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Do you have a Cornelia li Britannia for sale?
Vor 6 Jahren
Hi, about this item : ITEM #44391 it's a handkerchief and bonus from LaLa. Not prouced by cospa ^^
Vor 7 Jahren
BummedThe azone one? I got it from mandarake.

oh so i think you have paid very much for her^^ on mandarake now she's unbelievable expensive oô
Vor 10 Jahren
where do you have found the nymph doll??
Vor 10 Jahren
OhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
BummedOOO! You totally should. Maybe fashion that cute little cloth hat of hers for it too. Bet it would look really cute! Would love to see your handiwork. xD

Btw, thanks for accepting the FR. ^^
Now I am really inspired to do it! O:< Just need to find the perfect model.
I foresee many kit purchases for customizing fun in my future.

Thank you for sending it!
Vor 10 Jahren
OhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
BummedI never would have guessed you would be into mecha models though. xD
Tried my hand at them years ago but was never any good. orz
I actually started out with mecha models! That was some years ago now, so I'm a bit worried about trying it again. It just takes practice and time, though! Bet you could do one now. ヽ('◡'✿)ノ
Maybe I should paint one Patchouli colors, haha.
Vor 10 Jahren
OhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
BummedI just had to LOL at your link.
More pinky goodness -> (ext link)

edit: btw congrats on your promotion^^ Knew it would happen sooner or later.
Haha! I love it.
That is exactly what I want to do. :D

Thank you! (Again, haha, I see my VIB "thank you" a few comments down).
Vor 10 Jahren
Hey. I was just wondering, where did you order your Mato figma?
Vor 10 Jahren
Not sure if you are still looking or not ^^
Vor 10 Jahren
Your avatar right now is just perfect. ^_^ I love that scene.
Vor 10 Jahren