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Hobby and Game seller from Osaka, we ship WORLDWIDE all your favorite Figures, Plushies, Video Game collector, TCG (and even more...) Directly from Japan.
We also are enjoying Toy Photography on our free time.


hello again, i sent another message about a sudden order cancellation, I also sent an email would like a response ASAP thank you!
Vor 15 Stunden
hello, I sent a message about a payment error. I also sent an email about it. thanks!
Vor 16 Tagen
Don’t worry I’ve re ordered it :)
Vor 27 Tagen
Hey … for some reason when I click re order it says I’m ordering Pokémon cards?? Why can’t I just reorder the same order lol
Vor 27 Tagen
Shall i just order again then? :)
Vor 28 Tagen
Oh ...well i was waiting for a payment request email??? thats what most companies do ...i was ready and waiting to pay lol ...is there anyway of reversing the cancel? :)
Vor 28 Tagen
Vor 28 Tagen

why have you just cancelled my order of Xie Lian???????????
Vor 28 Tagen
Hello, please check your inbox. I also sent an email about a damaged package and figure box i received.
Vor 1 Monat
Hello, is there a time limit for the my private warehouse storage option? Thank you
Vor 1 Monat
The Best Shop for anime and Manga Figures. 100% Original Brands.

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