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Happy birthday!
Thanks for the great Deal qe had a while ago, stay healthy^^
Vor 10 Tagen
Oh yeah, speaking of daki covers: I actually managed to obtain ITEM #492086 a while ago to compliment those Corti figures I got from you. And the wedding tapestry of her 'busty form' as well, though it's not indexed on MFC sadly. It's too hard to resist a fine redhead xD space and rationality be damned lol.
Vor 11 Tagen
Heyyy Pete, happy birthday mate!

Another year, another tumbleweed and cricket on Oda Non content and progress on those BINDing figures haha...yeah, what a bummer huh. How's life treating ya though, you hanging in there I hope?

I'm patiently waiting for new Switch exclusives and building up my dakimakura collection; think I'll hit your figure numbers in daki covers eventually if this keeps up! Character design on chara creators like Koikatsu and Honey Select 2 is the main thing that's keeping me busy during this ongoing lockdown though, hahaha if Oda won't come up with the goods I figured I might as well start trying to make em myself right?! Oh and all the Yakuza games are on Steam now, I'd seriously recommend those to you if ya haven't played em all yet :P
Vor 11 Tagen
Thanks :)
Vor 5 Monaten
Bought two items. Packaged and posted very quickly. Great communication from the seller and figures arrived as described. Very pleased.
Vor 6 Monaten
Cheers Pete :)

Thank god that humid weather is out of the way for a while huh, I'll be celebrating that the most haha!
Vor 6 Monaten
Items were as described, and seller was very responsive, definitely recommend.
Vor 10 Monaten
Everythings awesome, got a bargain too :). Highly recommend- very responsive, easy to talk to, item as described, secure packaging and fast delivery. 10/10! Thanks again. Take care Pete!
Vor 10 Monaten
Figures arrived safe and in a timely manner. Thank you, and Will buy again from.
Vor 11 Monaten
Demigod_DanVor 1 Jahr#77277693Happy Birthday Pete! Hope you had a good one despite the lockdown and all :)
Thanks :)
Vor 1 Jahr

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