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Chocobros for life!


Happy birthday !! Sorry I'm late !! xD :D
Vor 1 Jahr
Thanks too !! :D You make beautiful pics ! *_*
I had gifts from my best friend in my collection but the majority of the big figurines, I saved to be able to pay them! It's expensive and so beautiful... :'( What sadism! Lol ;) And we love them so much !! *_*
Looking forward to seeing another of your photos or to talk to you again !! ;) See you !! :D
Vor 1 Jahr
Thanks for the FR !! You are a beautiful collection !! *o* :D
Vor 1 Jahr
Happy Birthday!
Vor 3 Jahren
Abby9960 Aquamancer Mage
Happy Birthday ^^!
Vor 3 Jahren
Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!
Vor 3 Jahren
Nendo_DayoVor 3 Jahren#19304137Hello! Thank you for accepting my friend request too! :) Haha Miku has so many nice figures, it's honestly so hard to choose just a select few... *cough*
Yours is really beautiful! I love your huge scale figure collection :)

I can certainly understand. :)
Luckily for me I didn't start Miku, else I will be very broke...
Vor 3 Jahren
Hi Thanks for the FR.
Wow you are certainly a Miku fan!
Nice collection you have amassed there.
Vor 3 Jahren
Hey Robbie, long time no see! I feel terrible for not replying back for so long, but I literally got on for the first time in a year. I made a post on IG a few days ago, but basically a lot of things happened in life and I'd just been really busy. Seeing your post when I came back made me feel really happy though, very heartwarming to see. >o<

Anyway, I probably won't be as active as I used too, but I'll still definitely be around. Going to try and slowly get back into things. ^_^; Hope you've been doing well, and wishing you a happy holidays. <3
Vor 3 Jahren
Yay a fellow Mari and Nozomi fan! 0v0
I was so happy to see someone actively buying Mari merch that I exploded a little in my comment on your haul...i'm sorry if that was scary at first. TvT
I see you like Vocaloid too! Which Vocaloid(s) are your favorite(s)? Mine are Meiko and Rin.
Vor 3 Jahren
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