Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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Your inbox is full. I can't send you any pms XD
Vor 6 Monaten
Happy birthday.
Vor 1 Jahr
Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!
Vor 1 Jahr
Congratulations on the Killer Queen RAH find! I saw how excited you were about him and I thought it was really awesome. :D
Vor 1 Jahr
Opened up Tsurumaru today and he looks lovely on display! Thank you again for the great sale ~
Vor 2 Jahren
Hello, I read your recent post as well and I came to say that sometimes opening up might be the key to feeling better.

Try talking to people that you trust about how you truly feel. I can't guaranty if it will make you feel better or if that person can accept you for who you are, but letting your feelings bottle up inside you might not be a good decision.

Who knows maybe you might find people that can truly understand you!

I wish you all the best!
Vor 2 Jahren
Xiquelle fathomless zenith
I read your post, "Can I overcome this?" and since comments are disabled there, I wanted to just let you know here, that I read what you said, and a lot of it resonates for me. I often remind myself, even when I don't believe the words: "You are more than your emotions, and this too shall pass. Hope abides even if you don't believe it."

Just my two cents. I wish you joy.
Vor 2 Jahren
Same as the person below, so I came over here to post.

I completely relate to you and your attempt of a quick high to mask your depression. I did the same thing last year while hating myself and the world around me more than ever. More crap would happen, or I felt that my existence sucked, so I'd buy more things and only felt excited when I'd get a package. It was honestly a self-destructive nature, along the same lines of eating as much crap as you want just cuz you feel better at the time you're doing it.

I don't regret 95% of my purchases, I love majority of the figures I have, but I wouldn't have to worry about money anymore if I had just paced myself properly and didn't use "buying" as a coping mechanism.

Just be healthy and keep moving along. As Frank Sinatra sings: That's life. You're riding high on April, shot down in May, but I won't let it, let it get me down. Cuz this fine ol' world keeps spinnin around...Each time I fall flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the race.
Vor 2 Jahren
You didn’t have comments open for your blog post, so I decided to write here instead (you can delete this if you want to). It might not be the best advice but here it goes:

I think you can overcome it if you want to. I’m not saying it’s easy, but I’m sure that if you can get through the darkness there will be something you can appreciate. Maybe there will even be something you can love again, something or someone that can make the world look rosy.

Losing interest is normal, just as something you found really exciting might become boring if you have seen it a lot. But still don’t be afraid to try new things, it can be something close to this hobby or completely different thing. You might find something even greater that way.

Just try your best and remember that it’s okay to ask for help and that no one can be strong all the time, and that’s okay.

I also remember thinking lately that it’s a small miracle we are here, in middle of millions of stars and planets and having peace, family and friends there for us. Even if you don’t have anyone close to you at the moment, I don’t think there is anything stopping you from making friends on this site or somewhere else.

Keep it up. I’m sure you have done great (even if everything doesn’t feel like it).

Best for you!
Vor 2 Jahren
Haaaaaaaaaaaaappy birthday! :D
Vor 2 Jahren
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!