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Hi there! Sorry for bothering you, but I see you just recently added ITEM #167967 to your "owned" list. It says "Line Art" on the cover. Is there only line art in the book or does it also contain some full colour illustrations?
Vor 6 Jahren
KajumaO2Vor 7 Jahren#1636779Tony Fan

oh yes =D
Vor 7 Jahren
KajumaO2Vor 7 Jahren#1636777Did you get the other Misty from Kotobukiya?

nope i got 1 misty only, dont wanna get another almost same pvc lol
Vor 7 Jahren
KajumaO2Vor 7 Jahren#1611690I see you, anyway found this place a good way to track what i got!H

Haha, hi. =D

Yeah, Im using here to keep track of my collection & pre-order cause Im buying from multiple shops. Its really convenient here. =)
Vor 7 Jahren
Welcome to MFC! =P
Vor 7 Jahren
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
Vor 7 Jahren
Welcome to MFC :)
You have a nice figure collection ^^
Vor 7 Jahren
Welcome to the board KajumaO2! :)

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