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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
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PitisicaVor 9 Jahren#1968995I'm from reddit too! Always nice to meet other figure collectors :) Thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you about r/animefigures in case you haven't visited yet, it's really active and full of nice people. See you around!
Funny enough I also posted the album there too :)
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PitisicaVor 10 Jahren#1551170Happy Birthday! May it be filled with PVC and happiness :)

Thank you!
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PitisicaVor 10 Jahren#1534920Hey! Thanks for accepting the friend request :) I just saw a comment you left on one of the Ask MFC posts and thought "Wait, isn't that the guy from Reddit with loads of Ymir figures?" Turns out I was right. I'm not even sure why I was surprised to find you on here since I had checked your profile before... I am not a smart man.
Anyway nice to see your collection is doing well, wish I could say the same about mine but I am in the process of moving and don't have much time for my figures anymore. I just spend my time starin at photos of them until I can get them back out of their boxes :)
By the way, not that it has anything to do with what I was saying, I applaud your dedication in commenting on all the e2046 posts warning people. Not being sarcastic, it truly helps.

lol, yeah, moving is always a pain for us collectors. :)

And yeah, I've had far too many negative experiences with e2046 to let others make the same mistake. :/
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PitisicaVor 10 Jahren#1495551Ahhh don't point out the fact that I have loads of Nendoroids, you're killing me! At first I didn't even like them, but they're so cheap, and I lack self-discipline... I try as hard as I can to avoid Nendoroids and figmas and only get scales because scales are what I really love, but I just can't do it :P I keep seeing characters I like and just HAVE to get them. Plus even when there are scales of a character, I don't like most of them and end up getting a Nendoroid/figma. For example Yoko. I love Yoko. There are hundreds of scales out there right? I cannot find a single one that is good quality with her in a badass pose, as she is supposed to be, and not in a sexy pose, which does not suit her character at all. The Bounty Hunter version doesn't count because she's not wearing the right outfit. So I'm just going to end up getting the Nendoroid. /rant
You've just reminded me I haven't assembled ITEM #127107 yet, need to get to it! She does seem like a very nice figure, I got her because she looked cute and I know her from 4chan. I'll assemble her and get back to you, maybe not today but... soon, I hope :D
As you might have seen on r/animefigures I only got Yuri recently (along with Tenshi) and I LOVE her. People say her pose is boring but I find it so full of life and so accurate a portrayal of the character that I would definitely recommend her, even if you have to pay a bit more than she was worth on release.

Grrrr, can't wait for my birthday next month. I'm probably gonna spill all my birthday money into figures. There are so many I want to buy right now!! I just started collecting this year. I first pre-ordered figures in January and got my first figure just last month. I've only bought from AmiAmi and Nippon-Yasan. I just bought a glass cabinet, it's not a detolf but it's really nice. It has the same shape as a detolf though, it even has a light. I just need to fill it up now!

I agree with scales, I love them the most! Especially if they have interchangeable parts.

I really want Yuri but I can't find her :'(
Most definitely going to get that Yotsuba model kit though. She just seems so fun! Have fun building her!

Oh, and one question: Is it okay to put a Nendoroid on your dashboard in your car? Just curious since I'm thinking of getting one or two.
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PitisicaVor 10 Jahren#1494205Hi,are you u/PokemonMasterRoldy from Reddit? Welcome, welcome to the wondrous land of Tsuki, where you will find all your heart desires. Beware though, once inside, you may never leave, and the money you hold so dear will vanish before your very eyes. Mwahahahaha...
Anyway, I like your orders! Good choices right there. Also you seem to have a bit of restraint, which I lack and would find very useful (as you can witness by the insane amount of figures I have ordered and don't know how I'm going to pay for):P

Haha, the "Roldy" gave it away huh? But yes, that's me! Starting off slow hehe since money doesn't come so easily to me. But if I'm interested in an item, I'm definitely getting it!

You have a lot of nendoroids, pretty sweet! Your ITEM #127107 caught my eye. I've never seen or heard of that series, but I really like the design of that character. It's simple and clean and she looks so happy! Thinking of getting it but I have no experience in building a model :( Though I plan on doing so. Also, I'm jealous of your Angel Beats Yuri figure!
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Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayo !
Welcome to you on MFC
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Welcome to the board Pitisica! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
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