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Check out my sales list and send a PM if you're interested.
I can do both domestic and international.



Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm glad to hear your strap arrived safely! Have a happy new year!
Vor 4 Jahren
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
Vor 5 Jahren
PortusVor 6 Jahren#2015847Your inbox is full, but just wanted to let you know I received the package yesterday. Thank you so much!!

Thanks for letting me know! :)
Vor 6 Jahren
your gundam collection is amazing. where do you find most of it?? i can barely find anything and its driving me nuts ;w;
Vor 7 Jahren
aeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
Hi there, I just have some things I want to say about the two Dangan books ITEM #153951 ITEM #153956 you added into the db.

I don't think they include CDs. If you're going by CDJapan's description, I think the tracklisting just lists the main sections of both books. Could you also add in the title of the second book as Chou Koukoukyuu no Koushiki Settei Shiryoushuu (超高校級の公式設定資料集) and for the first book, Visual Fan Book (ビジュアルファンブック), add Komatsuzaki Rui as the illustrator and Spike Chunsoft as a copyright holder? Thank you and thanks for expanding the db with DR goodies~
Vor 7 Jahren
PortusVor 7 Jahren#1479786I've only seen them put up on Yahoo!Auctions so far. They were sold in capsule machines so unfortunately there is no solid place to get them all! : (
Thanks for the info! I reaaaally want some official stuff with DR characters and I can't wait for the anime, so I'll probably try to order them by a proxy with a few friends >u<
Vor 7 Jahren
Hi! I see that you've added the Dangan Ronpa buttons, maybe you know where can I get them? :3 I really do want a few :3
Vor 7 Jahren
PortusVor 7 Jahren#1435848Oh, I didn't even realize! Thanks for pointing that out. must have moved through quickly making that entry haha.
Yeah I noticed a few things were different between the websites for multiple things. Didn't really know what was true or not, so I guess I'll have to see once they come in <:^j

Yes we shall! (⌒▽⌒)
Haha since I was looking at that particular poster when I added the other entries, I added them as "Hanged Up" too at first
Vor 7 Jahren
Since I can't edit it- you put ITEM #150367 under "Hanged Up" instead of "On Walls"
Also I realized when I added the other sets to the database- the poster sizes on AmiAmi and Hobby Search are different! Ahaha I wonder which one is correct (^_^;)
Vor 7 Jahren
oh yeah definitely. Any more Jolyne figures would be a gift from DIO.I'm hoping the anime sparks enough interest to warrant some more prize figures too.PortusVor 7 Jahren#1298686I should've bought him when he was 70-something, but even then that's a lot.
And yes, I agree wholeheartedly! Never enough Spoodwoog. I'm also patiently waiting for a Jolyne SAS since, while I like the RAH, I don't really have the doons to drop on it, y'know.
Vor 7 Jahren
Anime, Figures and Manga For Less!

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