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~愛してるずっとずっと変わらないキモチ~ <3
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Hi there!

I'm Mika, and I'm old.
I love old anime.


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happy birthday!
Vor 4 Jahren
MikainoVor 8 Jahren#3002810Thank you! ; w ; It's a cosplay of the Love Philosophia costume for Luka > u < Luka's my favorite Vocaloid, and I've always wanted to cosplay her~

Oh wow I like it alot! I'll admit that I've only ever seen Miku's online but never Luka's, nor have I actually heard the song! I'm gonna have to check it out now. Thank you!
Vor 8 Jahren
I love the cosplay in your icon! Which character are you?! :O
Vor 8 Jahren
Chorazin This Weeku In Miku
MikainoVor 8 Jahren#2899089Yeah, it's been SO long for me! I haven't done gaming cons in such a long time. :3 Hmm, I typically look out for cosplay and I heard about last years cosplay contest? So I'd be checking that out, but that's just because personally I'm a giant cosplay-nerd xD; Game testing and of course meeting new people is something I always look forward to at big things like GenCon. :3

I didn't know Cosplay was a big thing at GenCon! I had always heard of it as a massive gaming convention. I guess I should look up more info about it before I go!
Vor 8 Jahren
Chorazin This Weeku In Miku
MikainoVor 8 Jahren#2879327Haha, yesss you would XD
Possibly! GenCon is SO amazing! I love it so much ^_^ I haven't gotten to go in ten whole years, sadly enough.

Wow, that's a long time away! Outside of all the gaming while I'm there, what else is cool about it I should look for? I'm definitely excited about quite a few new games an expansions! :-D
Vor 8 Jahren
Chorazin This Weeku In Miku
MikainoVor 8 Jahren#2878877Thanks for the FR :3 Also, Nendoroids are amazingly adorable, I don't blame you for collecting them~

They totally are! I'm limiting myself to just those or I'll quickly go bankrupt! XD

Maybe I'll see you wondering about GenCon, I'm going to my first one this year!
Vor 8 Jahren
MikainoVor 8 Jahren#2857352Oh man, I know that feeling! I've been doing my schoolwork during D&D, my DM lets me get away with it xD;
5th Ed is a lot of fun, but it has a LOT of leeway, OHMYGOSH XD; They don't clarify a lot of things, if you look closely at the PHB, you'll notice it and wonder. xD

That sounds pretty great. I need to check it out and pay attention to it. Sounds like all kinds of fun antics can be had with it haha~
Vor 8 Jahren
MikainoVor 8 Jahren#2853632Hiii! I was just messing around and noticed you said you play D&D ^^ That's so cool! I do too! We have a game every Tuesday~ It's nice to see other D&D nerds > u <
Haha, awesome! I use to do weekly games with my friends for years, but recently cause of work/school I'm on like the exact opposite schedule of everyone else so I haven't been able to play in months. Luckily summer vacation is coming soon. I think they've all moved onto the 5th edition, so I gotta catch up to them haha (u_u)
Vor 8 Jahren
Mikaino Going to Gencon!
KiiyameVor 8 Jahren#2845664Aww darn! Maybe this next year will be the year! It's a tooon of fun so I hope you're able to go soon!
Kiiyame goes?! I may have to try to go next year then X3 It will definitely be challenging, but I'll have to try~
Vor 8 Jahren
MikainoVor 8 Jahren#2837653I've been following AseliaCon since their first year > u < They keep scheduling as either the same weekend as Naka-kon or the one after.. which really I can't do ; _ ; I've been wanting to go for SO long~!
Aww darn! Maybe this next year will be the year! It's a tooon of fun so I hope you're able to go soon!
Vor 8 Jahren

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