Yay Iku Was just announced for Lost Word Global 14/11/2021
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She comes and I am blessed with luck!

Gooday! From Perth Australia.

Its been nearly a decade since picky up the hobby and soon after joining Tsuki Boards and I have had a really enjoyable and fun time!

At the moment I have just cast off my life as a student and have gone out into the world to go and work. Unfortunately balancing time between friends and my hobbies, Gunpla, Anime and video games is really difficult.

Top 5 favourite Anime:
Watamote, Azumanga Daioh, Evangelion, Clannad, Welcome to the NHK

My Reviews so far!

Scale Figures

1:Touhou Project | Kompaku Youmu | 1/8 | Griffon

2:Rurouni Kenshin | Himura Kenshin | 1/8 | GEM Mega House

3:Code Geass | Lelouch Lamperouge | 1/8 | GEM Mega House

4:Touhou Project | Hourai Kaguya | 1/8 | Griffon

5:Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica | Kyuubey | N/A | Seven Two

6:Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica | Akemi Homura | 1/8 | Good Smile Company

7: Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier | 1/8 | Scale Good Smile Company

8: Touhou Project | Nagae Iku | 1/8 | Griffon

9:Puella Magi Madoka Magica | Ultimate Madoka | 1/8 | Good Smile Company

10: Panty & Stocking | Stocking Anarcary | 1/8 | Alter

11: Evangelion: 3.0 You can not Redo | Shinji Ikari | Non Scale | Sega

12:Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion | Akuma Homura | 1/8 | Stronger

13:Tales of Symphonia | Colette Brunel | 1/8 | Kotobukiya

14: Touhou Project | Nagae Iku - Ryuugyodoriru | 1/8 | Griffon


1:Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica | Akemi Homura | N/A | Max Factory

My collection as of 26/01/2017.


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Nendoroid Photo Travel Diaries:

1. Tomoko's Sakura Tour

2. The Legend of Zelda The Hokkaido Holiday Special

3. Alice in Koyo Land

That One time Time which I 1CC'd a Touhou Game, also move of a Decade ago!

Latest Addition to Model Collection
And within the collection.https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/05/29/3119183.jpeg

When i Discovered Touhou and pitiful state of clearing.
Source: maribelhearn.co...

I now play Touhou Lost Word.
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Star Ex Clear.
Just completed Arena Phantasma Difficulty.


Completed Moon EX challenge. 66 SP Now 36 SP.
And Second EX challenge 31 SP. Now 25 SP
Water EX, 51 SP. Now 41 SP.

With 1 Star Erin and 1 Star EOSD Sakuya. Should be Replayble.
Cleared Towers level in 81 to 90 without healing. Still 10 floors behind front due to current progress. So many powerful friends makes this easy.


New Touhou seccond hand Nendoroids, still not opened.


View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://u.cubeupload.com/Sazako/Iku.jpg Above First Iku drawing which my thumb nail is themed after.




Have a great weekend too, I'll be putting a new display cabinet together. Yeah it's significantly hot here, I don't know if I'm sensitive to it or not but being out in it just makes me tired. Whenever I can I stay in.

The only one I've thought in detail who I've wanted a Fumo of is Utsuho. Originally, I thought that she had one but I was mistaken. She has these unique features that would translate well.

The picture is Maho from Steins Gate ( www.pixiv.net/e... )
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Right, gotta be a bit more frugal with everything, the same kinda thing is happening over here in much the same way, but luckily lettuce over here is nowhere as bad as 9 USD, that’s crazy the price is so high.

It’s a lot a fun to just build something as you wish! It’s cool that you enjoyed making space ships, haha the only exposure I had to those kinda sets were from the Star War sets which became really popular.

Right, I’d definitely see myself as a very casual player, the people who can beat the EX stages seem a bit more involved with the tougher mechanics of the game, which is very impressive. The EX stages are deftinleys till a bit too hard for me now haha. I’ve finally leveled up a team of three Youmu’s, it’s fun to just slash everything through.

It’s great that your gonna get the Alice fumo, I honestly might think about getting more myself. I’m hoping for Rumia to be open to the site sometime in the future as well. It’d be definitely great for Iku and Parsee to get more exposure, figures, nendos, fumos, of any kind please!

Haha thanks! Let me know how your own upcoming holidays turn out! Till next time!
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Thank you for the update^_^I think I'll get Alice as well.

This is very great news, I hope they'll keep doing it, so more people can have Fumos. Someone on Twitter mentioned that if they do this with Cirno, they'd sell billions lol
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Oh that's nice! I'd love to have a Kokoro myself, so might be aiming for that. More fumos yay. Wonder if we'll finally see the scalping price of it go down on other sites.
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Wow, it looks really great! Great choice of colour. I actually quite like that some of the parts differ in colour even though you say it's because you sprayed too much clear red on some parts. It makes the different parts stand out from each other.

I love seeing it towering over your nendos, heh. I like your display - lots going on. I wonder, how's your Zelda nendo fairing? I've heard a lot about that figure having a lot of issues with the gold paint. I've just noticed Sakuya seems to have stolen something from Reimu, haha.

Here's a little look at what I've been working on. I still have the previous kit I worked on to post about first though.

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The top part of Suika's clothing needs a bit of touching up but overall the crazy amount of masking was really worth it!

It's nice seeing people able to actually get fumos. I'm really happy with Marisa, because she's been really expensive until now. The reason I wanted the Youmu was simply because it reminded me a lot of this recolour I'm pretty fond of: ITEM #105739

I think your speculation about Lost Words influence is probably absolutely right.

I had the same issues with you with regards to ordering the fumos. Even though I knew they were made to order, I still realty wanted to order them soon as. I guess lots of other people probably felt the same way. Or didn't know it was made to order. AmiAmi doesn't handle lots of connections well at all.

Speaking of fumos, Gift made an announcement on twitter saying they're doing some more made to order ones! This time it's Patchouli, Tenshi, Kokoro and Alice! Needless to say, I'm extremely pleased about two of these and happy about the other two.

Reimu, Marisa and Youmu have all been in the top 10 most ordered on AmiAmi for pretty much there entire preorder period. I wonder if these four will be the same, or if the excitement of accessible fumos will have died down a little.
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Heyo once again.

The same kind of inflation is going on over here as you’ve described. I’m hoping the rate of it will slow down in the coming months as everything everywhere is getting really expensive.

Oh, it’s good to be focused on making sure the final product would turn out the best it can be. Yeah it’s been a while since I’ve made any myself, but I remember making model kits was a lot of fun when I was a kid. I liked building house/city kits as well and my own custom creations with a big box of lego bricks.

Right, it’s really nice to hear about your thoughts on the game. For one thing I liked that there’s so much content going on at any one time, rather than there being dead weeks. At the same time though, there’s times where I feel that I can’t enjoy all the content being put out since it’s coming out really fast. A mix of pros and cons in its own way. I’m now just focusing on building characters and teams I really enjoy and going along with the content at my own pace. Parsee, I see you!

Hope you have a great upcoming week, till next time!
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Hello Sazako,

I ve been busy since March due to moving out from Japan to my home country, then came here again for guiding new member. Very sorry for not realizing your message previously.

I really hope the MFC website will be more user friendly.lol.

I am good, just very tired and I am not spending much of my time on internet though. It is good for your to able to assemble MG Sazabi, and paint it, looks great, I wish to make one too, mine still in a box and hadnt touch it for almost 3 years
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Hey! Thank you! I celebrated it the weekend before as on the day itself I just had another work day. Made some apple cake and chilled mostly, playing FFXV now.

Your custom looks very nice! And your description makes me wonder if my project will be looking good under photography lightning. I am not much into Gundam anymore, but I still have those 3 listed there assembled, but unpainted, lying around for a while. So I wanted to custom paint them for practice. :)
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Heyo, thanks for that! It’s nice to hear that you have the Christmas holidays coming up, hope that you have some fun and exciting things planned.

Mm right, it’s looking like rising prices are here to stay for quite a while, gotta be pretty conservative with spending too much in general. Hearing your take on it makes a lot of sense, particularly with how expensive gas is getting these days.
Haha, well it’d be West Virginia but close enough!

Oh wow, it’s really nice to hear that you’ve progressed a lot in the painting process. Used to like making things like models or lego kits when I was younger, so assembling has always been a joy. Right right, got to tightly fit and utilize the space as much as you have, that comes with its own charm in a way. Just wondering if you were ever thinking of expanding that space into something like a bigger cabinet in the future?

Right, it’d make sense to see the parents and Kii come and see the progression with her friends, that’d be cool.

Oh, didn’t know that there were exclusive content like that, and geez the harder arena stages are really difficult indeed. Reading the story is a lot of fun to see a new take on the characters. Right, with the fumo’s like this, wouldn’t pass on the opportunity to get them guaranteed through pre order now, but maybe they’ll expand it too more characters, maybe another collab with Lost World.

Yeah I think after we get near to catching the progress and character roster of Japan the game needs to chill and slow down, slow down with the banners and the release of cubes. I think it does things the right way by its customers, I bought energy (say instead of cubes to roll on a character) so I could farm out an EX story card. And try to max limit break it. Paid for cubes lead to costumes which not only make your characters look different but add to farming efficiently of events and challenges. I like this style of incentivisation to spend money on them so I sent money to them.

Oooh, what a nice song to be added, nostalgic to hear again.

Have a great weekend and till next time!
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Heya, yeah had a nice and relaxing weekend here! Hope for a good start to a new week!

Haha, I’ll continue at it till I can get it done, only a little bit more. Mmm, the area is pretty moderate without any drastic temperatures going in either directions.

A few hour drive maybe, so it’s something I’d have to plan in advance. Also right, I also hope they can keep prices relatively stable to weather any economic impact.

I’ve seen gameplay but haven’t played it, I also think the designs are wonderful.

Oh wow, that look awesome. What would you say was the most enjoyable part of assembling and painting? And it’s def hard to take pictures that get the paint job justice. In any case it looks really cool! Your case is packed with a bunch of things!

Mmm, hopefully we’ll see them get expanded roles in the future perhaps.

Ohh, it’s really nice to hear and look at the game’s take on the lore. Hope to catch up on the story myself. Ah I see, it’s good to know there’s a lot of hard challenges up ahead, gotta make sure to get ready for those then. Although it’s generous, one thing I wish could be implanted would be a way to save resources faster for banners, there’s so many I have to skip to focus on certain ones. Maybe a slower release schedule?

Yeah, can’t wait to get new fumos after a long while, the pre-ordering system is much more intuitive than a first come first all system and they should produce by demand rather than limited supply.

Awesome way to end the week, it’s nice to see a victory! Hope ya have a great week, till next time!
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