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0Vor 13 Tagentacholatachola
your passion for BRS is amazing and makes me so happy!
0Vor 4 Monaten (Vor 4 Monaten)LilieLilie
Looks like they are deleting a lot of old entries for who knows why :D (maybe nothing else to do in their lives?). Good way to fuck over the old members on this site. Few old harmless comiket items have to go, but then shit like this is allowed on the database: item #313491 ? A game case? lol gimme a break. The rules on this site are really stupid sometimes.
0Vor 7 MonatenCybogirlCybogirl
Thanks for accepting my FR! I love your reviews and your collection! BRS is amazing <3
0Vor 1 Jahrslimertheghostslimertheghost
Celestrial (Vor 1 Jahr) #5238753Hello there! Sorry about the late reply: I can confirm that none of the volumes from "Bakemonogatari" have subtitles. I didn't check Nisemonogatari, i only assume it doesn't have any either. Otherwise the next best option might be to get your hands on the American versions available on "Rightstuf". Most of their versions are compiled but they come with most of the same extras ( booklets from multiple volumes combined, postcards etc ). I hope this information helps :) if you have any other questions i'm more then happy to help out !
Take care
- Ry

I just wanted to say thanks for checking! Sucks to hear there aren't any subs, but oh well. I'll just have to settle for the American versions. Thanks again!
0Vor 1 Jahrslimertheghostslimertheghost
Celestrial (Vor 1 Jahr) #5214704Hello there! Hmm, to be honest i have never actually used the disks before so i am not sure. But i can check for you and get back to you. Thankfully for me most of Monogatari has been released here in Australia - but the original Jap have amazing packaging and loads of extras inside the cases. Stay tuned and ill get back to you soon :)

Thanks I appreciate it! I love the packaging as well and would prefer to buy the Japanese versions, but if they don't have subtitles then it would be a waste.

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