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debating spending 150 on nikocado avocados cameo or zero two fig
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backstory of patrickstarsfart:

I made this profile without knowing that my stay at this site was gonna last this long so I thought it would be funny to name myself "patrickstarsfart" nonetheless, I regret it. I'm considering changing my username but i feel like it would screw everything up. im infamously known as patrickstars fart because of my troll account fat lover. I will explain why I trolled MFC.
long story short, I find much joy in screwing with people. I troll on so many platforms, (discord, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, wiki fandom, ifunny, etc.) so when I say I stopped here just to troll, I wouldn't be lying, but the site actually grew on me. I fell in love with figures and the thought of collecting. that's why I created my alt account, fat-lover, so I could troll without getting kicked off the site. I think the community was thirsty for some excitement or something because when I say I woke up to 100+ notifications im not lying. it escalated so much more than I thought it would. this was honestly the best trolling experience I ever had. I don't know what I was thinking when I threw my main account, this one, into the mix. after my alt got terminated I was bored, so I thought id go ahead and make a negative article about the community. it was portrayed very badly. well, now im stuck writing this because im bored.

I am obsessed with nekopara and I will present to you my catgirl ranking
maple, vanilla, cinnamon, coconut, chocola, azuki
not really into tomboys.
maple is my absolute favorite because she's the only mentally sane one. chocola and vanilla are obsessed with their owner, some nasty perverted dude who thought it would be fun to do nasty things with his cats. coconut and azuki are way too cat-like and they got annoying real quick. and cinnamon is a freaky freak girl. so yeah maple is the only sane one, and she chose cinnamon over crusty master so that's a plus.
don't get me wrong I really like vanilla. She's really cute and calm and I felt like she was dragged by chocola to be with master. chocola it's sorta a love-hate relationship. She's cute and sweet but dragged her sister into her relationship with her owner. like I said coconuts annoying but pretty. fraise was boring but literally beautiful.. cinnamon was weird but cute. and azuki, worst girl, super annoying cheesy pest. the only catgirl I can actually say I didn't like.
Other top waifu is zero two. I mean who doesn’t like zero two at this point. She’s perfect.
i cant stop pre ordering figures. i buy figures of characters i like or designs that catch my eye. 1/4th scale bunnies are my favorite to collect. they are expensive so i cant really afford to buy that many. my abolute favorite bunny, or figure for that matter, would be chiaki nanami ITEM #740252




vivafaby •୨♡୧•゚
hope you are okay! sending lots of love <3
Vor 23 Tagen
Hi there,

I am sorry for the confusion and frustration caused.

May I have your order number to proceed?

Best regards,
Vor 26 Tagen
Hi, i want to write you because of the mary figure, but your messangerbox is full ^^
Vor 1 Monat
Nice profile XD. Btw I like Maple too, I hope she gets a Nendoroid soon.
Vor 1 Monat
vivafaby •୨♡୧•゚
Hi Vicki, I am finally back from my vacation (´。• ᵕ •。`)

I am sorry for my late reply because I should have sent my message yesterday.. but my skin allergies were very bad and I couldn't even get up from my nap. But it is getting better xD

Do keep in mind Vicki that the FDA is very behind on new technologies, for example sunscreen. I am a big beliver in taking care of our skin, because of my skin allergies and fear of aging. Well, we can age gracefully of course when we get wiser, so I will go down that route hopefully xD. Sunscreen chemicals that are used in the US were approved in the 70s I believe, which is very behind from the new stable, safe chemicals such as Tinosorb that many other countries use, especially in Korea. So as say the vaccine is not FDA approved, it is most likely because not of it is not safe, but the FDA is so behind on many things it does not matter that much, as it is a very old study. I do not know what you look like, but I will recommend you to wear sunscreen especially if you have fair skin. Especially nice korean sunscreen with stable formulas to protect yourself from skin damage, aging and cancers.

I do not know what to say about many articles saying that the vaccine is bad, but I will say I have seen many of these websites and though I do not know what in specifics you are talking about, I see many unreliable websites without sources of an official doctor, scientist or any other. So it is possible we are seeing biased articles without official updates and advice from officials, scientists and/or doctors. But I do not know xD, I am just trying to find a very medium ground to this, from advice and lessons I have been taught in schools. So please take my thoughts with a grain of salt xD

Your dad is so cool Vicki, my dad just sleeps and eats yogurts, but I love him anyway. He bought something very expensive, does he have taste in anime waifus?

Chocola is a bit chaotic I will say but if there is a real life Chocola wow.. she will be my crush xD. Vanilla is very beautiful too so no wonder she is a bit more.. like you say sane lol. But of course Maple is the most sane she is so calm and relaxed, especially in the anime.

I believe that since you already have Akeno, if you still want to continue hunting for Koneko and Rias with the stockings then you must do it quickly, but I wouldn't recommend this because most likely the Rias without stockings will be sold out soon and even more expensive to find. Follow your intuition Vicki!

Yes! Izuku and Ochaco are adorable together and they truly have some cute chemistry and moments, I wonder what is up in the fandom. But to be honest I am not very head on into shipping characters and such, maybe in 2017 but not now xD, I have grown wiser from my childhood years.

The "president" Nicholas Maduro in Venezuela is a very greedy man. I hope he will just go away someday, he is not worth our time. I used to puke in my class because I ate so many doritos the night before I used to get so sick lol. My dog is very good at eating now it is her favorite thing to do. Then she will burn the fat by running around the house. Vicki that is literally the most disgusting thing I have ever heard, your dog is truly something else LOL.

My birthday will be in November, Zach actually had the nerve to ask me what I wanted for my birthday and he told me he will get the Chocola pup for me! I was so surprised because he is a very... eccentric guy. But that was kind of him to be honest, it makes me look at him in a new light. Oh also, since school is starting soon we have to go to school tomorrow to review whatever the hell we are going to do different because of Covid lol. Zach has a friend that is like 300 pounds and he is literally the meanest person ever. His tiktoks are so offensive too it is insane lol. He is very proud of himself. But anyway Maple is so cute.. I hope you will receive her very soon to display because I know how much you love Maple.

I haven't seen it yet and I think its a movie right? I haven't seen a lot of movies but I like that one movie holes lol. It's so silly. I also like that one movie Meet the Robinsons lol that is a cringe fest. I remember in the 3rd grade my teacher had to shut us up because the holes movie sad a no no word LOL we were all freaking out it was chaotic. They also made us sit on the nasty floor it was horrifying. But anyways i have no idea what direction I should take on my youtube but I will find something to upload lol. Iphone is so bad xD, my mom said she will give me her iphone so she can buy an even more expensive Iphone so I was like wow xD.

I agree with you all the way! The bathroom thing in the anime was so cute and funny, I used to pee the bed every night when I was probably 3 years old, I think I do have a bit in common with Maple.. xD
Well sadly I cannot inhale the whip cream because my mom said we are never going to starbucks again, which I highly doubt that to be honest but she is the ruler of the house.

About the x stuff, literally last night I saw something on Zach's story that I really was not supposed to see. How the hell does he live like this?! He is too much lol. I am not really interested in hentai but I heard some hentais have better stories than regular anime lol, but of course I would do the same xD. I know that game! My sister was mad a long time ago because I killed her lol, such good memories.

I figured out my orientation.. I am straight but gay for anime girls xD. Or maybe I will be gay for anyone who is nice but I like men just a bit more. Girls annoy me.. but not you Vicki! Take your time with your orientation and follow your heart Vicki!
Vor 1 Monat
Thank you
Vor 1 Monat
vivafaby •୨♡୧•゚
Hi Vicki, I read your messages today. I will be back home in a few hours so I will be able to respond to you on my laptop! Thank you so much for your patience.. I also loved your Stephanie and Shiro icons! They are so cute, I want more figures of Stephanie!
Vor 1 Monat
vivafaby •୨♡୧•゚
Yes I understand, I wish you can get better very soon.. but our bodies are very very different, as I have no reaction to the vaccine. But some do, like Zach. If you choose not to get the vaccine that is okay but I am worried too.. because there is possibility in the future to lose your job as many companies are requiring the vaccine and I don’t want you to wear a mask all day, but that is just my thinking because I want you to be safe. But I am not very up with media about that downsides of the vaccine, but I hope you do not believe the government will insert a chip in us xD, hahaha maybe the Venezuelan government is likely to do that :(.. but keep strong Vicki! You have many figures ordered too.. imagine all the figures you will have when you get better
Vor 1 Monat
vivafaby •୨♡୧•゚
Oh my god.. I hope you are okay.. I feel like you should get the vaccine when you are better to avoid any repeats :(
Vor 1 Monat
vivafaby •୨♡୧•゚
PatrickstarsfartVor 1 Monat#99411974im so sick help :'(noo vicki :((
Vor 1 Monat
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value
waiting patiently for the day to come where I'm terminated.
but seriously, why can people make articles about their friends faking suicide for attention, but my article asking where to get a Dollfie gets removed.
pm for zero two chinese figure link. mods remove all evidence of it for some reason. claiming its a bootleg when in reality its just a chinese figure. pretty rude tbh. i will attempt to put it in this spoiler but i doubt it will remain.
View spoilerHide spoilerwww.favorgk.com...

also guys if im not answering you its because im focused on my boyfriend right now.
great sep 3 he broke up with me and i gotta deal with that.

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