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I am a Watcher, Collector, Reader & player of The Legend Of Zelda, Metroid, Transformers, Gundam, Evangelion, Precure, Kamen Rider & Super Sentai I am also the Inventor of the word Arsom & Master of the Ninja Shoe.

I hope to fill in the missing gaps on here in the transformers listing if I make a mistake or if there's a transformer you would like me to add just ask I will be happy to do it the more practice I get the better I will be at making listing.






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I don't really know much about CD's and how to make that kind of entries, I only uploaded the ones that were bundled with DX items.
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Hey Cyberleader, happy birthday. :)
Vor 3 Jahren
Cyberleader2000Vor 4 Jahren#11778093do you mean this www.transformer... if so does that mean I should include the gold ones in the galaxy force line.
Oh wow, nice find. I forgot about that strange colored RM Convoy. You could add that one too, but the one I meant was actually an identical release to Car Robots Brave Max. It simply had the name Cybertron Base, and head modules named Zebres (CR Brave) and Master (CR Plasma), and it had new packaging and instructions. It was promoted by Figure O magazine and there were only 10 awarded. tfwiki.net/wiki...

I believe you can add anything as long as it was official and confirmed to have been released to the public. So Lucky Draws and contest figures are ok. You can mark them as "Prize" under the "Run" selection.
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Cyberleader2000Vor 4 Jahren#11581646I'm fairly sure I have finished all the ENCYCLOPEDIA #34535 listing could you double check and let me know if I've missed any thing or made a mistake.
Just had a check over the listings. Looks good to me. The only thing missing would be that rare Cybertron Base contest figure.
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Cyberleader2000Vor 4 Jahren#11234313yea I guess I did wrong there.
Normally if a character has gone by multiple names, their encyclopedia page will list them all, and if you search for one of the alt names it will still find the correct character for you. What didn't help you here is that Rijie isn't listed as one of Ligier's alternate names.
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Cyberleader2000Vor 4 Jahren#11224388dam it I'm being told off again alert.php?mode=...
What happened, did you add it as Rijie?
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Cyberleader2000Vor 4 Jahren#11111771crap how bad have I messed up this time alert.php?mode=...
Ah, it's no biggie. That's a pretty common type of alert. I had some pictures alerted recently for the same reason. It looks like you fixed them already, so you should leave a quick comment on the alert page letting Kaneel know so that they can mark it as Solved.

Yeah the rules about Official pictures are pretty strict. They basically have to be from a webshop or manufacturer's website. Even if you're sure it's an official shot, if you pulled it from somewhere else, ie. Twitter or a fan site then it has to be labeled Chan.
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Cyberleader2000Vor 4 Jahren#10910895as for my youtube its a bit abandoned at the moment as I currently dont have a decent camera but when I do I have 2 things planed 1 filming more reviews on my channel www.youtube.com... and 2 after talking it over with the sight I'm going to be doing a spechil series on picarto.tv/ where I will be streaming me making / customising gunpla.
o if you get a Tumbler or DeviantArt or even a twitter account I recomend looking up GIGABEETLE really funny what he does with his figuarts.

Hopefully you can get back into doing reviews eventually. I watched your review for Cybertron Optimus and it was well done. You'll definitely benefit from having a better camera. GIGABEETLE has some funny stuff, even if I don't know too much about Kamen Rider.
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