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  • True, true. And Kurisu confirms it scientifically.
    Vor 10 Tagen
    Hahahah,but you do it anyway because you're a madman, a mad scientist
    Vor 10 Tagen
    Whoops, sorry! Just cleaned it out.
    Vor 3 Monaten
    I see. Yeah, I suppose Alphamax Chinese dresses are really high up there in terms of quality.
    Vor 4 Monaten
    Moeromoero Chinese Dress Hunter
    Thank you for comment.

    Gonna have a full course of Tony's Skytube collection.
    But I expect I need to sit another year to get it completed. Maybe even longer due to the outbreak.

    My priority is Skytube, sadly the recent Koharu didn't meet my expectation.
    And the alternative versions of Togetsu Matsuri won't arrive soon.
    So the proportion of Chinese dresses in my collection would rise in the long term.

    Yu-Huai looks good, I did once considered a pre-order.
    I might just get her after release.See if I could get good bargain.
    Vor 4 Monaten
    I will forgive you. And I was playing video games all day long so it was pretty good. xD
    Vor 5 Monaten
    <3 hey sorry I am so late to wishing you a happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day!! <3
    Vor 5 Monaten
    Happy late birthday !!!!!
    Vor 5 Monaten
    Thanks everyone! Looks like I got gifted a total makeover of the website... and I hate it! *lol*
    Vor 5 Monaten
    Happy Birthday ^_^
    Vor 5 Monaten
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