Buy then regret or regret not buying?
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Hello there!

Figure collecting, one of my many interests, is a glamorous one. However, like many things,
if there's no rules to how you manage hobbies and money, it'll get out of hand really fast.

Even Kokoro-chon is forced to smile..

Following are my rules for figure purchase:

1) I must be familiar with the character either from a show or game I've personally finished or beat.
2) It must be my top favorite character from the show (unless it's whole team I'm going for).
2.5) If it is the whole team, they must be closely tied to the character of choice.
3) A quality 1/7 or 1/8 scale figure only. I've given up on figmas and nendos. They're cute and fun but I don't find them worth keeping anymore.

And there's many more unwritten rules I prevent myself from buying..
I've seen over 1k anime shows excluding games. If I bought a figure for every show,
the walls of my house would be purely Detolf cases xD

Be yourself!

Thanks for dropping by! :D

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DemiSoulsVor 5 Jahren#2513328http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-tF3fd567aao/Ur6ulLbdl7I/AAAAAAAAPjE/sE55s_tijxQ/s1600/news-anchor-pen.gif

Slow motion makes this 100 times better HAHAHAHAHA.
Vor 5 Jahren
jena ☆ mahou shoujo ☆
DemiSoulsVor 6 Jahren#2139230Haha I know that feel well.. Oh well, what can you do. Current you is happy you too right? I regret, but life moves on. Funny when I recalled my last birthday, it came and passed so quickly, I was like, wait, how come it doesn't take longer till next birthday the larger the age? *snaps out of video game mind* Oh shi-
Yeah! That's a great buy! I got her too and hope she really lives up to the proto. I started playing Rage of Bahamut cause of her and convinced myself I gotta get her and Cerberus. That game is so addicting and ridiculous. $500-1k can easily be spent on rolling for cards or trading rares.. now THAT'S buying happiness.. Show pics if you decide to reorganize your room or move out or whatever :P Nothing wrong with living someone!

I am happy enough! I should appreciate what I have rather than dwelling on what I can’t or don’t have. Birthdays come around waaaaaay too quickly. I’m 29 this year! I don’t want to turn 30 next year! I feel like I’m 19, not nearly 29.

I haven’t played the game or even looked into it for that matter, I just wanted the figure because she’s freakin’ beautiful!

I’m actually wanting to snap some new pictures of my room even though nothing much is different, I just want a new picture to put in my profile haha. I really like my room so I want to show it off!
Vor 6 Jahren
jena ☆ mahou shoujo ☆
DemiSoulsVor 6 Jahren#2134434Studying anything before graduation is painful. Took me after uni to realize studying is fun only if you're given a good reason and self motivation. Sometimes I wished I dropped high school and started working instead. Would've been at the same point as I am today but including a bratty attitude lol.
Yeah, I get that totally. Probably why I wait until there's aftermarket sales to purchase it if I still wanted it. Most of the time now, I wipe my forehead and say phew! I managed to get Madoka Ultimate new for under store price so I'm really happy. Waiting a year and still wanting her is an OK to buy sign right? xD Perhaps replace the older figures with newer ones and ones from more up to date series? I looked at your room's pictures again and it looks so awesome and cozy lol

I wish I lived in a larger city with more than one university because I’d love to study again, I’d love to do a Japanese course because studying on my own is hard and I’ve been so lazy. I wish I could go back and do school again but knowing the things I know now, so I could choose a different path and actually try harder rather than being a total slacker!

I have been hunting ITEM #166816 and I ended up finding her in stock on a european figure website, I ordered her straight away and paid a little more than I would have from a Japanese store but I wanted her so badly, even though she’s just as big or bigger than deep sea Miku. I may get another detolf in the different colour and maybe disable my current ones and paint them all white or something. Or put the other one in another room. Put the figures I’m tired of seeing in there and the new ones in my room. I’m envious of people who have an entire room for their figures but I could have that too if I stopped being a shithead and moved into my own place.
Vor 6 Jahren
jena ☆ mahou shoujo ☆
DemiSoulsVor 6 Jahren#2129434Haha agreed. I'd stay in Japan forever if I could ;) I did hear that working in Japan tends to be quite painful and lonely at times, but if you can stand it then the pros outweigh the cons. You could think of Australia as a fallback if things get rough, but I think with the profession you're pursuing, you can really go anywhere.
Ah, Deep sea Miku looks so awesome though. The fish tank idea is so awesome, although I'd be worried her getting totally ruined without any proper shielding and live fish.. I was also just looking at the Australian Ikea and yikes! Your detolfs are double what we pay for ours. Could get another figure for the extra amount :\ Maybe I'm easy to please and years old anime like Madoka still give me enjoyment. Money really buys happiness..

I've heard that a little but I think it depends on the person and their outlook. I'll be going there already prepared to be stared at and treated differently because I'm not Japanese and that doesn't bother me. I've had pink hair for the past few months, people stare at me regardless of where I am! I'm following a few people on instagram who are foreigners working or studying in Japan and they're absolutely having a blast! But on the flip side I have a friend studying in Japan at the moment and he's hating it.

She is cool looking but I'm so over it now with all the delays and she's expensive and I have no space for her. I'll have to pack away at least 2 or 3 figures to make space for that and I already have like... 5 figures back in their boxes because of space issues.

Oh yeah, Australian Ikea is expensive compared to the rest of the world, some stuff is still super cheap but the detolf isn't one of those things.
Vor 6 Jahren
jena ☆ mahou shoujo ☆
DemiSoulsVor 6 Jahren#2122803Haha, you know better than to flatter a guy.. t-they get full of themselves.. But you're the one who's awesome ^_^ I'm definitely enjoying the summer already. Spring only lasted for a week before winter returned. Guess you could say, spring was just chillin'. -proceeds to senpaku-
I'm trying to finish off the madoka collection before moving on, but both the two main heroines are at prices I can't justify.. Always keep reminding myself, for that amount, I can get tons of other stuff which led to my diminishing interest. The thrill of buying outweighs owning the products, and it's sad it's come to that.
Is it hard to be employed after working in a foreign country? I thought interviewers love it when people decide life changing risks and succeed or at least tried it. Or perhaps you'll love teaching Eng in Japan so much you forget to leave xD

Let’s just agree on the fact that we’re both freakin’ awesome. It’s raining today and I love the rain when I don’t have to be outside in it. I have to go to work soon but rain oddly enough brings the shoppers out so I have my fingers crossed for a good day. Hah, dat pun.

I never did get into Madoka and I think that’s probably a good thing consider the amount of figures and mercy for that series. I only have a few things pre-ordered now, one of which I no longer want (that stupid deep sea Miku that keeps getting delayed… it was due to originally be released in December!!) and the rest aren’t too badly priced, I’m certainly not going crazy like I used to. I wanted to get one more detolf but there IKEA nearest to me only has them in the dark wood now, the two I have are the light colour so I don’t know what I’ll do about that.

I’m honestly not sure. It’d just feel strange coming home and not having a job to just walk back in to, you know? My current job would only be able to take me back if there was a position vacant. But I suppose it would look great when applying for a teaching job here. I am considering the possibility that I may just stay in Japan forever, who knows!!
Vor 6 Jahren
jena ☆ mahou shoujo ☆
DemiSoulsVor 6 Jahren#2121141Ossu! Haha, wow it's like bumping into a familiar face (or text) after a long time. I see you're ready for summer with ice cream and lots of warm weather coming our way freezy breezy aussie air, but it makes me want some right now..
How are things? I'm not as active on MFC anymore since for whatever reason, my interest in figures is wavering, but when I come back and see all the fantastic photos and blog posts, it gets me hyped again :> I'm reading blogs that you went to Japan! Jealousy intensifies! One day.. when I have some friends interested and extra pocket change, I'll stuff myself full of fabulous food and Japanese culture ..but in the meantime, I'll keep dreaming and playing mobile games at work lol

I am so ready for winter, I'm so glad the weather is getting nice and cool. You can have summer, I'm tired of it's crap!

I'm not as active as I used to be on here either, but I am trying to fix that. I miss talking to all the great people, like yourself! I'm definitely not acquiring as many figures but I am pretty much all out of space for more so it's okay.

I did go to Japan! I was there for the first two weeks of April! It was wonderful, everything I had imagined and more. I didn't want to come home. My first week back at home was full of gloom because I honestly miss Japan that much. I am hoping to go back before too long and I definitely want to go over there to teach English. My only fear is quitting my job then coming back to face unemployment.
Vor 6 Jahren
jena ☆ mahou shoujo ☆
Hello stranger. Long time no chat, what's happening!?
Vor 6 Jahren
aeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
DemiSoulsVor 6 Jahren#2087007HAHAHA good one! Who gets to know people to date them nowadays? That's so old fashioned and way too right ..maybe I should grow younger and something might work out for once.. And no, the best part about the rori is the ever youthful and growing ambitions. Heart being pure gets me hnnngg every time ..and sometimes dat flat che- *sirens*
Anyways, I'm pretty good. Was heartbroken by my favorite job turning into a living nightmare and have been switching lots to find something decent. Every time I switch tho I get a better paycheck so I guess I'm doing something right.. How have you been? I've noticed there's a lot of Australians in the public chats. Are you all colluding to take over mfc.. Then the world?! :P

Hopeless roricon as always I see :P Hope you find a never aging rori or you'll be on a never ending quest.

At least something good is coming out of it haha. I'm all right. Uni, work, taking candy from strangers, same old. Funny you say that since there's another user on here who accuses us of the same thing and even thinking we're all just one person or something! Are there really that many Australians here? I still find it a pleasant surprise when I stumble across an Australian account I've never seen before. Or maybe it's just because I love looking at my 21839 other accounts heheheh.
Vor 6 Jahren
Thank you for accepting my friend request!
Vor 6 Jahren
aeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
DemiSoulsVor 6 Jahren#2082990D-dang.. Stop sounding so pure cause I might just fall for you really.
You weren't before? Hahaha just kidding. Looks like I'm reaching my loli prime (˘⌣˘⑅)

How are you btw? Been busy?
Vor 6 Jahren
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