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I started collecting figures in spring of 2014. Previously, my collection consisted of only artbooks and clear files. I added plushies to my collection and pencil boards.

I originally planned to only collect male figures to limit my spending, but I crumbled at some of the detailed female ones.

I'm obsessed with DRAMAtical Murder. T__T I'm pretty committed to making it the largest part of my collection.

I really enjoy sports anime. Ace of Diamond, Kuroko no Basuke, and Yowapeda are my top favorites! It's a shame Ace of Diamond doesn't have more merchandise...I would destroy my wallet for a GOOD Miyuki figure.

I welcome FR and chats about fandoms. :)


RailynVor 5 Jahren#2456644Hi! Thank you for the FR! I'm glad to meet another DMMd and FE:A fan! :D
Haha, yes. <3 I'd like to replace it with one of my own drawings once I have some free time, but until then, I can enjoy this handsome picture of Koujaku. (Your art of Clear is lovely by the way!)

But of course, no need to thank me! Oh, me too! ;D
I'm looking forward to your own drawing then! Haha, not only you. ;P (Uwaa, thank you so much, that means a lot! >///<)
Vor 5 Jahren
Hello! :)
Thank you for accepting my FR and sorry for the randomness, but you're addicted to DMMd and like Fire Emblem (Awakening) as well, so I simply couldn't resist! And your profile picture shows that you have taste, too. ;P
Have a wonderful day~! ;D
Vor 5 Jahren
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
Vor 6 Jahren
Welcome to the board Railyn! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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Welcome to Entertainment Hobby Shop JUNGLE!

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A lot of anime, Game of Thrones, OITNB, Sherlock
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