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Hello~! Welcome to my profile~

I started my collection in April 2013 when I ordered my figure of Izaya Orihara by Alter <3 Since then my collection has been growing at a steady rate. I love all my figures so much <3 Scales are my favorite; they are so detailed and pretty C: (sadly they are very expensive )': ) I love figmas and nendoroids as well, I have so much fun posing and switching their parts ^^ I recently started to make custom nendos too x3
My instagram is: diamondbluesky I post a lot of picture of my collection there (:

I have been a fan of anime/manga since pretty much forever, if you want to check out the anime I've seen it all listed on anime-planet (DiamondSpade)
(I don't update my manga there, I've read so much Dx All the manga I own is here LIST #39536 but I have read a lot online as well ^^")

Art is a hobby of mine; I love drawing and I've tried making models with clay. I love creating original characters and giving them a story <3.
I'm always listening to music!

If you want to chat, feel free to PM or comment on my profile~!

Check out my sales here: LIST #38684 & (Utapri Cards) LIST #39012 (:
Fullmetal Alchemist, Baccano!!, Free!, Attack on Titan, Durarara!!, Other Animes! Pretty Little Liars, Game of Thrones, Supernatural
Naruto, Pandora Hearts, and lots of other Mangas!!
Wii, Xbox, 3DS games; Naruto, Pokemon, Yaoi!!
Marina and the Diamonds, Red, Saosin, Linkin Park, + many others
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!