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kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
IntegrityVor 4 Jahren#9245971Happy Birthday Katto! I hope you had an amazing day! Enjoy collectingThank you! ^____^ And I always enjoy collecting ;)
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I don't really know if they do this on this site, but happy birthday~
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kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
IntegrityVor 4 Jahren#6038580You're welcome!
I hope you don't mind, I can tell you have a lot friends on here. I ordered the cabinet/showcase by the way. Can't wait! It's probably coming today (Friday), I checked the tracking. I thought I'd get it later when I was more funded but worked my butt off due to a the opportunities work gave me. I didn't have anything else to save up for really. I'm broke now LOL. Too bad I have work in about 6 hours so I won't be home. Got my brother to cover for me.
You think it's hard to assemble? I got the 1200mm length one.
Oh yeah, how've you been? :)
It's not a problem at all! I'm really excited to hear you've ordered them :D I hope you'll take photos and post them; I'd love to see it when they're all up!

It definitely needs two people at least to construct but it's not hard as such. I actually put my two up over the space of a week with a crick neck (I couldn't even have my head straight without pain haha), with the help of my fiance. So if I was able to do it in that state, it can't be too hard. Time consuming, though,

I've been busy! Work is running full speed and I'm preparing for a holiday in March to Japan and Korea, which will be great fun. How about yourself?
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kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
Thanks for the FR :)
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IntegrityVor 4 Jahren#5777149Happy belated Birthday, hope you had a good one and happy new year! Enjoy your figure collecting :')

thank you happy new year to you too ^^
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kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
IntegrityVor 4 Jahren#4907918Yeah no problem, answer whenever you're free, anytime! Those showcases look really nice. I tried looking for them but there are so many sites and I don't know if they're trustworthy. Since you have experience with them why not ask you!
Where did you get them? (online/website, local)
Which size/type do you recommend? (Which one do you have? I'm aware there are a lot of types I think..)
Roughly how much does it cost? (It probably varies but let's go for your one)
How much is the freight/shipping if you got them delivered?
It looks sealed air tight, do you need to dust off your figures?
Don't the figures need some air to breathe or not?
Is it easy to set up?
I think I had more questions but I can't think at night, haha! I hope this it too much..
I'm thinking of buying one in the future but not for a long time since I already have some detolfs like everyone else and I hardly have any space right now. I need to save up as well since it's really expensive. Yikes, I'm scared that when I see the price I'll faint.
Sweet, definitely awesome to see locals! Yeah it's a bonus you're from there too so I can relate on how you got them.

I picked them up from this place www.shopfitting...
There's a couple of Melbourne places, best one I know is www.shopforshop... but at the time I decided against using them. I do know a couple of people who've bought from them and been satisfied though!

It honestly depends on what you're looking for. I have two 1200x1800x400mm cases and one 1200x1600x400mm case and while I like them myself, it's by no means the "best" option for everyone.

I gave you the sites so have a look around :D All up on the cases I have at home right now, I've dropped about $3k with freight costs. I can't remember how much freight was individually but it wasn't awful all things considered haha.

They've got doors and they're frameless, so there's actually holes in the panes of glass, so it does get some air. It's quite difficult to get a totally air tight case :> I only need to dust about once every few months though, which is WAY better than Detolfs which required once a month or so for me.

The smaller case that I have was easier because the panes are smaller but the larger ones were quite a task. I'm quite petite so I needed help to lift the glass eheh =w=

I definitely think they're better than Detolfs myself, I swapped over from 5 cases to these a bit over a year ago now and I adore them. I honestly want to get more but I'm looking at converting my garage into a collection room since it seems to stay pretty cool even on warm days. I'll probably wait until the height of summer to see how well it manages though before I commit haha. The two bigger cases take slightly less space than 5 Detolfs but hold the quantity of about 8 Detolfs, just for a reference point.

Hopefully that helps a bit, feel free to let me know if you have more questions!
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kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
IntegrityVor 4 Jahren#4902603Hello,
I don't know if this is the right place to ask, if it isn't I'll just PM you instead. I just wanted to ask about your showcases and where you got them and also what type they are. I have a lot of questions about the displays so if you don't mind answering I'd appreciate it!
Shoot through a list of questions and I'll answer when I have a chance ^__^ I've been pretty busy but if you have a list I should be able to at least give quick responses to your questions!

I see you're from Melbourne as well! :) Always happy to see more local collectors.
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IntegrityVor 4 Jahren#4533456-----

Haha! Don't websites love to troll us. TvT;; Thank you for all the effort you've put in to reply though~! qwq I'm sorry my reply's so late - this last week was the final exam block for school (FOREVER HAHA) and kept me from doing anything leisurely without stressing the hell out.

Well, at least money is meant to be spent. |D But haha! That's one way to get over figure-spreeing guilt. XD
But yeah, regardless of how careful I try to be, I'm in the same boat with the 'spending more than the whole rest of your life thing.' My savings during my whole child and teenage-hood was about $400. The amount of preorders I have at the moment is equal to that. While $400 is really a small amount even for life(or childhood?) savings, it puts a weird perspective on things alright. OTL

Oh I can't complain enough about the price of anime in Australia. (XAX) I think we're one of the most expensive places in the Western world when it comes to anime. It's depressing. OTL And you're right! Anime at conventions are ridicolously expensive! I can't even imagine who'd buy them, to be honest, especially when some of them only have 12 episodes at $70 or something. *coughattackontitancough*

You know, I find MFC so useful and interesting to read, but it's gotten me way more into figure collecting than I probably would have by myself. I can't tell if it's a gift or a curse.

I actually really want an Alter figure (and your opinion just reinforced it XD) but yeah, none of the figures that have come out interested me enough to get them. qwq There are few I'm interested in, but they all have a deal breaker. For two of them I like the character but dislike their pose/clothing, and another I love everything but I dislike the character. D| But I've heard that they might be releasing another character I like, so I have my fingers crossed. *w*

What you say about the companies pretty much matches up with what I've heard, so I'm pretty relieved. =w=
Talking about the price of nendroids though! Yeah the usual price of them can add up when you have a few, but what startles me is the price of rare nendoroids! Like you said, they're so small, but some go for literally the same price as an Alter scale in the aftermarket. Popularity and the Scarcity Effect put together is shocking. -A-;;

While I'm sad that figure prices are rising just as I get into the hobby, as long as they keep rising the quality I guess it's fine. Ah, but that said...

About justifying purchases, I actually have a bit of a problem with one of the figures I have wished right now. It's ITEM #287697 but if I get him he'd cost me around $175 (w/EMS shipping). I think he's absolutley gorgeous but my mind shuts down every time I remember he's basically $200. I also doubt he'd drop much value in the aftermarket. The main things keeping me from ordering him (besides the price) though is that;

1. He has a really static pose for his price. (I mean I love the pose, but at that cost...)
2. There will definitely be other figures of him, likely to be more dynamic, but I'm uncertain they'll have the level of detail this particular one has.
I've been racking my brain for the last 4 days but I'm still not anywhere closer to a decision. I was really sad because I'd been determined to get him before I heard his price. It's not even that I can't afford him, but whether he's worth it.

Please help me ;A;

About camping on Amiami though; I have to say I'm pretty guilty of it too. Xp But I never buy anything, so I guess it doesn't count. A friend of mine's missed out a few times though; she saw a nendoroid Red once and the moment she clicked on it, it'd already been taken. XD Same with a nendoroid Menma. Her luck leaves a lot to be desired. =w=;;

And haha no worries~! I actually enjoy long responses a lot, even if it means it takes me ages to reply too. qwq I appreciate you taking the time to write it all out! I hope my own walls of texts don't bother you too much either. QvQ (Or my overuse of emoticons, ahahah ;;;; )
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IntegrityVor 4 Jahren#4485860I'll comment here instead because I think I've spammed too much on that page haha!
Yeah true, nah you're fine I think. I started collecting earlier this year in April and I think it's just a little lower. Well you never know, the exchange rate should alter over time so you'll probably pay a different value. I've spent way too much on this hobby and still got a lot of orders for the future. I'm really disappointed because of my impulse buying. That's good that you can put time into before your purchase. I just realised a few months ago that I've spent too much so I'm just restricting my orders, like not ordering figures that are already released and only pre-ordering them exclusively. Also budgeting or having only 1 or 2 scales per month. I'm really cautious on what I use my money on now so I don't 'waste' it like I used to. This hobby is way to expensive, especially for teens like me. I relied too much on my parents money sadly, so I need to make back (or at the least most) on what I've spent by working my butt off. No university right now so I've got all the time in the world. It's not just figures, it's 'goods' like posters, key chains and pretty much accessories that you also buy in addition to this hobby which makes it expensive. I don't even know any hobbies that are this damn expensive.
Oh yeah a tip for scales, the brand/company is very important because some of them aren't that good, you definitely need to do research before making a purchase of a scale. I think scales are worth it, to an extent anyway.

Hahaha! Well, at least it was informational spam??? >w<);;;

And you only started in April?!? My god, I only started 5 months before you did. I'm impressed at how fast your collection has grown then! XD Although, as you say, I guess that's the impulse-buying there. =w=;; But as long as you can show it off nicely, I agree that it's worth it. .w. Being able to work off the debt is good too.

For me, when it comes to money, my brain turns onto super-analytical mode. My situation was like yours before, since I got my spending money by working for my parents occasionally. My budget was wayy too small for regular figure buying so I had to think a lot about whether I want something or not. And if I couldn't decide in time, I just let it go. It's a bit painful at the time, but I usually don't regret letting them go. qwq

I only recently got a job, and it's both the best and worst thing for this hobby. The number of figures I have preordered for the next 3-4 months is almost equivalent to the number of figures I currently have. I'm terrified at the total, but I still look on amiami to make sure I don't miss out on something good. OTL I actually admire people who do figure hauls a lot; I don't think I could ever get the guts to spend so much each month.

I think that's why I don't impulse buy - I'm too afraid that I'm gonna dislike a figure and be disappointed at my wasted money. Guess it works out though. ;;;

AH! The merch, I agree so much. @A@ Not only those though, but the original source for a lot of this stuff - the anime and manga - aren't so cheap themselves either! For the price of a figure, I could buy a season or two of anime, or several volumes of manga. The problem is that they have no where near the artistic value of figures. On the other hand, they're also a lot more practical than figures. It's a never ending battle. OTL

And totally! I read some blogs that talked about the quality figures from different companies where like. The answers made me really want to get some Alter figures (cuz apparently they're top notch) but they don't have any characters I like atm. qwq (Well, better for the wallet, I guess |D)

From what I know, the ranking for scales seems to be something like Alter = Max Factory > Kotobukiya = GSC > other companies. What do you think? Is there a company you prefer?

Also I'm curious as to how it was for you when you were still impulse buying? Like, was it just when you thought a figure looked cool enough you'd get it? .A.
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Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
IntegrityVor 5 Jahren#3227062Oh it's cool! Haha. Thank you! Really? is it popular in the west or Japan? I'm surprised I haven't even heard of it until they came up as figures. Oh I see. Kantai Collection is Kancolle right? I thought that was an anime to begin with, didn't know it was a game. Pretty clueless when it comes to these things haha.
Kantai collection is pretty popular with figures as well. Must be making the best out of a current situation then.
Thank you for the information, it cleared things up for me!
Popular enough in Japan that server space was nearly maxed out, I think there's much more space now with a new server opened? But TR has a huge and evergrowing fanbase! There's already lots of cosplay for it even haha. And yup Kantai Collection, KanColle's anime just recently came out (well by recently I think within the past few months aha) but it was just a simple game before that too and yup it's verrrry popular and has a huge figure selection lol
Happy to help! :D
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