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Anime Girls are AWESOME! From their Amazingly designed and often times revealing outfits. To their curvy body proportions, wild colorful hairstyles, seductive facial expressions and variety of personalities,"what can I say?" I have a passion for Animated women. Many will call it "cringe" I say WTF ever! As an artist myself, I can't help but be attracted to the stylization of the characters. I can look beyond the sexual themes and actually appreciate the dwsign and craftsmanship of a character from an artists perspective. There is a wide variety of artist with unique styles that I love and enjoy. My Top 3 favorite Illustrators are: Reiq, Sei Shoujo and Kagami. I gather a lot of inspiration for my own art when viewing their work and can only hope to be even a "fraction" as good....someday.

As for collecting itself, I would say I officialy started in 2011 with my purchase of the Gothic Lolita ver. of Ryomou Shimei by Daiki. I do have many Street Fighter figures from Sota and Hasbros Gi Joe line. I also collected a fair amount of Irwin's Dragon Ball Z figures due to loving the show growing up.
Anime, Wrestling, NBA
Art Books, Manga, Comics/Doujinshi
I'm a veteran gamer, some personal favorite game series are: F.E.A.R, PUNCH-OUT, Legacy of Kain, Resident Evil, GTA, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat
Whatever sounds good






Hey fellow Sei lover! Outside Starless/Bible Black/Discipline which are officially translated. You would have to use a texthooker on the JP games. You have various options if you choose to do this.While the quality isn't the best. Be it like using google traslate but with the game engine text.

The easiest method would be to use textractor:

You also have other hookers like VNR/ITHVNR/Translation Aggregator but they are getting dated and not kept up2date so might not traslate the text via online google/bing when using them or even find the engine hook when connected to newer games.
You can also add a cracked version of ATLAS a traslation program that works offline since it's installed onto your PC with all these.

But for these later listed ones I would have to go in more depth with links to guides and maybe uploads of the said hookers since they can be hard to find.
Vor 2 Monaten
Great news! Just happened to stumble upon one today for 4600 JPY. Bought instantly. Cheers dude!
Vor 3 Monaten
Wow $40 is pretty nice. I've been searching all day on Yahoo Auctions, Suruga-ya, Mandarake, etc and the only one I could find was on Amazon JP going for ¥ 12,800! So expensive :( I hope I can find one soon for cheaper, something about this tapestry makes it so amazing.
Vor 3 Monaten
Hate to bother you but I have a question. I was wondering if you remember how much you paid for this tapestry? I really want to find one myself.
ITEM #314368
Vor 3 Monaten
Happy Birthday buddy! Have a good one!
Vor 4 Monaten
Happy birthday!
Vor 4 Monaten
Happy Birthday!!! :D
Vor 4 Monaten
Thanks (≧◡≦)
Vor 11 Monaten
lumpyhead Demoness
Vor 1 Jahr
Doboy Animated Chicks FTW
lumpyhead (Vor 1 Jahr) #31591399Happy bdayThanks! :)
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