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Hi, I’m LMC and welcome to my page! I started collecting in the summer of 2018, and still enjoy the hobby. I am hoping to collect cute and beautiful figures of my favorite characters!

Selling goods, and figures, please see the list "Selling", and feel free to contact me with any inquiries, thanks!

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Thank you!! I like your Miku profile pic too!
Vor 3 Tagen
thank you for accepting my fr a month ago!! :D
Vor 11 Tagen
Personally I feel like people give a big pass to PUP because it's priced like a prize figure and has some interesting characters, but I don't really think they are worth the money at all. It sounds like yours had more paint issues while mine had more sculpt issues. Hope it sells soon!
Vor 1 Monat
I think you and I got the same PUP racing Miku, lol. My sculpt on her hair was so mediocre, so were her feet, but her paint was so/so. What was the sculpt like on yours?
Vor 1 Monat
Awe, thank you!! :)
Vor 2 Monaten
Thank you for the birthday wish!! Have a day full of zest yourself. (lemons...zest...lol.)
Vor 2 Monaten
Hey LMC! I have those paper theaters on my wish list for sure. I love the first one since it is in a little plastic globe and seems like it would be protected from dust. The kits I do typically also have some Porco Rosso ones, I am just waiting until I feel like doing one. Thanks for thinking of me and hope you are well <3
Vor 4 Monaten
tysm!! ❤️❤️
Vor 5 Monaten
Your welcome for the likes, you got a cool set up! Glad to hear you're liking Angel Beats too <3
Vor 6 Monaten
Domdras Anta Baka
Thank you ;-;!!!
Vor 6 Monaten
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