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I'm just a fellow neko figure collector and a Vocaloid fan. I like collecting figures of my favorite characters, and also playing video games. If you have something to tell me, feel free to leave a message below. Just don't be rudey!

Also if someone wants to add me as a friend, thank you but please send me a message first. I usually don't accept requests randomly.

Have a nice day! Meow~! ❤



Mekuneko (Vor 1 Jahr) #25371572*sees a cool Len avatar*
Random message, but good taste. Have a nice day! o(≧∇≦o)

haha thank you <3
Len is my fav, I like your avatar too!
Vor 1 Jahr
dimxxz ♥初音ミク
Happy Birthday Mekuneko!! Wish you all the best! Enjoy your day :)
Vor 1 Jahr
dimxxz ♥初音ミク
Thank you very much! :)
Mekuneko (Vor 1 Jahr) #19106586https://puu.sh/uPG5L/015fc7e081.jpg
Vor 1 Jahr
Mekuneko (Vor 2 Jahren) #18737686Oh it's your birthday! Happy birthday, and good thing I found you some budding. ^_^

Thanks you! (⌒‿⌒)

I ordered birthday present for me: ITEM #5769
Vor 2 Jahren
Mekuneko (Vor 2 Jahren) #14785975I was just thinking I’d be heartbroken to mark the figure not owned if the package was lost. That unfortunately happens to small percent of packages every year, but not wishing bad luck or anything. And it’s not really against rules to mark them already.
FPS stands for first person shooter, so it’s a term for games in that genre.
I’m actually supporting Haru and Tsuna as well. Wow, we have a similarity! xD But yeah there is not much progress on that matter.

I pay for EMS with all my package and I don't think I ever lost a package at all
Oh! Sorry but I don't play shooting games lol not a big fan of shooting games lol
I just find them so cute! I wish they would end up together!!!
Vor 2 Jahren
Mekuneko (Vor 2 Jahren) #14785928Ah! I usually mark the figures when I get them home.
And no I have never played Mystic Messenger. I just meant that I play a lot in general.
I actually didn’t care about Overwatch at first, but then I played it in the free beta and got really hooked, now I play it almost every day. :’D
So if you're interested in FPS genre, maybe you can give it a try.
And yes, Hitman Reborn is not really a romance, so it might not be your thing.

Sorry, I normally can'take wait to put them on my own list so I wait untill they shipped them and then I make them as own :)
Mmmm what do FPS mean???
I so want Tsuna to end up with Haru in Katekyo Hitman Reborn but it was getting annoying how so in love Tsuna is with Kyoko > <
Vor 2 Jahren
Mekuneko (Vor 2 Jahren) #14783200Boya! Sorry for the delay!
I play a lot too that’s why I asked, but I’m mostly playing something bit more action based. Currently I’m very into Overwatch. I have also played couple of otome games, but not too much.
I kinda feel like Nendoroids are made to play with, that’s why I’m hesitant on them. And well I think I can manage with just scales. :’D And yea I have heard that nendoroids are a way to check if there is demand for some characters. So, it’s really good if they sell well.
One reason I also like To Love Ru is art. It’s quite a dilemma, but I think Katekyo Hitman Reborn is my second favorite. Here are couple examples for it, without spoilers: images1.wikia.n... static.zerochan...
Just couple of examples, but I really like the art. The first chapters are bit rough, but then it’s just gorgeous. However To Love Ru’s art quality is more constant which why it’s my favorite. :)
Though I don’t know if I’d recommend that series to you either, oh boy it’s hard… xD But it’s a nice shonen series.
Also you marked Tony Rin and Len owned. Did you get them already? Mine are still on the way, but I saw pictures and seems like they are gorgeous.
I hope you’re having a nice weekend! ^_^

Do you mean you play Mystic Messenger a lot?? I try to play action games but they was to hard for me lol I heard of the game call overwatch but never got into it, I never play with my nendoroid lol I don'the want anything to happen to them > <

I heard of the anime call Katekyo Hitman Reborn, I try watching a couple episodes but it was not really my type of anime > < I have not got the Len and Rin figure yet, it just I marked them down as own as soon as they shipped them
Vor 2 Jahren
Mekuneko (Vor 2 Jahren) #14759289Yeah, I'd also prefer having Lala smiling. She smiles a lot in the show, like in this picture:
The small guy is a robot called Peke. I might have bought that swimsuit figure if she was smiling... Maybe I can now finally not talk about the show. x)
And as you said, the Miku Len song is a little sad one, but don't think about it too much!
You probably noticed that I don't collect nendoroids, but your wishlist still seems nice. ^^
If you wonder, I just don't like how the bases or joints look, so I don't feel like they are worth the money. They are still super cute though!
And as my animelist says, my favorite show is Gurren Lagann myanimelist.net.... It's really great, but it's full shonen, so I am not sure if I'd recommend it to you.
I also looked at that Stars Bless You Sakura, it really is nice! I am one of the people who think the outfit colors are bit strange, but overall I think it has a wonderful execution.
There is also a mention that you play games in your profile. What kind of games are they? :)

I know Lala as the first girl I seen in Love to ru, she cute and sweet, I agree with that
Sad music video always want me want to cry > < I don't think I ever heard of Gurren Lagann

I like Nendoroid only because some characters they do not make into figure and only in Nendoroid form but I only keep them in one pose and then put them in my cabinet so it is like they are figure because I never change their pose, I don't likr Figma and never collect them even those they made Figma of Cardcaptor Sakura, I like figure better of Cardcaptor Sakura :D

I guess the colour are abit different then what Sakura normally wear but still it a pretty good figure :D I mostly play nintendo games and some rpg games on PC but also I am starting to get into Otome games which one of them on my moblie call Mystic Messenger, loving it :D
Vor 2 Jahren
Mekuneko (Vor 2 Jahren) #14756611That kind of a plot doesn't sound too good, but I think that might hit the reality for some. I guess that's one reason why “not progressing love” might still be popular.
And from what you told me, yeah, I don't think To Love Ru is for you. I just really like the art style and something in the story keeps me interested at least. And I really like Lala! I hope there will be some not so ecchi figure of her. For example the clothes for this figure are just hideous ITEM #286484. <.< She is dressed, but well... I'm still dreaming!
Yes, there are people who ship Miku and Len. One good example is plenty of MMD (MikuMikuDance) art on Deviantart. Here are couple examples for you:
In songs they mostly sing together in covers, but there are couple originals were they are shipped, like the Black Vow I linked, and here (Promised World) is one song having them as a duet.
So, yes it's a thing... xD
I probably should save more, but I luckily do have money for my figures. :'D I am currently working as a game dev.

Ah yeah I seen that figure of Lala lol it a pretty big one too :p
I just watch that video of Len and Miku, it seem like a sad song > <
Haha I got more pre-order for next year which are two characters from Bungou Stray Dogs in Nendoroid form :D ITEM #396850 ITEM #463240 and also I pre-order the big Cardcaptor Sakura figure ITEM #396841 as soon as they announced it was up for pre-order :D so looking forward to that big Cardcaptor Sakura figure next year in June :D so excited :D it been a while since they made another Figure of Cardcaptor Sakura and they also bring out Syaoran Nendoroid but it only been announced 2 months ago so still waiting for more into on it and when it will be release and hope it be up for pre-order and I hope it don't come out untill next year lol since I am broke this year > < I love anything to do with Cardcaptor Sakura :D
Vor 2 Jahren
Mekuneko (Vor 2 Jahren) #14755950Yeah, I thought you probably don't like To Love Ru, but I think it was a good example of pure emotions also existing in that genre. High School DxD falls very short in plot, so I understand your hate for that. I think it was funny, but I don't think I'd ever bring up that show anywhere, but trust me there are worse harem shows...
I think having a shy character is fine even if her “love” doesn't make progress, but of course that would make a terrible plot for a main character. So, no that can't be the whole story.
I just don't think shipping Rin and Len is interesting enough I guess. I'm more for Len and Miku actually... xD But I also think it's just that I really like the mirror image idea. It's more interesting! Examples of that would be Alluring Secret Black ~Vow~ (caution! that's a bit sad one!) and Magic Mirror songs. However, I also like many songs where Rin and Len are siblings.
Oh! I wrote the Haruhi anime wrong! Sorry! Let's blame the fact that it's morning and I'm at work. XD The actual anime is Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, and the Shoujitsu is a movie for it. Here is the show on myanimelist. Suzumiya Haruhi stories are one of my ultimate favorites, but the anime is... bit different so I'm not crazy about it but I still love it.
And random Miku thing, is that I'm really looking forward to this figure ITEM #380217. Planning to get Rin and Len too from the same figure series. :3

I guess with love to ru, there to many girls in it right now, I did watch 1 or 2 season but then got to the point where it just annoy me in the end

The Girl is not shy when it come to her first love like Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, idk if the girl shy or not in it but the guy is a real idiot and dense but I was reading an manga call kusumi-kun Kuuki Yometemasu ka?, it pretty annoying and the girl not shy, she stubborn and deny it but she know she love him but deny it if anyone ask since she the most popular girl ever and she keep saying why she in love with a boring and lame guy but she is and this guy never talk and don'the notice her all so they not even friends and I don'the think they will be, she just keep watching him from far away in each chapter lol it not even moving forward, it more of a joke, I hate those type of anime/manga

I guess some people's do Ship Len and Miku, I just see more romantic moment with Len and Rin but maybe I don'the watch enough music video of Miku and Len lol I see that nice figure of Miku Hatsune around, it pretty nice lol I don'the have the money for it, all book up this year with figures and Nendoroid lol
Vor 2 Jahren
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