• Thanks for the Purple Heart. She looks great
    Vor 9 Monaten
    Sent you a message about your Chiyo! Not sure if your inbox is full or not
    Vor 10 Monaten
    Hey thank you for the quick and easy sale of dress-up Salter! She’s been here for a couple days but haven’t had the time to come by and say how happy I am with her. She looks terrific with her fellow saber faces in my detolf haha.
    Dis boi is a reputable seller.
    Vor 11 Monaten
    Thank You!
    Vor 1 Jahr
    Thanks again for Daria! I'll definitely keep this beauty safe https://cutekawaiiresources.files.wordpress.com/2018/07/143.gif
    Vor 1 Jahr
    Man, you have a beautiful collection. I want most of them but I didn’t start collection when they were released. Are you selling anything else? I’m interested in a lot of your figures, can’t buy them all but definitely interested. Will get some if price is good for me. Please let me know if you are selling any. Thanks.
    Vor 1 Jahr
    Great figure and will take care of it, thank you✨.
    Vor 1 Jahr
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