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✨ Hello and welcome to my profile!✨

About Me
I started this hobby in February of 2022 and it's been awesome. I thought I would share that my first figure ordered was a Meliodas Pop Up Parade and he's perfect (pictured below).

I am open to comments/pm's/friend request's. I am moving in 2023 and by then I will have all my figures and can display them...can't come soon enough. Thx for stopping by!

View spoilerHide spoilerTop 5 Animes I Watched in 2022 (in order)
1. Seven Deadly Sins
2. Re:Zero
3. Jobless Reincarnation
4. Classroom of the Elite
5. Sword Art Online

Most Wanted Anime Figures Not Yet Made
1. 1/7 Scales Meliodas and Elizabeth (Seven Deadly Sins)
2. 1/1 Scale Hawk PVC or Nendo (Seven Deadly Sins)
3. 1/7 Scale Subaru Natsuki (Re:Zero)
4. 1/7 Scale Naofumi (Rising of the Shield Hero)
7. 1/7 Scale Rudeus, Eris, & Zenith Greyrat (Jobless Reincarnation)
8. 1/7 Scale Kazuma (Konosuba)

Most Wanted Bareleg Bunnies
1. Elizabeth - Owned
2. Raphtalia - Ordered
3. Aqua - Not Made b/c I really dislike the current version by Freeing so hoping for a variant one day.
4. Emilia - Not Made
5. Asuna - Not Made
6. Roxanne - Not Made
7. Dia - Not Made
8. Eris (older) - Not Made
9. Zenith - Not Made

Most Wanted Game Figures Not Yet Made
1. Spyro PUP (Spyro)
2. Lydia PUP (Skyrim)
3. Ana Nendoroid (Overwatch)

2023 Goals
1. Cut down on pre-orders in 2023.
2. Collect the first three volumes of each manga/light novel for my all my favorite shows.
3. Move into a home and order my first display case.
4. Order at least one figure with a five star wishability in my wished section! - Ordered Subaru Nendo :)
5. Learn how to take better pictures.
6. Sell at least five more figures from my collection.
7. Receive all of the PO's I made in 2022.

Mini Profile Rules
My "Wished" are figures I will own one day. I have ranked them by wishability to help me prioritize.
My ordered has mostly been paid for, but, also some figures I ordered through AmiAmi and may cancel down the road (that's why I enjoy AmiAmi for on the fence pre-orders but almost completed my wishlist so won't be doing that much longer :)

Mini Updates

2/14/2023 Update: Well I think I've finally figured out my collection goals. 1 year in and I know exactly what I want. I sold or canceled over 40 figures in 1 year. Now I have curated my collection to my vision and don't plan on expanding after my wished is complete (which I have widdled down a lot). I really like my display layout. I have 6 figures on my wished and I will be waiting until they announce my favorite characters (which are above they just havent made a 1/7 version yet).

2/18/23: Updates to the above because I forgot about barelegs of my favorite characters. Updated now above!

2/22/2023: Patience and Gratitude.

3/17: I haven't ordered a figure in one month, longest since I started. Let's see if I can make it two months or if one of my wished are finally available or found at a good price.

NSFW Warning
Profile contains NSFW figures, lists, and pictures.

Display Plans & Goals
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1. Seven Deadly Sins: LIST #210113
2. Anime: LIST #180457
3. Nendos & Pups: LIST #212480
4. Video Game: LIST #220004
5. Bookshelf: LIST #218133
6. Fantasy: LIST #219995

#1 ✨ Deciding ✨7




heyyy! just open MFC today LOL I'm getting a Ch'en scale figure from arknights and and Elysia one from Honkai Impact 3rd, they aren't gonna arrive yet until october-ish this year though, but cant waaaaait! and THANK YOUUUUU, it was a birthday well spent, just ate a lot LMAO thank you reallyyyyy~
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Hey so I did some poking around and it looks like several of the BI platforms that had a SaaS offering with a free tier have more or less dried up. But I did come across Looker Studio - formerly Google Data Studio - that's free to use as part of the general Google Suite. It looks like the only real cost you can incur to use it is if you're pulling from external data sources that aren't natively provided. If you set it up and it prompts for a Company Name you can just leave it blank.
Vor 1 Monat
The limitations/stipulations around the free public Tableau aren't something I'm too familiar with. There was a BIaaS offering I fiddled with years ago called Qlik, which had a free tier at the time but don't recall what limitations there were. I'm guessing it was probably on number of data sources like Excel workbooks/sheets or external connections. Either way, I think there are probably a few Tableau/PowerBI-like alternatives out there with free tiers. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a service in Google Cloud or AWS that has a free tier, either.
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Thanks for the kind comment! You were really easy to work with and super responsive =D
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Hey have you ever considered putting together public dashboards with BI tools like Tableau or similar? The currency exchange rate over time analysis relative to FREEing B-Styles was interesting, but I feel like the data could really come alive through something interactive/live.

Tableau does have a public free edition where the intent is for users to share what they're researching. It's been several years since I've done anything hands on with Tableau, but if it was something you'd be interested in I wouldn't mind giving a hand with it.
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Yoo! Np. Man I love how organized your profile is. Your display plans and goals is a awesome idea :]
Vor 1 Monat
TRUEEE, can't wait to have my first scale soon!!!
Vor 2 Monaten
Ohhh I like a real mix of anime, but probably comedy/romance or fantasy is my favourite genre, I watched eighty six and absolutely loved it! Honestly it was so gripping I would 100% recommend it! Other than that SAO, demon slay, my hero academia, naruto, tonikawa, konosuba (I love darkness she’s a kinky minx I love it!!) and there are definitely others but those are some of the more obvious ones :D
Vor 2 Monaten
Yesss I would love a naofumi scale!! That would be awesome :D he’d need to be 1/7 none of this 1/8 business!

Ohh how did the pup L look? I think it’s great they are doing that!
Vor 2 Monaten
I’m sorry about your Miu figure, I had no idea she had a bit of nip slip! She didn’t look like that from the promo pics :/ but hopefully you managed to display her ok! I ended up preordering ally, I knew I would regret not owning her :D

Are there any other animes you are interested in?
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