Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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I'm not really active on here anymore except to manage lists, but I will respond to messages regarding sales or the like so if you want to buy something feel free to message me.

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Moro (Vor 2 Monaten) #28242017Right??? The ending KILLED ME. View spoilerHide spoilerI freely admit I was crying really hard when Orga died, like slumped against my desk sobbing kind of crying, real tears that came from my chest! And I felt like I actually had to go through grief for him like he was a real person, it's rare for me to get so attached LOL. Then I cried again at the last episode... oh Mika. It was terrible that he had to die but also he never would have been happy while he was alive without Orga :(
View spoilerHide spoilerWhen I started watching this season it already felt to me like 'they are for sure going to kill Mika'. Especially when the whole baby-thing started I was sure they would let Mika die. :( Orga was extremely unexpected though. And damn, when he died I was disappointed is the good way? Disappointed in him dying in such a way. :( I know it's a very realistic way of dying for the situation they were in, but damn. :( I just get sad writing this now.

It was such a good series, but the ending made me so depressed that I don't think I will rewatch it soon. >.< Most emotional anime I've watched in a long time. I absolutely did not expected that when I started the series.
Vor 2 Monaten
Just finished watching IBO...

View spoilerHide spoilerIN MY HEART THEY ARE THE KING OF MARS.


Oh gosh that was a beautiful ending.
Vor 2 Monaten
Moro (Vor 3 Monaten) #27193385Hahaha my phone is fine, it has a case and was dropped on carpet. Didn't even restart itself.
I actually thought the same thing when they revealed it had an Angel's name. I was fully anticipating a biomech reveal. But poor Mika... the scene with him and Orga at the end of episode 13/38 really got to me. There's something inherently self-destructive about Mika's level of devotion and Orga knows that, but he knows Mika doesn't know any other way to be.

I was sort-of hoping a reveal like that, but on the other hand glad that they decided to not copy Evangelion. xD And nooooo, Mika! I feel so bad for him. :( It feels like they are going to write him off this season or maybe the next one. :( Mika really needs a hug, but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't care much for affection like that. Just like you said: He just cares about Orga and lives for Orga, but does not know/want to do much else. Anyway, right now I'm at the 'the Turbines are probably fucked'-part of the season. I like where the season is going by the way. The first half of the season was a lot of politics, which is not bad, but this second half gives it more of the awesome vibe the first season had!
Vor 3 Monaten
Moro (Vor 3 Monaten) #27063027LMAO, what episode are you on? This made me laugh so hard I dropped my phone on the floor

Is your phone ok??

I'm at episode 15 now, but when I typed that message I think I was at ep. 10-11 or something? When they find the Mobile Armor and literally start referring to it as an 'Angel', explaining all the things it can do. I whispered View spoilerHide spoiler"So, how long before we find out it's not a robot?" :'D
Vor 3 Monaten
I finally got around to watching the second season of Gundam IBO! I'm halfway now and...the fuck it turned into Evangelion?! x'D
Vor 3 Monaten
I would like to go ahead and leave feedback as a buyer on a sales transaction, since it was not officially listed as an MFC sale. Moro is an awesome seller. A lot of care was taken to protect the item during transport and it was shipped very quickly. Thanks so much, I would purchase from you again in a heartbeat! :)
Vor 4 Monaten
Moro (Vor 5 Monaten) #24307382Haha luckily I don't anticipate that problem--I'm not the one responsible for most of the putting the house together, so it isn't on me to figure things out, so therefore I can't get stuck not knowing where something goes. The new house was about a 30 minute drive from the old house, but it's on the other side of the river in the northeast heights of the city (the city is up against a mountain range.) It's an area of town to which I'm more accustomed because other than the previous house, I always lived more in that area. So it feels familiar already.
Ooooh, exciting! I'll definitely pick up a copy of ITEM #263012 next time I make a Toranoana order... C92 is soon so I might be making an order later this month, in fact. The other Calne books I can probably pick up off Amazon.jp? What's the summary of the origin book? o:
Oh god it's the worst when they flake last minute. Then it's a huge scramble to get things sorted in time... I hope you're able to find a good photographer on such short notice.
...I somehow always forget you are married so for a split second I read "wedding ring" and thought, what? when did she get married? (facepalm)
Ooooh those do look nice, the lighting matches what I'm going to do to my cases once they're all put in place. As for my display instead of lining up my cases all in a row like it was at the old house, they will be all over the place. I've also commandeered some enclosed (glass door) shelves in the TV room and will put lights and figures in them too. The house is going to have my collection distributed throughout. I want to make a dedicated display for my gtekketsu mice (the second box just came in yesterday, but I didn't open it since I can't display them yet anyway...)

Ah, my husband and I divided the workload, but I have the problem that my collection is so big, so I'm spending more time on unpacking anyway than he does. ^^'' As I maybe mentioned before I'm also cleaning up a lot and selling/trading, so I'm sorting through my collection like that too. With some figures not even getting unboxed and just thrown in the selling pile. Unfortunately selling online hasn't gone that smoothly recently. :/ I will have a stand at an upcoming con soon and I hope that I can get rid of a lot of small stuff there.

And that's nice! I can imagine you feel more at home even though it's a new place! ^^ I hope everything is sorted out soon and you will also have a nice way to display your collection there~

I am maybe a bit biased with Dolomite, because I'm such a huge fan of nurse Calne, haha! But the quality is very high, so if you can get it for a fair price: go for it! :) As for the Calne manga: Yes, I regularly see second hand ones sold on Amazon.JP. I picked up mine from Suruga-ya!

I thought the origin book was very sweet~ It's about a young boy who sees his friend getting run over by a car. And then I mean all gory, with her head flying around. He grabs the half that is left over from the head and nurtures it. Eventually giving the bottom of the head 'legs' and slowly the head becoming more and more like the Ca we know. So the young boy ends up being the scientist responsible for making the full mechanised skeleton-Ca. Seeing that cute origin actually made me a bit annoyed at the first book, where Ca ignores everything her scientist says and just gets herself killed every time. :P I don't think that until this manga there was a story anywhere that told about her origin so specifically. Mostly it's just hinted that she was put together somewhere and she is 'just' a skeleton.

I maybe could have expected it, because it's a pretty good photographer that skips out on cons more if another deal comes up for him where he can earn more money... He's a fan-photographer, but he is trying to make photography his paid job, so it's understandable that he would flake out for an opportunity like that. I actually should have thought about a backup. ^^'' If I can't manage to find one anymore I'll just make some selfies and re-wear the outfit to another event, where I will do a second try for a photographer. :P

Haha, a lot of people tend to forget, but that does not matter. xD We got married on very short notice while we were in the middle of buying our house and planning the renovations. So it was also very weird for us, that I sometimes think 'damn, I'm already married for more than 1,5 years', haha! Times goes so fast!

I looooooooove the lights in my detolfs. <3 It's exactly what I wanted! And that is also nice! If I lived by myself, I would probably have scattered detolfs too. I do am planning on at least one detolf in our living room, next to our videogame-collection I want most of my videogame-related collection displayed. :) My horor- and horror-style-looking collection is also growing a lot, so I would like a seperate display for that too. Maybe in another corner of our living room or in our bedroom~ Oh! Does your new house have a lot of different rooms? :) Maybe a good place for your mice is in the TV room displays you talked about? If you could make a diorama like the promo pictures, that would be incredibly cute!
Vor 5 Monaten
Moro (Vor 5 Monaten) #24208440FINALLY I HAVE TIME TO REPLY....
Guess what.... I moved houses! We moved into a new house that's more than 2x as big as the old place and it's been super chaos trying to get everything set up and stuff.
What a great outfit! I love the pill necklace... I like jewelry but to wear myself I really can't be arsed lol.
I don't currently have any pics of my Iron-Blooded mice... in fact they along with all my other figures are still packed as we haven't put my display cases in place yet, so I can't start putting up my figures ;;; suffering while I wait for other parts of the house to be put together first!

Oooh! Congratulations! :D I hope you will enjoy your new place! And I fully understand, I moved over a year ago and still did not do a lot of the things I wanted to do (hang a clock, frame some artworks, replace some of the furniture, sell of a bunch of figures, display my current collection etc.), so yeah. xD Is your new place in a very different location or close to your old place?

Very coincidentally ITEM #428453 , ITEM #428455 and ITEM #263012 got delivered today! :D And wow, am I impressed with all 3 of them! 10000% recommend for you too!

ITEM #263012 is just stunning, the artworks are amazing and the paper/print is very high quality, the images look so crisp. A lot of the artworks are with Calne in versions of her nurse outfit, which is my favorite as you probably have guessed lol. Also a lot of the Christmas artworks are in there.

ITEM #428453 we earlier talked about and is about Calne getting in trouble (and eventually dying at the end of each story) because she is trying to get the attention of a cute boy in class. For ITEM #428455 I did not know the plot yet. I expected it to be similar to the first book, but actually it's one long story with a variation of Calne's origin. It's quite sweet actually. <3 (I'm not sure if you want some spoilers or not, let me know if you want a summary.)

And thank you! :D Unfortunately for me the photographer I was meeting with for that outfit just cancelled earlier today, urgh. Which gives me 3 weeks to find a new (not already fully booked) one for the convention. :T But putting that aside, I'm very excited to wear the outfit! As for jewellery myself, I always wear my wedding ring, but other jewellery I'm very inconsistent with. When I have something new I wear it a lot, to then fully forget about it in a few weeks. ^^''

Lol, don't stress about that! My collection is now...25% displayed after more than a year. :P Do you have any big plans for displays? This is how the progress at my place currently looks! 8D

Vor 5 Monaten
Moro (Vor 6 Monaten) #23588602I just now realized that I never replied to the last comment. Oh well.
The mice & cats are really cute. For such small figures the paint details look great and each one comes with a tiny illustration. I have the other set preordered and I hope they make more!

Oh, I don't think there was much important in it. And cosplay-wise Calne won't have much updates soon. Here is what I did for my J-Fashion Menhera/Gurokawa outfit if you are interested in that: www.cosplay.com...

Did you make any pictures of your own set displayed? :) I think the idea of them is so cute, even though they are a bit...different haha!
Vor 6 Monaten
How is this set ENCYCLOPEDIA #111140 by the way? The whole idea of them still seems quite bizarre to me, haha!
Vor 6 Monaten
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!