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Kimi to Boku - Asaba Yuuta - Colorfull Collection - Colorfull Collection - Kimi to Boku (Movic)Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ - Ittoki Otoya - Bed Sheet - Oyasumi Sheet (Broccoli)Diabolik Lovers - Sakamaki Raito - Diabolik Lovers Plush Series (Gift)Diabolik Lovers - Sakamaki Subaru - Diabolik Lovers Plush Series (Gift)


Hiiiii everyone! ^^
My name is Bren(da), 23 years old and I live in Belgium!
I'm a big fan of anime, manga, otome games and seiyuus!

I'm really happy that I found a site where you can talk about anime merchandise :D

I also hope that I can make a lot of friends here! So if you wanna talk you can always leave me a message :D



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happy birthday <33
Vor 10 Monaten
happy birthday lovely~
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Happy birthday!!
Vor 2 Jahren
Hi! Could you please check your inbox for a message regarding my UtaPri strap split? Thanks! :)
Vor 3 Jahren
BrenbananaVor 5 Jahren#2709673Yes I'd want to put them on different ends of my closet as well xD but I really love the "mountain" idea! You should totally do that if you manage to grab a hold of them!! (:
I also do think that seiyuus make the games really wonderful! And because of that you can still follow the storyline indeed xD Otome games were also the first things I used to learn to read japanese as well xD took classes after that for 2 years but I decided to quit after that. Though the stuff I did learn can now be used to watch anime and play games XD
&& I wouldn't mind at all, I'd love to be your friend~! (:

Aaaw thank you so much for the friend request!! I would also love to be your friend, you're so nice and lovely ~<3

Thanks a lot! ^^ The idea came to me suddenly yesterday while watching the bookshelf I have near my Detolf, I have a few mangas on it but it looked so lonely and sad without any figures guarding the books, so I immediately remembered that Maki and Toudou were in a sitting position, and as my shelf has different height levels at that moment in my mind it really looked like a "mountain" to me x3

The first thing I tried to use to aquire a little bit more fluency in reading was a japanese manga, but at that moment I only knew hiragana, katakana and a few kanji, so despite the fact that most of the kanji had furigana on it, I really did crash into a wall, I found it so difficult! I remember that one page took me forever to read it D: so I decided to give up on it and wait until I had a little more level, and by the time I discovered otome games xD I think I did improve my japanese if only a little bit thanks to them x3

I also had to give up on learning japanese at first when I began, the reason for it was because the schedule overlapped with my master classes, and I needed to attend this classes in order to pass and obtain my degree. It was hard for me because I really loved to learn it, but when I finished my master I resumed my japanese course, and I was so glad I did! Now I'm overly happy whenever I go to classes, I guess I really am in love with this language xD
Vor 5 Jahren
BrenbananaVor 5 Jahren#2705850Ooooh don't worry about your english though, I don't see anything wrong with it at all xD I'm not an english mother tongue either so I'll definitely have some grammar mistakes as well xD.
I really love their sitting position too! I could already imagine them sitting on the edge of my closet orz. I really really hope we'll be able to find them afterwards and mainly for a decent price lololol.
And yay for liking otome games \O/ I do like them for both the bishies and the stories, but I guess sometimes even more for the voices XD storyline is sometimes hard to follow if you're not that great in understanding kanji. I do love the storylines a lot in the english translated ones though xD

Thank you very much! Your english is really great, I hope I can improve mine also by interacting with this nice community ^^

I think their sitting pose and the fact they are talking to each other through their cell phones is what makes them so lovely <3 I would really like to put them on my bookshelves (one on the top shelf and the other on the bottom, as if one of them would be higher on the "mountain" waiting for the other one to arrive x3) We will have to be patient and wait until june for them to be released ^^"

Yeah you're right about the storyline, I really didn't play so much otome games, but it's difficult to follow the plot when the language is japanese, I'm learning it since a couple of years, but I'm terrible at reading kanjis :'( however, the voices help a lot to understand the main events though! I think the seiyuus do a great work with their characters, they always sound so good and sexy x3 and thanks to them the story becomes easier to follow, I've even learned to identify new kanjis! So in my opinion it's a great tool to improve your language skills and have fun at the same time :D

By the way, do you mind if I send you a friend request? :)
Vor 5 Jahren
BrenbananaVor 5 Jahren#2705596Hiiiiii!
Thank you! I really like your collection too, seems like we have some things in common as well xD
&& I'm happy you like Otoya & Syo as well! They always make me smile as well <3
&&& Ahhhh were they sold out that fast? That so sucks orz They are a really nice set (and a lot less expensive than I thought they would be) but sold out.. orz

Hii!! ^^

Aaaaw thank you so much for your kind reply! <3 I'm really glad that you like it! It's great to see that we have some more interests in common ^^ (You also like otome games like me! I find them really enjoyable to play! Not only for the bishies but for the different stories as well :D)

It's really a shame that they sold out so quickly, I didn't thought they were so popular, but it's true that the set is really cute, plus as they are in a sitting position, I assume you will be able to put them in many places! And I think the quality is not so bad, even if they are prize figures, I really hope we will be able to find them in the aftermarket for a decent price :')

(Sorry for my bad english, I can speak french and a bit of german, but I still need to improve my skills in Shakespear's language ^^")
Vor 5 Jahren
Hi! ^^ Just wanted to drop a comment to say that you have a really nice collection, so much awesome goodies! *0* And I love your profile pic, Syo and Otoya are sooo cute when they're together, they always make me smile <3

By the way, I also missed the preorder of Maki and Toudou Banpresto figures, they were gone in a few minutes from BiJ ;_;
Vor 5 Jahren
Ik wou je gewoon even laten weten dat ik alles goed ontvangen heb. Dank je!
Vor 5 Jahren
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