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No problem, I hope you had an amazing day with cake and nice gifts! :)
Vor 1 Monat
Sorry for being so late!

Vor 1 Monat
That is a really good summary of how my summer is so far, lol! But it's lots of fun things and most of the times my autumn/winter is a lot less full, which then gives me more time to relax and work on cosplays. :)

Oh dang! What happened? Is there a lot of rain in your area? That sounds quite stressfull. D:

Yeah with her sitting pose, the box is also quite small. And about ITEM #271721 , I'm not sure if you saw my pictures from her, but I 'fixed' her leaning a bit by filling the peg where she stands on: PICTURE #1602104 . It still is an amazing figure, especially for a prize figure and I love her very much. :)

I'm still selling Vivio, but she's quite badly damaged, which is why I am selling her for dirt cheap (3 euros):




She is missing ahoge and 1 pony tail next to some paint transfer damages. :( So she really needs to go to someone who will love her for who she is and/or wants a cheap deal, because I admit her condition is super bad (her condition is like this because of her previous owner shipping her to me really badly packaged). She's probably only worth it if you have some other things you want to buy from me, otherwise you'll pay more in shipping than for the figure itself. xD
Vor 9 Monaten
Wooh, don't even get me started on busy, haha! I don't have any free weekends during all of april, may and june. I'm having lots of fun and meeting up with family, friends, going to all kinds of festivals and conventions etc., but on the other hand some more resting would also be nice. :')

Sounds good! I think that at specifically Archonia their magazines don't seem to sell that fast, so a lot of them end up being very cheap if they are listed for a long time. Ah, I really like this figure ITEM #462175 from them! And ITEM #292249 is super cute! Anyway, since our last talk I received ITEM #289069 and I am surprised at how small she was! It's not like she's too small, as the figure is still very nice, but I expected her size to be close to ITEM #271721 .
Vor 10 Monaten

I'm doing fine, just a bit busy lately! >.< I hope everything is well with you too! I did not ask in my previous comment because I actually expected you to be super busy and not reply for a while lol.

Hehe, she indeed looks very good, especially for a prize figure! And yeah that Saber Alter I once saw in person at a convention. Rather looked like a lower-end scaled figure instead of a prize! :O

And haha, you guesed correctly! I got her from the spring sales for very cheap, together with ITEM #342767 and a bunch of comics for free comic book day! :)
Vor 11 Monaten
I just ordered the figure from your profile picture! :D Is she your favorite figure? :)
Vor 11 Monaten
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