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Hi there! I'm a figure collector from Australia with no money. You can call me Bahroo! Please donate to my payal at...

I hope to return to the hobby soon, as lately I've been frustrated and itching to be able to buy my grails. However, being away from the hobby has made me think harder about what I really want for my collection, which is a good thing.

More about me? Well, there's not much to tell. I like drawing and watching anime. Lately though, I haven't been doing much of either, unfortunately. I can't seem to watch anime like I used to when I was younger; I used to blaze through it, lmao! Nowadays its hard to sit through more than a couple of episodes here and there.

In regards to my preferences/interests etc for the style and aesthetic of figures, it's a bit of a mix. From cute to sexy, beautiful to badass; anything goes. I also tend to be very picky about poses/anatomy.

The Sims 2, Stardew Valley, Lara Croft, Yoshi's Island <3
MOE Punkt(e)
maids, bunny suits, fang tooth, nekomimi, ojou-san archtype, zettai ryouiki, tan, sweet and gothic lolita, pastels, WITCHES, green hair, megane



Hentai_Son Cool Guy(tm)
Oh! Hello! I really liked your collection ;v; <3 You have good taste
Vor 11 Monaten
Bah-Roo (Vor 2 Jahren) #17691967Happy Birthday! :)

thanks but i have on monday birthday not today. 23 january.xDD
Vor 2 Jahren
Bah-Roo (Vor 2 Jahren) #15193634Hi again! Sorry for taking so long to reply!
For fun just now I decided to rank my favourite Aqours girls from 1-9, and Dia and Mari still come in first! I'm thinking maybe you're right, they are a better fit than Kananmari. Hmmmmmmm :P
Now that Sunshine has finished airing, what's your opinion? I'm curious about other fans, because I'm still conflicted. Did you prefer the original LL to LLS?
Also, if we share the same fav Aqours girls, I'm wondering if our least favourites are similar...? Sorry, I'm in a mood for rankings and comparisons XD

hm muse is best forever but aqours series is ok but not special. i love the aqours caracters but not all.
my favo girls one the first place are dia,mari...then yoshiko and ruby.
i hate hanamaru.... !!!

my favopair on first place dia,mari - on second place yoshiko,ruby - kananyou and third place chika,riko.
and by muse my favo girls are honoka,eri then maki and umi xD

my favopair on first place honoka,eri - on second maki,umi - nozomi,nico and on third place kotori,hanayo.
i hate Rin.
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Bah-Roo (Vor 2 Jahren) #15013201Nice to meet you too! I can see you are in idol hell too! XD
I added those prize figures to my wish list because Dia and Mari looked the best of the set. Also they are my best girls, Dia being the absolute #1, haha. I might get Kanan too, to complete the third years, but I wasn't as impressed with her pose. I'm waiting to see better pictures, though!
My favourite pairings in Sunshine? Hmm..
Probably Kanan x Mari. However, I like any pairings within the third years! I probably automatically say Kanan x Mari, because that's what the anime was pushing. Do you play the mobile game, School Idol Festival? The Kanan x Mari Ultra Rare cards are so beautiful *3*
I also like Yohane x Hanamaru. Also, Riko x You, but I'm not as keen on this one. The third years are best!!! Haha

dia+mari fans are very rare.so sad. kananmari dont fit.
dia+mari is perfect and are the best girls and my first favorite pair...*-*
ye i play it but not so often.
dia and mari looking best...(the prize figures-so beautiful)
love live is my favorite series.
Vor 2 Jahren
nice to meet another fan of love live...*-*
whats your favopair in ll sunshine ? dia+mari ? i see you have dia mari prize figures in your wishlist how i.*-*
Vor 2 Jahren
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday dear Bah-Roo!
Happy Birthday to yooouuuuuu!
Vor 5 Jahren
Welcome to the board..Enjoy your stay!!
Vor 7 Jahren
Welcome to MyFigureCollection! :D
Enjoy your time here :D
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Welcome to the board!
Vor 7 Jahren
Welcome to the board Bah-Roo! :)

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