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Persona, Granblue & FGO is my life 助けて...

Intro: Hopeless fangirl from down under and drawing on hiatus atm

Buying: Doujinshi, Figures, Artbooks, Games, Misc

Favourite Company/series:
1. Good Smile Company/Orange Rogue
2. Myethos
3. Kotobukiya
4. Altair/Alter
5. Max Factory

Discord: Ruby#6781

Feel free to check out the list of FIGURES and DOUJINSHI I'm selling and PM me if interestedView spoilerHide spoiler
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Mostly BL. Titles include: Hetalia, Durarara, Code Geass, Hitman Reborn, Kuroko no Basket, Haikyuu, Touken Ranbu, Naruto, FMA, FFVII, Kindgom Hearts, Evangelion, Natsume Yuujinchou, Tiger & Bunny, Umineko, Haruhi Suzumiya, Big Windup, Attack on Titans, Free, Vocaloid etc + some Artbooks (eg Redjuice)

Current Collection as of 2017:
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2017/11/19/1865107.jpeg



sold me some KnB and haikyuu items was really nice and friendly! all the items came perfectly and shipped really fast as well :) would recommend
Vor 17 Tagen
heya, welcome and thanks!, this might be an odd question but did you have an lj at some point your name seems super familiar which is why i friended you XD
Vor 1 Jahr
Hi! I just wanted to pop by and say that I appreciate your fire emblem cork board! It inspired me to get more creative with how I display my charms. I may make one themed around Nohr!
Vor 2 Jahren
rubyserpent_720Vor 2 Jahren#30703123Hiya,
Not a problem at all! You're welcome to post here anytime :)
I'd pay a lot of money for Fire Emblem Awakening/Fates scales (at this point. Anyone! Please! ;A;) but my one holy grail would be Lucina. I'd seriously chuck my whole bank at GSC if they do an amazing figure of her and hopefully with FEH's popularity we might just have a chance (maybe even... costumes! Can you imagine??)
Are you looking forward to any figure releases or announcements in upcoming wonfest?

I totally feel you! I'm really wondering why there's not too much going on in the figure department considering how popular the FE franchise is in Japan (and has become overseas too in the past years). Especially with Lucina! Isn't she one of the absolutely most poular characters!? V_V Hopefully FE Warriors is contributing to getting more figures as well, since that is doing rather well too :D

As for future figure releases and announcements, my list is quite long ^^;; My most desired figs are currently ITEM #582273 and ITEM #582274 They've been painted now for quite a while and I'm honestly wondering why they haven't gone up for PO yet Oo But the minute they're on I'm gonna hit that button so hard XD I'm also waiting for ITEM #584103 a lot, hopefully a painted prototype next wonfest *_* I'm really hyped for ITEM #656326 rn but the price tag is so evil X_X Other than that I'll hope for a prototype for ITEM #604549 and news on ITEM #604449 and ITEM #604572 (huge Odin Sphere fan here ^^;)

What about you? Any other particular fandoms except for Fire Emblem? ^__^
Vor 2 Jahren
Hey ^^ Decided to comment on your profile since my in- and outbox tends to run out of space, I hope that's ok ^^;

Oh hell yeah, I totally hope for more FE figures too <.> I'll be forever dreaming of epic Xander, Leo and Takumi scales T_T Or a lovely Lucina... She would look SO amazing alongside Cordelia, Tharja and Camilla *_* I do have my hopes up that GSC at least continues the FE Nendoroid line. I saw that you have Sakura on order :D I hope to snag her on release but I certainly hope for more characters! Who's your personal favourite if I may ask? ^-^
Vor 2 Jahren
rubyserpent_720Vor 3 Jahren#23230759Hey I saw your post. It's best if you can enable comments so people can reply to you :)
I had a quick look on Yahoo auctions and there's no trace of the doujin however a quick reverse image search of the cover shows this page: www.geocities.w... I don't know if the seller is still active. so best of luck~

Oops, thanks, forgot to tick the comments box, I've fixed it now. Yeah, I've come across that listing before (probably where I saved the cover image from originally), it's been up for years and years, I very much doubt it is in any way current sadly.
Vor 3 Jahren
chachachow disaster zone
Okay! I worked out a lot of my dilemmas myself somehow, maybe... except for Racing Miku 2016, haha. I think I'm mostly sticking to MH-Toyshop unless it's limited+exclusive ;n; (No choice in other areas, like with Aniplex+...)

(Starting to shy away from AmiAmi wherever possible though, since they charge so much for shipping orz I was charged almost the same to ship ITEM #287855 from NY as I was charged to ship ITEM #179391 from AmiAmi? Although AmiAmi has exclusives and I already have 4 figures on order from them for May so I'm kind of doomed, I think.)

Are you ordering ITEM #464787? As far as I know he's only on Ami. ITEM #438981 is available just about everywhere, but I haven't seen Taiga ;;a At the very least, I assume if I go for a figure like this, Ami will give me a break and offer RSAL, although I'm wondering if I should wait until his release to see if the price changes a bit (although right now still seems reasonable). TK boys seem to be hitting the sale bin really often, and they're more intricate!

P.S. Or this? ITEM #464652 No PO info right now but I can't imagine it wouldn't be at least 20k and maybe limited+exclusive. I'm not sold on this color scheme but it seems like if I don't order it the aftermarket will be slaughter which is a bad way to buy figures but if I have an interest should I go for it anyway?.
Vor 3 Jahren
chachachow disaster zone
rubyserpent_720Vor 4 Jahren#14758748What figure are you considering? I can have a look over here for you?
And I don't know about other collectors here but our local shops are usually overpriced, lacks variety and up to date but hella overpriced. I just order from Japanese shops like Amimi, Mandarake, Proxy and sometimes TOM is cheaper (when they were offering free shipping with $100 spent).
Shipping... OTZ

Many, many figures orz Although I think I'm figuring things out and just trying to snag the best deal from whoever ships to the US :x I try for MH-Toyshop most of the time because their preorders are typically around or a little less than retail if I snag one when get posted, but it's hard to find older figures since their selection is so limited... AmiAmi and HobbySearch are better for orders not on MH-Toyshop (although sometimes Anime Island can be cheaper?) but then there's shipping OTL (I heard that AmiAmi charges a lot, and I know for sure I have some figures that will only be EMS...)

TOM is good too, although I can't afford to pay up front for everything, haha...

I'll let you know, I think?
Vor 4 Jahren
chachachow disaster zone
rubyserpent_720Vor 4 Jahren#14760660Anime/Cons/work/cosplay: お疲れ様でした!
I got my Kenma from Anime-Island (because of free shipping and since they're US based you should check it out?) but release date is Oct 31st... My feels. So you can tell me about his quality lol. I just caved ordered Suga-san (I kinda hope they make Daichi now because OTP reasons...). SUGA TOO CUTE HIS SMILE aaaaaahhhhhh /
and oh myy you have 23 figs on preorder + manga? and you want buy more? the daily struggle of figure collectors がんばります ;A;/
I just started but Discord looks like an edgier version of skype I guess. If you do join up let me know and I can send you invite link for mfc channel? I'm still figuring out how it works @-@ As for twitter (my handle is @rubysp_720. Beware of a lot of touken ranbu/FGO re-tweets よろしく) I use it a lot more now because it's a direct link to a lot of pixiv artists/figure blogs -I wanna see Haikyuu nendo's prototypes asap!-/shops (amiami, koto, gsc, toranoana). My wallet and I are no longer talking lol
I confess I never finished Reborn OTZ Stopped after the Time travel arc (and I think Hetalia craze latched on during that time) but apparently story wise it went downhill or so my cousins says. For figures they only made ITEM #2189 Hibari and ITEM #7061 Mukuro (I WANT TYL PINAPPLE HEAD PLZ).
Comiket & WonFest are so worth going! If only see all the fan energy generated. I think you can run a small city on their enthusiasm alone XD. I recommend going during Winter though (it gets around 2-6 degrees cold though it haven't snowed in the few times I've been there), summer is hideously bad because you're trapped indoors with 100k other people and you do NOT want to go to the toilet (1/2hr waiting line). Wonfest is slightly better in terms of crowd. There's a lot of amazing doujin goods from calendar to dishes and cups (Hummel had a nice heart shaped Shizaya bowl one year) though you want get there early because a lot of them sell out fast OTZ. Speaking of Inumog & Hummel. I think they're working on Tkrb and Ensemble stars respectively (thank the lord I'm not into idol stuff). I'm not familiar with bunbunhanten but a quick search shows they're doing KageHina... (MUST. RESIST)
Ok I'm a weak hypocrite because these are my latest doujins bought. I. MUST. STOP. *headdesk
RPG: oooh. I checked out Phantom of the Kill (though not available in Aus) as well due to the pretty fig but it reminds me of Fire Emblem a LOT lol. And what phone are you on? If you are on ios you can create a Japanese account to download FGO and I'm sure there's a LOT of ways to dl FGO on android *gogogogo SUFFER >:)
And the mobile rpg games are smart. They make waaaaaaaay more from micro-transactions than 1 complete game because we're suckers. I was just going through FGO reddit earlier and one guy pulled $250 worth of Gacha in this current event alone (@_@;)
PS: sent you the Touken Ranbu tutorial (and btw you can set it up on your phone as well you can play on desktop & phone)
PPS: I'm sorry for missing anything and sorry for the massive essay and don't worry about immediate replies. I'm usually super slow in getting back to people so take your time (/ω\)


遅くなって ごめんなさい。。。 お世話になりました! I still have my convention next week yet I haven't even gotten around to finishing my cosplay ahhh help me kamisama although I just finished a major presentation on Monday so there's that

I still haven't gotten Kenma myself because he was bundled with Tsuki, who was delayed until the end of October sobsob so skeletons together we be ;;/ But third season is on a roll so I hope Daichi is announced! /yes for OTP reasons

M-my orders have increased... although I'm being slightly more strict with myself since I still have real life to deal with, a-ha. I hope that I make a bit more this winter so I can prepare for all the preorders next year orz And then, maybe pace myself better? The first year of collecting is crazy after all!

ohhh! I know a lot of my gaming friends like it! I'm not very good at being on top of gaming in general but I'll probably make one! I have a twitter handle I never use but I'll add you sometime today! Mine's @bienvenye o/ I love pixiv so I really should be following more artists and being more active. Feels like I'm stretched too thin as is, though (๑•﹏•)⋆* ⁑⋆*

∑(゚∇゚|||) ah, my wallet and I are in a long-distance relationship... (Guess who was weak and bought a bunch of doujin from Toranoana and Alicebooks... A bunch. BHA and past-due Hetalia and some South Park and originals. If I bought Haikyuu I might die. /on the laundry list)

Reborn is also on the to-do list ||orz although there's so much going on right now I don't know if it'll be marathoned even in the next few months... I don't have any major events until March so maybe I'll have some time outside of work??? /although would it be worth my while??? (I WANT TYL EVERYONE but can we at least have Tsuna??? The main character???)

I'm so off and on with most conventions but because I love markets I'll definitely try and make it a priority for next year xD (Probably winter; summer sounds terrying.) Wish I could make it this December because some of the Mob Psycho 100 doujn I want are event-only ;;... luckily I'm more reserved about merchandise but more importantly, I guess I should pay down my debts, first щ(゚Д゚щ) (Ensemble Stars looks supeeeeer cute, as does King of Prism. I don't even know this character ITEM #464787 but doesn't he look kinda cool? The co-de's are cute, too! ITEM #464575 Must. Resist...) I'm glad I'm not possessed by Love Live! and Cinderella Girls, even if I have them on the wishlist... As they come up, maybe, but preordering would be insane!

(Inuzama Eleven is adorable, even if I've never seen it. Amazingly popular, still.)

I want FGO in English sooooo badly ;; ;; It's all over pixiv rn; I might end up preoccupying myself with Mystic Messenger in the meantime, but I'm the type that forgets I even have these games ||orz /how long will it take me to finish Odin Sphere, even..........

(It is a lot like Fire Emblem, actually.) I'm on Android sooo I'll think about circumventing >:) Although I'm still mourning being kicked off Pokemon Go because I'm rooted, and I desperately wish Merc Storia was still available in English ;; ;; /constant tears

/omg don't even talk to me about how much I spent in PGo and GirlxBattle...... it's almost shameful (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू) Although having not logged into either for so long, I guess I don't feel the need to pay and play atm

I saw that in my PMs!! (〃 ω 〃) Thank you very much! Hopefully I have tonight off, too, so I can start setting that up! v(。・ω・。)ィェィ♪

And no worries about anything. I appreciate all your help and congeniality (。>‿‿<。 ) ありがとうございました ♥♥♥

(since this is a massive essay... the longer it is the longer it takes me to respond... gomen...)
Vor 4 Jahren
chachachow disaster zone
Aside from that long essay I wrote back to you, I'm having a really hard time deciding who to preorder from for a couple of figures that've caught my eye :c You're an Aussie; are there Aussie shops that have better deals in the end? (MHToyshop has $7 flat rate shipping and Akiba Soul has $5.99 flat rate shipping, so it's hard to decide.........)
Vor 4 Jahren
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