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Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I'm a 24yo collector from Germany and have started collecting in 2009. My first figure was Nanoca Flanka which I found in a shop in Spain when I was on vacation. Since then I've been looking for figures of characters and shows I liked and my collection started to grow more and more.

Sadly my space is pretty limited right now so I'm selling some of my stuff every now and then. Please check my shop for sales if you're interested ♥

Aside from being a collector I'm also a hobby artist. I mainly draw fanart of franchises I'm into at the moment (which can vary a lot) or my own characters. You can find me on dA or tumblr if you wanna take a look.

Currently I'm trying to focus on WAiFUM@STER iDOLM@STER scales, Cinderella Girls in particular.
"You can't go wrong with iM@S" is my motto.
My favorite girl is Yusa Kozue ♥ Anastasia is my fav cool type girl and Syoko is my fav passion type.

I'm also playing iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage right now and am trying to get better.
I'd gladly accept friend requests ♥ My ID is 351165611. You can also find me on Cinderella Producers.

Thanks for putting up with me and have a nice day!

K Project, Kill la Kill, Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, JoJo
BL doujinshis, Yaoi mangas, JoJo
Splatoon, Disgaea, Pokémon, iM@S CG Starlight Stage
MOE Punkt(e)
Shota, tsundere, calmness, pantyhose, flat chest, twintails, blond hair
IOSYS, ALBATROSICKS, Momobako, miko, Starbomb, OST
Sony Xperia Z5 compact
Acer Aspire

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I see that you got Limited Anya! Congratz ( ;∀;)
In the end I decided to wait for Cinfes, because I don't believe in my luck at all orz. Also, I need more SSR cute idol cards ww
Hey, maybe it's too early but I wish you a Happy New Year! \(^o^)/
Let's hope that 2018'll better, at least in deresute (;´∀`)
Vor 1 Monat
Thank you very much <3
Ooh, I understand. That seems nice~
And yeah, currently I'm trying to get 25k points only for the Scout Ticket ww.
Really? I didn't know at all, and I didn't have problems with the beatmap, at least in Master difficulty. Also, I think it's a cute song (Maybe in Master+ is more... complicated ww).
I don't really understand Scamco, Sanae has a lot of cards now wwww. Even though I like her, Emi deserved the Event card...
It seems that Scamco hates Suzuho and Emi a lot ;A;

Oh geez, I don't think I'm ready for these Limited gatchas orz. Also, everyone is saying that the uncomming Cinfes will be an Ankira one (Two girls, Passion + Cute). I don't know what to do, I wanted to get Limited Mika but I just have 7500 jewels here. I'm troubled.
Vor 2 Monaten
Hey, I don't really know if you celebrate it in your place but...
Merry Xmas! I hope you had a nice day ;A;
Vor 2 Monaten
Cho-Lin (Vor 3 Monaten) #28928822I kinda forgot that some people save up all their tokens till half the event is over and then use the x4 option wwww I don't think I will get a good rank this time but that's ok! At least I got Karen's card <3
I agree with you on Miku! I don't even understand why she is popular tbh. To me she is just annoying, especially with all her "nya"s and I don't really like her voice either =w=
I don't know if you like Layla or not but I'm soo happy that she got her perm SSR! I kinda fell in love with her SR and then when I started to read some CG Theater comics I started to like her more haha. Ever since Natalia got her SSR I've been waiting for Layla since they're a nice dup but I didn't expect her to get an SSR so soon. Hope I can pull her during CinFes <3

Hahah, I agree with you. Miku is so annoying and I also don't understand why she's so popular. Personally, I think other cute idols deserve more attetion than her ww
Btw, did you get a high tier in the Trinity Field event? Here I didn't get a good place due to time reasons. I had too much things to do, so I didn't play that much (;´∀`) At least I got Karen's card too heheh.
Aah, Layla-san <3 I quite like her a lot, but it's a shame her SSR ability is Concentration orz
Good luck on getting her ( ;∀;)
Vor 2 Monaten
Cho-Lin (Vor 3 Monaten) #28842102Do you like Shin more than Kirari by now or is Kirari still your #1 passion girl? o: Shin is really cute but I don't like the way she talks >_< I kinda have a hard time deciding on which passion girls I like most haha. They're all really different, it's clearly the most diverse type!
I'm really glad we are able to get past event cards. The Love Destiny cards are gorgeous in general and I can't wait to get Karen although it will take a while.
I really like the Triad Primus event, too! The song is really nice and I like the cards as well (Nao's unidolized is sooo adorable!). I kinda regret having used up all my stamina drinks in the past Live Groove but this event seems a lot more competitive. I might try to stay in tier 2 but tier 3 would be fine, too.
I also don't get why there are so many Yuka cards. I'm actually tired of seeing her in event songs, even if she's not the one getting a card (like in Kawaii Make MY Day). I find her design to be really plain, she just doesn't catch my interest as a character...

Kirari is still my favourite Passion girl, but Shin is almost there ww. Maybe I really like characters with weird quirks (;´∀`) You're right, almost all the Passion idols are so unique and that's why I like a lot of them.
Trinity Field is so good, I'm enjoying this current event. I hope you will get a high place too this time ( ;∀;)
About Nakano Yuka... I don't like her either. As you said, she's so plain as a character and I also got tired seeing her (alongside Maekawa Miku) in the past events www
Vor 3 Monaten
Cho-Lin (Vor 3 Monaten) #28310438Really hope you can get treatment asap! It sucks that it's so expensive >_<
I think I might like Karen more than Anya but I'm super unsure about it lol. I always feel like I have to pick a best girl per type and I think cool type has a lot of nice idols, moreso than cute and passion. I actually kinda wanna make a Karen-only team but I'm missing her perm SSR and Love Destiny SR lol. I love seeing people that have a unit that only consists of their fav girl. Sadly I can't do that with Kozue ;_; Oh btw, I forgot to mention it but I saw that you got lim Anzu SR! I think her idolized face is pretty funny www
I personally don't really mind that CinFes is every 2 months because I'm pretty patient with that. It's relaxing to know that all the CinFes SSRs and the 6% SSR chance will return in just 2 months =w= "Real" limited gachas are horror though ;A; I was kinda considering to go for lim Anya if she returns but I'm kinda short on jewels so I think I will pass and save up for CinFes. Oh, I also pulled perm Kaoru during my first CinFes lol
I finished the event at 652nd place (71141 points)! The weekend was quite the grindfest. Between Friday afternoon and Monday evening I grinded 56k points. I didn't do anything else that weekend orz I don't know if I will ever do it again...maybe at some point but then for an event song and idol I care about =w= Not quite the Yuka fan, I would've prefered Yumi as the main event card (although I'm not really a fan of her either). Oh well, at least I now have a 15* card for caravan events lol
Also excuse me but I'm too dumb to figure out how to quote/reply with this new interface to the point where I stopped trying.

I understand you ;A;
I have the same problem but with Passion girls, I like a lot of them. Lately, Shin is almost in the position of my best girls from im@s www. I must say that Karen is also a nice character! She's not my favourite from Triad Primus unit, but I do like when she's teasing Nao for example ww.
Good thing they'll re-release Love Destiny's Karen, so I hope you'll have all her cards!
Aah, talking about Triad Primus, what do you think about this current event? I did like their new song, and now Karen is the center this time.
I saw you got a high place in the past event, so congratz! You did so well! (I also considered that Yumi could have been the main event card... There's so many Yuka cards for some reason lol).
And don't worry. I don't understand these changes on this website, and I also had problems trying to quote your comments www.
Vor 3 Monaten
Cho-Lin (Vor 3 Monaten) #28160745Hey!
First of all, I saw these comments on your profile and I didn't realize you were feeling bad! I don't check profiles here often so I'm really sorry for not noticing! >_< I didn't go through all the comments but I think it'd be best to get some professional help (as you intend on doing). There's really no shame in doing so! I also went to get some professional help about a year ago because I was going through a difficult time in my life. I always felt like crying and really down when I couldn't distract myself and got confronted with all the negative things on a daily basis...It's really good to have a professional to talk to and being allowed to cry and talk about all the things on your mind! I really hope you get to feel better soon and please don't harm yourself! >_<
About Deresute. Yeah, I got really lucky in the gacha for once! I was only going for Karen's lim but Aiko popped up first. I thought I had used up my luck but on the next 10 pull Karen popped up! Karen's idolized is so beautiful so I'm really happy about that (especially after failing to get lim Nono).
Ah, sucks that you didn't get lucky in any of the Halloween gachas :( I was really surprised that we got the Karen/Aiko gacha last week instead of a Kanako/Airi re-run but I'm not complaining.
I'm really glad Anya got a CinFes card! I think her unidolized is very cute but I actually have kinda mixed feelings about the idolized. I didn't get to check her 3D model yet but I think I prefer her other SSR dresses. I wouldn't mind pulling her though! Now she has 3 SSRs and I don't even have a single one of them yet =w=
Currently I'm actually trying to get a place in tier 1 in the current event (mainly because it's not a very popular one so the requirements are lower than usual). Right now I'm ranked 529 with 62k points. According to predictions that should be enough to barely stay in tier 1 but I will play it safe and grind another 5k points or so tomorrow and hope that will be enough. It's pretty rough, I've just used up all my stamina drinks I've been saving up for 4 months >_< I still have 5 max stamina drinks and am willing to spend a few jewels for tier 1 though...Hope I will make it.

Don't worry, you don't have to apologize btw...
I'm planning to seek professional help once I start to work by my own (it may be next year, I hope). Here in Chile is quite expensive, so for now I'll struggle a bit more.
But thanks for the concern, I really appreciate it. I also hope to get better soon.

I see! Nice to hear you get Karen then ;A;
And yeah, she's so gorgeous, more than her Permanent SSR. I was waiting for Kanako/Airi limited SSR, but I noticed that gatcha was re-released last year. Oh well ww.
About Anya's SSR, more than her new CinFes design, I prefer her Permanent one for some reason. I hope you can get a Anya card soon ;A;
Here I just got Kaoru's permanent SSR in the Cinfes ww, since I didn't expect a Halloween Cinfes orz. Now Cinfes events will be released each two months, instead of three orz. That's... quite troublesome, at least for me www

Oh my, 62k points? Whoa. That's amazing! You can do it, go for the Tier 1!
Vor 3 Monaten
I'm so sorry for not talking with you on these days. Stuff happened with me... orz. But nothing important, really.
How are you doing? I hope you're fine :0

I saw you got Karen's limited SSR, even Aiko's. Wow, congratz about it! I'm so jelly ww.
Actually, I was trying to get Limited Nina and I failed ww. Both Uzuki and Nina were so cute, so I didn't resist to roll in the Halloween gatcha ww. I even tried to roll for Syoko's one, but nothing again (yes, I like Halloween related stuff too).
What do you think about Cinfes Anya? I remember you like her a lot.
Vor 3 Monaten
Cho-Lin (Vor 4 Monaten) #27193501Uups, danke für den Hinweis! Habe meine Inbox gerade geleert.
Die Archetype she Figma ist noch verfügbar :) Ich werde morgen gucken, wie teuer der Versand ist und mich dann bei dir über PN melden ^^

Daaanke :-D dann warte ich auf deine pn ;-)
Vor 4 Monaten
Huhu :-)
Ich kann dir leider keine pn schreiben, weil deine Inbox voll ist, aber hätte Interesse an deiner Figma Archetype she :-)
Liebe grüße :-)
Vor 4 Monaten
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