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Hey there! Can you tell me how many pages of art does ITEM #330197 contain? Is it mostly text?
Vor 1 Jahr
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
Vor 6 Jahren
ClareVor 6 Jahren#2281675Oh… I understand you very well, but for me it’s hard to quit this hobby for now…
I think your decision is wise!
Yes, you are correct, I couldn’t resist and ordered this cute nendo, I like her outfit and wings very much))

To be frank, I really don't wanna quit but, I have to for the sake of saving my money for the future.
Haha, i see... Btw, feel free to check my latest figma review, featuring Figma Chihaya Kisaragi.
Vor 6 Jahren
Hi clare !

how are you ??
Vor 6 Jahren
ClareVor 6 Jahren#2214867Why do you want to quit collecting? I think there is so much fun in collecting figures! (but now I have a lack of space, so that's why I order much less than year ago :))
Nice figures, especially Mario, I loved to play this game in my childhood :3

It's not like I want to... The reasons are closely the same as you are, my money is getting torned away even more from time to time, each year I'll be preordering many stuffs & I'm running out of spaces for storing more figures. So, I think when I'm done with all of my current one series that I'm focussing, I'm thinking to quit & focus more on my life. If I got more spaces & money, I will continue collecting. But, that if my future wife allowed me.

Hehe, me too... Frankly, Mario is my longest known childhood memories because when I was around 5 I already know him before I get to know tokusatsu & anime franchise. So, I think I won't let myself missed this one out. Btw, I see your next figure would be this ITEM #136458, right?
Vor 6 Jahren
ClareVor 6 Jahren#2169958You have no need to apologize, everything is allright. I also often very busy to reply quickly.
The last figure, which I bought was Saber EXTRA nendoroid ITEM #166891, she is very cute and charming and I like everything about her, except one fact: her veil is unremovable and I can’t put it on other my nendorois))
And how is your collection? Do you have some new figures?

Ic, thanks for understanding again, there...
Ic.. Ah, too bad... I think it would be great if her veil is removable.
... Too many new figures here since I preorder alot recently but, hopefully I will quit collecting next year. This month I still have my preordered figures on the way here: ITEM #144355 & ITEM #27494. Next month would be: ITEM #195790 & the playsets.
Vor 6 Jahren
ClareVor 7 Jahren#2085772Thank you very much!^^
I'm fine, thanks! And you?

Hello, sorry for the very late reply... I've been very busy with my manga & game project works here.

Good to hear that, I'm also doing good here. Btw, hows your collections going?
Vor 7 Jahren
You're welcome =) Thank you ! ♥
ClareVor 7 Jahren#2106064Thanks! Your avatar is very cute too ^___^
Vor 7 Jahren
Haha you're welcome =D & I like your avatar ^_^
ClareVor 7 Jahren#2085767Thank you very much for your warm wishes on my Birthday! :3
Vor 7 Jahren
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
Vor 7 Jahren
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