Meow :3
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Like A Boss :3



Happy Birthday !
Vor 5 Jahren
Happy Birthday! Have a nice day! :D
Vor 8 Jahren
Hope you've enjoyed MFC so far. :)
Vor 9 Jahren
dinonomscookies I'm your crack, smoke me.
BooBooThanks :3 I like your icon of Grell ^w^
Thanks, thats very kind of you! ^_^
I love Grell. is that Rin Kagamine in your icon? :>
Vor 9 Jahren
dinonomscookies I'm your crack, smoke me.
Welcome to MFC. I really hope you enjoy your stay here! ^^
Vor 9 Jahren
BooBooThank yew!! ^^

No problem!! ^w^
Vor 9 Jahren
Kaichi ☆☆☆
BooBooActually, now that you mention it, I need help with all of it Dx

I see you already figured how to add the figures! In the community there's the clubs club/ you can join, leave a comment and talk with another users on the forums discussion/ in the aggregator you can read user's web pages aggregator/ and here in the lists list/ you can make how many you want, to list better your figures or for personal use! I recommend using the manager manage.php the budget manager is really neat! Using the collection manager you can add figures to your collection easier than searching for each one, you just type the all the information you got about the figure, found it and click to add it to your collection!

Great figures you have btw!
Vor 9 Jahren
Kaichi ☆☆☆
BooBooOh, thank you so much!!! I needed the help!!! ^^

you're welcome and thanks for the friend! accepted!
what do you want to know? about figures, pictures, the community?
Vor 9 Jahren
Kaichi ☆☆☆
Hey! Welcome to mfc!
Feel free to ask if you need help with something!
Vor 9 Jahren
BooBooThanks I will :3

Thank you 4 the friend invite! :3
Vor 9 Jahren
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