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Belated Happy B'Day, Shampoo.
Vor 10 Monaten
i hope you are doing well also. do you want to be friends?
Vor 2 Jahren
um hello
Vor 2 Jahren
Shampoo (Vor 2 Jahren) #2948479i found a set, a long and a short katana, with sheath, but i have 2 problems, being that they're unpainted and for mobile suit models, and 2 i suck at painting. i also found a handmade metal katana on ebay for 45$ in 1/12 scale, but who is gonna buy that?

Yeah I bought a set of those MSG model ones too. I don't like having to paint them either. Not too fond of my own painting skills. You might be better off buying a figma with a Katana and then you could even resale the figma minus the katana. Maybe even get in on some of those splits.
Vor 2 Jahren
Shampoo (Vor 2 Jahren) #2921351sup steph, you buy any cool loot recently? i'm on the hunt for a 1/12 katana. tsubasa needs a sword, now that she has guns. need to get her in some kill bill poses.

I've gotten a few things, but a bigger loot is coming at the end of the month. I'll post photos of that. There's a lot of figmas that come with Katanas. I love swords so I specifically buy figmas that have cool swords. I've bought a few swords separately, but I haven't seen too many kantanas separately.
Vor 2 Jahren
Shampoo (Vor 2 Jahren) #2917722Only weirdos talk about gross shit like that or using the bathroom. Sometimes anonymity is too much.

True facts
Vor 2 Jahren
Shampoo (Vor 2 Jahren) #2908366i work 12 hour days so i am destroyed by the time the weekend rolls around. first thing i did when i got homuhomu was put the soul gem and kyuubey in the figma bag. everyone complains about them getting away from them, i think people just need to patiently open their dolls, instead of ripping the plastic apart. mine didn't even jump out of their compartments when i opened mine. she posed easily enough into an official looking one, i put her on my videogame tv behind my laptop, so homura watches over me while i fap, hehe. i been buying the little armory guns too, so i have lots of cute pictures of hanekawa with firearms! since mou-chan didn't have the hands to hold the guns, i bought her a badass sythe. my other 2 maid figures have them, so why not continue with that theme? www.amiami.com/... forgive the whiteness of it all, i need to tinker with the exposure time to cut down on the flash glare. there's more on my twitter too, but i'm afraid i will scare you away if you read all my shitposting. :(

Hehh, my soul gem popped out and it was a bitch to find. .
The scythe is neat. Hanekawa looks really cute with a gun! : )
And the only thing that would scare me away is mentioning of fapping. .
Vor 2 Jahren
Shampoo (Vor 2 Jahren) #2881246She came and so did i.
this is a 10/10 figma, miles better than the Major. you can put the Moemura glasses on this figure too, FYI. What's new with you, haven't heard from ya in a second.

Hey, sorry I haven't been very active.
I've been busy with work lately and this past weekend I caught a cold. :\
I got the figma and it just made me remember how much I hate figma's!!
My chubby fingers do not go well with tiny pieces. . hehhh

How have you been?
Vor 2 Jahren
Shampoo (Vor 2 Jahren) #2855308anime wasn't rly even on tv except pokemon till senior year of high school for me, so there was never an anime club. there's that public anime club that meets on the UofM campus, but they only show PG stuff, and they are sponsored by funimation. problem with that is that i've seen 500+ anime, and i wouldn't care to drive an hour to A2 to watch a webstream on a movie theater screen with weebs, especially since i've seen whatever they show already. fun fact, they are the oldest anime club in america, dating back to the mid 1980's tho. you ever seen animus at the movies? it's fun!

Really? Huh.
Pokemon came out when I was in grade school ;_;

I had no idea there was such a club in AA.
But yeah, I wouldn't bother to drive that far out to just see something I've probably already seen.

I've never seen any anime in theaters, but I may or may not have seen Pokemon in theaters. . I can't remember. I wanted to see Madoka in theaters but that was too far away and when Eva 3.0 was here I totally missed it. I guess I'm just the type of person that likes just watching from home.
Vor 2 Jahren
Shampoo (Vor 2 Jahren) #2853001Why I never went to cons, as written by someone else.
I went to a concert in St Louis in 2010 for halloween, someone was dressed as spike, when I called him out on it he asked me about other anime I was into, somewhere in the conversation Naruto came up and he mispronounced the name, couldn't figure out if it was intentional or not, but I couldn't bail fast enough. He did give me 5 bucks for being the only guy who recognized he was spike tho, so score!

Ohhhgoooosh! hehh

I remember in high school there was an anime club and I hated all of them. They were the grossest people I have ever came across in school. And for some reason, because I was an upperclassmen that liked 'anime' they always tried to bother me. I was president of our schools art club and a lot of people think that I'm asian?? (Ignorant people who have never seen an asian person before thus black hair + hooded small eyes must equal asian). So they always always tried to talk to me and EHHHH.
Vor 2 Jahren
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