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I am a small bookworm who loves cosplaying !
I have been collecting manga for quite a long time and have only just begun collecting figures :3
I have a few statues but my main addiction is to nendoriods.
Feel free to message me anytime :3




Happy Birthday!
Vor 5 Jahren
Happy Holidays Kitty-San ^_^.
Vor 5 Jahren
Kitty-sanVor 5 Jahren#2490378I do think it is a cute list :P The weather across Canada really varies depending on where you live :P Where I live it we eventually get a lot of snow but it is a damp cold so it never really gets far below zero. Too many hours I have spent getting to level 100 haha every time I think I am done with World of Warcraft they pull me back in :P

It snowed here once since last time, it didn't really stick though. The temp jumps around all the time from about 30 or so to 50 so I don't really know what to wear outside these days XD. Below zero is something I'd like to personally avoid. So that's something that's not particularly uncommon over there. I've never played an MMO though, it's tough keeping up with monthly payments. I mainly just do JRPGs. Though I've devoted well over a hundred hours into Final Fantasy 12 and Dragon Quest 8 separately if that says anything XD.

So how many hours have poured into WOW? The semester must be almost over you. So you doing anything over the holidays, getting anything new for your collection? I've finally preordered something in months, since the aftermarket isn't doing any favors for me.
Vor 5 Jahren
Kitty-sanVor 5 Jahren#2471905That's a pretty cute list :P I am excited to see chibi moon :P Oh cool :3 Which Tales game are you going to be trying? I am still just playing WoW ! I got sucked back into playing by the new expansion :P good, sensei. Although it's starting to get really cold D: Luckily we haven't had any snow yet. Sensei, tenki wa do?

Gakusei, guddo taimingu. My AmiAmi order came a day after your comment ^_^. Just two things, but I'm okay with that. Cute list, you really think so? Up in Canada, I can only imagine how the weather must be. It's pretty cold across nearly the entire U.S. sadly. I have not seen any snow around me, but there was some in news reports and the like. World of Warcarft, oh my I can imagine all the hours you must have poured into that XD. Mmmm, I'll try a toss up between Symphonia HD and Xillia. Gakkou wa do?
Vor 5 Jahren
Kitty-sanVor 5 Jahren#2455564Ouuu can you send me some links to the WonFes stuff :D? Did you receive your amiami order :D? I am doing well sensei :) Just busy wit school. It is getting near the end of the semester so profs like to dump a ton of assignments on you at the same time :( How are you doing?

Whoops I meant Tamashii Nations 2014 my mistake XD. Tomopop has most it covered here in a pretty neat gallery www.tomopop.com/tamashii-nations-2014-event-reveals-some-70-new-s-h-figuarts-35843.phtml. I'm interested in a lot but here goes View spoilerHide spoiler
- SS 4 Goku
- Super Buu
- Gohan
- Tuxedo Mask
- Chibi Moon
- Domon
- Ranma Male
- Ranma Female
- Genma
- Rock Lee
. Quite the list but not nearly as much as I usually get at Won Fes. No it's still at the arrival at inward office of exchange phase. I don't have much this month though, just a figma and a Nendo. Although I did get ninja charged for my WonFes order by Good Smile. All I have for this month is ITEM #244453. Oh I understand, at least it's almost over for you. Its all good now, just relaxing mostly. I'm thinking of trying a Tales game out soon. How's it up north, gakusei?
Vor 5 Jahren
Kitty-sanVor 5 Jahren#2435096Aww well I will share some of the treats I have :D hehe yup I do enjoy a good metal show :P I will try to meet your expectations and find away to pass things through the screen :P So how is your weekend going sensei?

What treats do you have for me!? I'll keep you to your word you know. Sadly I'm not seeing anything coming through my screen, but I trust you'll manage somehow. Kind of okayish, but kinda disappointing. You win some, you lose some I always say. Nothing really special to be honest. I'm hoping to get my AmiAmi preorders in soon and finish FFX HD (I'm up to Mt.Gagazet now). I dunno if you follow Tamashii but there were tons of awesome reveals at WonFes if you wanna share my hype =D. How's life for you apprentice?
Vor 5 Jahren
Kitty-sanVor 5 Jahren#2432655hehe yes master *bows* Aww thank you >.< aww well I hope you still get to enjoy some yummy treats :D I do so I am really excited to dress up today :D I am sadly not wearing any of my anime cosplays >.< We are going to local metal band show tonight and I don't want them to get ruined >.< I will gladly make you cupcakes :P I actually just made a whole bunch of Halloween cupcakes with my roommate :P I wish I could pass one through the screen for you :O

I accept your title. I didn't get any treats today, but I'll keep your kind words in mind. Oh it seemed like the perfect opportunity for you, but that's what cons are for! Aye so you're into metal. Oooo so you're a baker too! I'd like to sample some of your cupcakes one day. Sure pass some through my screen. Or just mail them to my house or something, but passing it through my screen will be much more impressive.
Vor 5 Jahren
Kitty-sanVor 5 Jahren#2431659ハッピーハロウィン !!!! I think that is the right way to spell it :P Yes you are now my sensei when it comes to Japanese. Haha thanks I try to be optimistic as much as I possibly can.. with out being to annoying :P Do you have any plans for Halloween? (Also I am so sorry I take so long to respond >.< )

Than step into my dojo. I like your optimism, the world could use more people like you. Sadly no. I'm working today on Halloween, although I'll be working at a Halloween store of all places so it's sort of like experiencing it but with really long lines and crowds. You love cosplay, so it's probably nice to get another excuse to show off your cosplay skills =p. View spoilerHide spoilerNow you must bake me cupcakes for the late reply!
Vor 5 Jahren
Kitty-sanVor 5 Jahren#2425150Ouu we should :D I am sure you can teach me a lot of new words. Oh why did you end up taking it? At knowing a language (even if it is not the one you want to learn) will never go to waste :D Hehe ok I expect to have my mind blown in the future :P So Ogenki desu ka?

It is on. Ohhhh so I'm the Japanese master now. I only took Greek back in High School since it was either that or Chinese and Chinese seemed really difficult with all the various dialects and characters. Greek turned out okay but it was a really odd experience. You're so optimistic, that's very admirable XD, but I honestly don't think I'll ever use Greek again. I aim to please! Hai genki desu. Haijimemashite?
Vor 5 Jahren
Kitty-sanVor 5 Jahren#2421963Ouu I love Japanese too :3 I only a little bit though. Is Greek hard to learn? Those are very good hobbies :3 And it would be good not to overwhelm me too quickly :p

Guddo Taimingu! We should totally write random Japanese phrases to each other in our posts. Greek's actually pretty simple to learn. It has it's own alphabet that has symbols shared with English. Pronunciation isn't too bad either. I didn't really want to do it, since I don't plan on going to Greece. I wanted to try Italian or German but life is cruel T_T. Then I shall blow your mind later.
Vor 5 Jahren
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