha). Hmmm, Wendy would also be a candidate (also favorite Seiyuu, I will tell you later who it is).
But my favorite male character will surprise you! It's Mystogan. I know he is not a "real" character, but still, he is just epic. His Magic, These Illusion attacks are just so cool. Also how he fights with These staffs, or how he creats multiple magical circles on top of each other. Sooo cool. I pray that he will return someday, but the chances are lower than 0% xD

Hmm, strange, If you like the Shining games, you should also like the Tales games, they are pretty similar. Berseria is great!

Actually, naming favorite male Seiyuus will be kinda hard, after thinking some time I can only come up with one, we share him in common:

Sugita Tomokazu. Well I only know him from the Haruhi Anime, he was just gold there.

The female ones are way easier:

As I said before the Voice of Wendy: Satomi Satou, she was a long time the only one who I considered as favorite

But then Isobe Karin appeared, I love love love her voice!!! You may be surprised how many character she has voiced, haha :D

And last one would be Itou Kanae

Ah, I see that you like Hanazawa Kana, she is very popular and has many fans.
I am also familiar with Hayami Saori, she is pretty good too.
Well, actually I know most of your listed Seiyuus (when I look them up) They are all good and I like them too, but not they are not good enough to be considered as my favorites :>

Uhhhh, Anisong artists... that's something where I am really not well-informed. I can only list one:


As for my favorite director, ummm... To be honest I don't care at all about the directors, sorry :D
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Whaaat you are avoiding Shows from P.A works? They are Symbol for Quality for me.
I enjoyed each Show I watched from them. Well, I am one of the few who enjoyed Glasslip. :D

My instinct for Animes is as good as yours ;) It only betrayed me once, watching Sousei no Onmyouji (Twinstar Exorcists) was the biggest mistake. This Anime is just shit, I've never experienced that I didn't like a single character in an Anime. The two main characters are just annoying and can't do anything. Sadly I have a policy which forbids me to drop Animes, I have to finish them. And it gets even better! This Anime doesn't have 12 or 24 episodes, it has 50 :'(

When I think of my favorite hairstyle only Sarah from Final Fantasy 13-2 comes to my mind :)

Kurumi has lots of good figures, this one had almost tempted me ITEM #605381
I didn't know that the Studio was shutted down. Season 2 was pretty good in my opinion, so I don't understand why they had to kill the Studio.

No, I don't know the VN Root Letter, but it looks very interesting. I have to admit that I am not so well-informed about VN's.

I am sorry to hear that you lost your friend, but I can assure you that it was not me :D. I've never even heard of this app

By the way, are you familiar with Fairy Tail? The new (last) season airs soon.

Since you played Shining Resonance, do you also Play the "Tales of" games?

And how about favorite Seiyuus, do you have one? :D
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Ah, Little Busters, I heard of it and it was even recommended to me, but I never played it or watched it. But I will definitely do it in the future.

If you hear chinese voice acting the first time, then it will be pretty weird. But I got used to it pretty fast. Chinese is a weird language :D. Nothing is better than Japanese <3

Btw I can speak a little bit japanese,I started learning by myself until I took some lessons for about a year. I will even attend the official japanese test this winter. It's called Jlpt, I will attend the lowest difficulty

Hmm, the first part of Supipara took me around 13h and the second 15h. I usually let the characters finish their sentences, so the playtime should be correct. I didn't know about the rumors, but if they are true, I will be happy :)

Since Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Looks pretty interesting, I will surely give it a shot ;)

You want to see good Asuna figures, then look at this
ITEM #397154 she is just amazing, maybe the best one I've seen so far.
ITEM #257209 Idol Asuna isn't bad either
ITEM #126835 I think this one is also acceptable

You love White hairs? :D Well I have no favorite hair Color. Btw do you have any favorite hair styles?

By the way, how come that you have a figure of Tohka, but not one of Kurumi? :o
Your Profile Picture speaks for itself

The Grisaia anime was by all means not bad. I remember that I enjoyed it quite a lot. But what I remember the most is (like I said before) Amanes route, the whole accident Thing is super interesting. I think they put her Story in 2 or 3 episodes. Too much time has passed since I watched it, so I can't remember clearly.

I have never heard of "My girlfriend is the presidient" I might check it out ;)
Coincidentally, the Anime of "Island" is on my imaginary to watch list.
As for Venus Blood frontier, I have already seen the Kickstarter campaign, the character design is pretty good, but the gameplay isn't my Cup of tea :/

Yeah, I just finished the Anime Shichisei no Subaru, it was good, but not a must watch.
I also finished Wotakoi, I really really love it, slice of life and Comedy <3
Well I mainly try to watch Animes of the last season, because I didn't watch any of them at that time :D

As for the ongoing season,I have one Anime in particular where my gut instinct says: "This has a lot of potential!" it's this one myanimelist.net... I know nothing about it, but I have a good Feeling :D

What are you watching?

By the way, it is very nice to write with you, somehow it has a feeling of pen pals. Haha :)
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Speaking of Kickstarter and VN's. I forgot to say that I backed for the limited Edition of Clannad on Kickstarter. I am proud to own the physical Edition :)

Did you also back coincidentally for the VN Memory's Dogma? The whole Kickstarter campaign had a lot of Problems, it was supposed that they create a triology. But until today, we got only one part. And regrading this part, there was a big scandal. The developers have bought positive Reviews, then the game was banned from steam. Actually the VN was pretty nice (Main Girl is voiced by my favorite Seiyuu)and things are going forward now. The developers said some weeks ago, that they are making progress with part 2 :D

Regarding Tricolor Lovestory, well the translation is the only downside. As a non native english Speaker I could forgive most mistakes. The bad translation is at least good enough to understand what's going on, if this wasn't the case then I wouldn't read it 50h :D

As for Supipara, you don't have to wait until it's finished, because each part stands for it's own and has a real ending. Also, it will take a long time until the next part will be released. Just look at the art style, then you can't resist any longer ;) You won't regret it.

If you wanna know another little gem, then I can recommend the VN Lucy the eternity she wished for, it's also on steam and really really good.

Surprisingly I have never heard of The Rising of Shield Hero. Haha I don't know why.

Yeah I like SAO, I don't understand this senseless hate against it. As for Asuna's figures, I have seen some good ones of her.

Kazuki you say? Hmmm, she was never my type. While watching the anime, I was a fan of Michiru. After some years passed and I started with the VN, I wasn't a fan of her anymore xD now it's Amane

Ahh shame on me, I didn't watch any of your favorite Animes. To LOVE-Ru would be the one I know the most about, I might have heard of Rosario to Vampire before, but I never heard of Gantz :D
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