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Otaku and Webmaster ^^


Hey there,

Have you seen the mesage I send you about the ayane figure?

I Am still very much intrested in the figure and don't mind the slightly damaged box.
Vor 1 Jahr
Perfect, fast & safe. Nice job !
Vor 2 Jahren
SbebiWanVor 3 Jahren#24189515Hi, sorry about the delay !

The figure arrived in good time and is beautiful, exactly as been described. He is a busy ,but reliable seller.
Vor 3 Jahren
Hi there!

Are you still alive? I sent you a couple of messages and you haven't replied them.
Vor 3 Jahren
Happy Birthday!!
...even if I'm a bit late ^^"
Vor 3 Jahren
Haaappy Birthday!!!
Vor 3 Jahren
Tha package has finally arrived to me in perfect condition.
I'll be willing to do business with you whenever I find a figure I'm interested in.
Until next time ;-)
Vor 3 Jahren
Are you still there?
Vor 3 Jahren
Have you seen the message I've sent you?
Vor 3 Jahren
SbebiWanVor 4 Jahren#12546818Haha, bah pareil chez moi, mais j'arrive à en vendre pas mal, plus d'une centaine sont partis heureusement !

Je ne sais pas pour toi, mais pour ma part j'ai revendu pas mal de figurines que je n'ai jamais exposé au final. C'est un peu triste quand on y pense.
Vor 4 Jahren