Perfect girls wear glasses and headphones ! ヽ(´・`)ノ ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪✧
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Hi MFC folks.

I'm a french guy who started to collect figures approx. 3 years ago, focusing first on music-related figures, then characters with headphones and finally Race Queens. I'll probably start collecting figures of girls wearing glasses later on, because I always liked that o3o Glasses makes girls cuter \o/

I'm not a manga reader, more attracted by animation and movies. But I've started collecting artbook doujinshis 'cause they are awesome (and cheap) ^^ I've recently fell into the R-18 doujins pit because there's also amazing artists doing some. My soul is probably lost since then :p

Of course I also have several video games, but to be honest I rarely finish them, mostly because I lack time :( This is in fact a game who dragged me into figures because I bought a Hatsune Miku after playing Project DIVA for too long :p

If you need/want to talk about something with me don't hesitate, I don't bite and most of the time I'm pretty friendly :) But please understand that I do not accept random FR. We need to talk a bit before this ;)

PS: glasses are fantastic \o/


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