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Thanks! Saw her on amiami and had to instantly PO because I'm a sucker for aviation themed items. :)
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I'm so green it can be annoying sometimes.
On that note - do you have any experience with bootlegs? I'm an expert on Manga bootlegs and what to look for but I feel so vulnerable collecting models without knowing the telltale signs of a fake. I would assume anything produced in China but that's the limit to my knowledge
Vor 2 Monaten
LA does have separate model kits with the advertising to be for GFL 'girls' but it's just their gun kits. I don't know how they got the licensing to do that. Where I bought UMP9 it's classed as being LA but it's actually Max Factory - probably a mistranslated with affiliation to the gun kit which was also tagged on the website I ordered from.
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I was under the impression that Tomytec didn't make GFL models but apparently they do...?
I don't know how my Max Factory models will look next to the ones I have already but I already ordered them so WELP. lol
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And I've been reported for being a gag account. I can see why this website is dying.
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And 1300 in Battlefield 1... aaandd 600 in Battlefield 3.
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Yea UMP9 and 45 are Max Factory models not Tomytec, so I don't expect to be putting a gun together - but I don't mind if I have to. Scar H is a good gun, I do have 4000 hours in Battlefield 4 oh my god.
It's just my little-girl hands - tiny parts and me, ech.
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Yes, I was looking at UMP45's L.A figma, not this one though. I'm a huge figma fan and I can't see myself collecting anything other than figmas for the first year. This information is very good to have though so thanks!

All of L.A's guns that come separate are not painted and are considered to be on a Gundam-level of building mindset for specialization. The girls that come with guns have theirs painted though. You have to build them from a standoff kit and not everything is going to fit, 99% of the time. Tomytec is a toy company known for their model trains, not figma, so it can feel a little distressing when you're having to use gorilla glue but as a special developer once said, it just works. I would steer clear of anything complicated if you do buy a standalone gun(s) for a figma.
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Yea. They also make custom guns that should fit all figmas as well as standalone gun placements like 50cal etc. Thanks but HK416 is probably my least favorite gun. Not for her specifically but I just don't like the gun in general. However if it's a PDW I'll probably go bankrupt.
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I guess I'll upload more 3D GFL models I made.
Making ecchi was literally my job during Corona time. It was, a dark time.
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Japan's #1 Collector Toy Company


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