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♥ Some History of My Collection ♥ I started this figure collecting hobby in 2010 or so. Actually, I don't remember the exact time now. At first I was all crazy about figures and was buying almost everything. Baka me! Then I was trying to collect more male figures and less females and chibis. I also was getting my hands on some action figures, like Play Arts or figmas. I used to collect nendoroids, but got tired and sold about thirty or so from my collection. Although I bought them from time to time after that, but very, very seldom. And one day my 'figmania' came back to me... and I had to resist to it, yeah! I tried.

After 5 years of collecting I must say, that I got bored. Maybe, because of figures' price rising. Maybe because of something else, like 'Oh my! I don't have enough space for my newcomers!' I started to order less and less. Or just tried to do so, because it was still hard for me to say NO to this hobby.

This hobby is great but expensive. And sometimes VERY expensive... So I stopped myself from buying figures in December 2015. I am not collecting anymore, but maybe I will return into this hobby one day. ♥

♥ A Little Update ♥ After almost 2 years of 'I won't buy a thing anymore!' hiatus I saw nendoroid of one of my favorite anime characters - Roy Mustang - and couldn't pass by! I made a pre-order. The power of the Flame Alchemist is truly incredible!

September 2017. I came into this hobby once again. ♥
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