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Hi, Eccmy here. :)

Fan of Konami's franchises, particulary those from the 90s to early 2000s (with special mention going towards the Tokimeki Memorial 1 & 2, Mitsumete Knight, Dancing Blade, and TwinBee franchises). Also a lover of the 90s and of video games and visual novels in general, I'm doing my best contributing to MFC's database in all those domains.

Hope you'll enjoy my user page, and if you wish to chat with me, please do not hesitate commenting on my page or PMing me, I won't bite you! :p


My current avatar:
Turner ENCYCLOPEDIA #63092, the tsundere fairy from the RPG Blue Breaker ENCYCLOPEDIA #23316.

(I'm normally not a fan of the tsundere archetype, but she still managed to become one of my fave characters in that game due to the numerous great and/or funny interactions she has with the game's main protagonist, Kain. :p)


List of MFC clubs I'm managing:

* CLUB #1173 => Telephone Card collectors! (Founder and Admin)
* CLUB #1343 => The Konami Club (Founder and Admin)
* CLUB #1482 => Ponytail Love ❤ (Founder and Admin)
* CLUB #417 ==> Bunny Farm (Main Admin)
* CLUB #1506 => Delicious❥Redheads (Main Admin)
* CLUB #16 ===> Maid in Heaven (Admin)
* CLUB #613 ==> Blond and Beautiful (Admin)
* CLUB #829 ==> Beautiful❀Flowers (Admin)
* CLUB #1434 => Drilled hair club (Admin)



> mainly 90s ones
That's cool to have a main way of growing your collection :D

Thanks for the anime recommendations, I really should stop to slack and get back watching more anime as I was doing some years ago ^^

I hope you're figurine will arrive :) But in another way, I'm already plenty happy to know my merchandise is bought in time by my proxies without too much items become out of stock during the waiting time. Now there's just to wait it arrive :)
Vor 7 Monaten
Nice collection you have there :) A lot of relic from the past :D
Vor 7 Monaten

Okay, so this might be kind of bizarre and out of the blue, but given your clear knowledge and experience regarding retro bishoujo games, I figured you would be the best person to turn to.

I noticed that you have at least some knowledge about the game Aitakute...Your Smiles in My Heart . I’ve been curious about this game for quite a few years now (long and crazy story), and had some questions about it, hoping that you would know the answers. You seem to be the only person on the English-speaking side of the internet who knows about this game, and I’m unable to read Japanese, so it’s very difficult for me to gain info that way.

Just thought that I would approach you and try to introduce myself first before throwing a bunch of questions at you.
Vor 2 Jahren
Ah yes ever since I got into collecting Pokémon TCG again I've been considering collecting other cards as well. I've always been a big CLAMP fan so naturally I've been eying a lot of their stuff when it comes to telephone cards.

And oh my thank you so much! I'm still new to researching about telephone cards, so please bear with me if there is anything wrong or missing.
Once again, thank you!
Vor 2 Jahren
Yeah, my database additions are also quite low right now. I still have a huge bunch of magazine pictures and scans of more niche GK´s, but I barely have time to keep my own ordered/owned lists up to date. For me, I'm sure it will get less hectic later in this year, so hopefully I can do a bunch again then.

Ah, don't feel stressed to write those blogs! I am actually currently working on a 'super loot' blog, which is all kinds of small things I acquired...with still even stuff from 2017 lol. I should really get to writing moreon it, but ehhh when I have a bit of time, I also have a cosplay-related blog and a blog about my most recently finished GK to write about! >.< Anyway, looking forward to the pics of your unique telekas! :)
Vor 2 Jahren
Don't get me started on Wonfes, I only looked at about half of what I wanted to check lol. I hope I can finish it this weekend to look at all the additions. :P

Hehe, I still didn't fall into the darkness of ordering telephone cards, but was very close to it 2 different times. xD I like how with a lot of them, they have exclusive artwork that you can't find on any other merchandise.

That sounds very interesting! :D I still read all the blogs here (just delayed), so I'll read it for sure when it's up! :) Did you get much items from May to July?
Vor 2 Jahren
Hehe, I do have to admit that my activity here has also been a bit...on and off. Work is a lot more busy nowadays, so I have these short phases of lots of free time and then I quickly try to catch up with blogs/database additions here and try to do some myself. xD

I watch Gintama now as 'background series' when working on crafts and it's very good for that! Light-hearted comedy with strange settings lol. I liked how in 'Bakiboki Memorial' they tried dating the mom instead LOL and Nobunaga puking I also won't forget soon. xD Gintama is great with it's parodies, just today finished one that was about Dragon Ball, very good too. xD Can't believe the series is still on-running right now and even new episodes are made this anime season!

How's it going with your collection by the way? Acquired some new/special/rare telephone cards recently? :) Nowadays I do about 2 big orders a year to get a big bunch of stuff (SAL and other cheap shipping methods don't exist here anymore and customs is getting meaner and meaner with their fees, so we're better off doing either big orders or group orders to get things outside of our country). If you're interested, these 2 loots are sort-of recent: BLOG #40389 , BLOG #40390 & BLOG #40486 :)
Vor 2 Jahren
Hi! :) Do/did you watch Gintama? I just got to episode 98 and 99 which parodies Tokimeki a lot and had to think of you. xD If you don't watch Gintama, I would really recommend watching at least those 2 episodes! :)
Vor 2 Jahren
EccmyVor 3 Jahren#28125559Holy, sorry for the late answer!!
I intended to reply sooner than that, but I had some heavy work lately so I rarely came to MFC these days. :/
Well, those who don't come into a special cardboard display generally come with a small protective plastic sheet (with some manufacturers like Konami, the sheet also has a barcode sticker plastered on it like this: PICTURE #1299882). I've seen (and own) a few with a letter-like protective paper sheet though (like this: PICTURE #929552 PICTURE #929550), but it's pretty uncommon and I've seen it mainly used with older cards.
Yes, 1000-1500 yen is about the average price for a telephone card. Good luck on getting those Strike Witches cards! ^_^

No problem! :)

Those see-through with a barcode look very nice! Like a lot of the packaging of licensed stickers are. I hope when I buy mine, they come with it too! Although the ones I want to buy are from Suruga-ya, and I have also bought doujinshi and other items from them without packaging and a sticker slapped directly on the item. So I hope that's not the case here. >.<

Thanks! There is a chance I will place a big proxy order before the end of the year. I'll have to see the other items available at that time (and my budget of course) if I end up getting those telephone cards. :) I'll let you know if I do!
Vor 3 Jahren
EccmyVor 3 Jahren#27464507Ayup, it seems like the replying option is gone. You can emulate it by using the quote button as if you were replying on your own profile, and copy-paste the quote on the other user's reply, like I did with my last answer. :p
As for the telephone cards moving out the trading cards binders, this haven't happened to me so far. It helps that I leave my cards in their original sleeves, so it gives extra friction that help them stay in the binder, even though they move slightly. Of course, I'm also handling delicately my collection, so... But that said really, it's been over four years since I'm using the TCG binder method, and I never had any problem.
Good luck stepping into the telephone card pit! I don't know which franchises you plan on collecting, some have really cheap cards, other very expensive. Even within the same franchise, price range can vary widely. My teleka main focus is the Tokimeki Memorial series, and in it you have cards that are not worth more than 200 yen, while other can go up upwards of 80000 yen! See that blog I made a while ago to see what I mean: BLOG #19462 :p

I thought about that, but I was afraid the other user might not get a quote e-mail or notification from the message, but I guess it worked anyway!

All telephone cards from Japan come in those sleeves? I mean, some people must have thrown them out, right? But anyway, you got me quite convinced to just use my own trading card binders. A lot of the trading cards I have left don't have high collection value (already sold/traded the most rare ones), and I was planning on doing crafts with them. Which means I will probably have a lot of empty binders, give it a few years time.

The ones I laid my eyes on were from Strike Witches, to be specific cards with exclusive never-printed-on-something-else artwork with the character Sanya. :) Most of the ones I saw were around 1000-1500 yen each, definitely not the crazy prices I have seen with telephone cards from other franchises. And yeah, I remember your blog! Wow! Because I'm pretty new to this, for now the most expensive cards I will go for are probably the 1500 yen ones (maybe up to 2k if I really like the artwork).
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