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If anyone were to convert an illustration of a female character on a motorcycle as the right image shows in a plastic painted 3d model ... I am immediately sold!
Vor 28 Tagen
Very nice buyer!
Vor 2 Monaten
Thank you very much! :)
Vor 4 Monaten
Thanks for the kind words, im glad the figure got to you safe. If you need anything else, I would gladly sell to you again. Great buyer!
Vor 4 Monaten
VertexCollection MFC Vertex
Sure we can chat. Shoot me a PM with the figures you are interested in + your offers!
Vor 5 Monaten
Your inbox is full. I want to ask you if you're interested in the Aniplex Jalter figure.
Vor 5 Monaten
I have Houki Shinonono 1/4 scale bunny if you're interested. Brand new condition, willing to let her go for $1k.
Vor 5 Monaten
Already sold
Vor 6 Monaten
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