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«why am i suddenly willing to die and kill for madara uchiha»
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''A genius who had everything would never understand... I just want to become myself.''-Kabuto Yakushi


https://i.ibb.co/c32kttj/Kabuto-orochimaru-serpent.pngHello, I’m Ren!As you can probably tell, I really enjoy Naruto. I especially love Kabuto, Madara, and the Akatsuki. I'm also an avid fan of Pokemon and have a huge love for Okido Green (๑´ㅂ`๑)
My favourite series/origins are Naruto, Death Note, Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Vocaloid, Kuroshitsuji, Madoka Magica, Assassination Classroom, and Free!
I've been a Vocaloid fan for a while now and love them all to bits (with the exception of Meiko :p). My top Vocaloids in no particular order would be Luka, Yohio, Len, Kaito and Gakupo.

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Alois TrancyDeidaraGreen Okido ‖ Goku Black ‖

Kabuto Yakushi ‖ Karma Akabane ‖ Kyousuke Yaguchi ‖ Len Kagamine ‖

‖ Madara Uchiha ‖ Sasori ‖ Shokudaikiri Mitsutada ‖ Yohioloid ‖
‖ Konan ‖ Leaf ‖ Luka MegurineMatsuri Mizusawa ‖ Misa Amane ‖ Taiga Aisaka ‖ Temari ‖ Tayuya ‖

BiasesClose SpoilerYakushi Kabuto
Look, I'm sorry in advance if you're tired of seeing his face as he's literally all over my page, but he is just so special to me in so many ways. I'm gonna try to keep most of what I'm going to say for the blog that I'm planning on making for his birthday, but let me just say that he managed to grow on me in a way that no other character has before. I simply love his story of him trying to find his identity through others. I felt his pain when he struggled to find who he was and I love how he fought his way through using his intelligence and tactics to his advantage. Yes, many people hate him and I completely understand why, but Kabuto has had a great impact on me which I believe is the most important thing earning him a top spot on my most loved characters of all time.


Alois Trancy
Alois has been my favourite character from the Kuroshitsuji franchise ever since I laid eyes on him. When he was first introduced, rather than being annoyed at another character taking Ciel's spotlight like most, I was intrigued by his odd behaviour. Further into the season, I was able to find out his true character and backstory which was so tragic that I felt his pain. He was so broken, and I feel like that was what drew me to him as a character, so I could understand why. I don't know what differentiated him from Ciel, but I felt like he was the most 'real' character from the entire series. He was very fleshed out and I understood his motives and why he acted like he did. At the end of the season, I was beyond happy that he was able to find happiness.


Light Yagami

Everyone's favourite or least favourite God of the New World, Light Yagami! Before I got into Naruto, Death Note was my favourite anime for quite a long time. I was absorbed into the storyline and Light's plans into making the world a better place in his twisted way. I love and hate how intelligent he is and how his genius seems to never be defeated. Though I love L and the Wammy Boys, I'm Team Light, no questions there. I love his genius thought process, his bickering with L and even his overconfidence and how it led to his eventual downfall. In both the anime and the manga, his wide variety of expressions of insanity and corruption just.. made me so invested in the series and made me crave more of the amazing story. I've amassed quite a collection of Death Note items thanks to this man.


From his character design to his personality, Gaara is very intriguing. I wanted to know more about him every since his first appearance, and he quickly moved to my absolute favourite characters in both Naruto and overall. His backstory was heartbreaking, but the most amazing thing about him was his development. You wouldn't believe Part 1 Gaara was the same as the Gaara in Part 2. He has grown so much with the help of Naruto, and I'm so glad that he was finally able to find where he belonged as well as his reason for existence which he was trying so desperately to find when he was first introduced. Similar to Kabuto, he is important mainly because of his development, and what he had to overcome to get to his point of happiness and realization. We stan my edgy son <3

Okido Green/Gary Oak
(putting these two together because they're based off of each other!)
Being a Pokemon fan since forever, it's only natural that one of my favourites is from there. I love Ash and Red very much, but Green and Gary have always been at the top of my list. In the games, I was continually looking forward to Green's dialogue and cutscenes and it's just great to see him and Red again in Alola. The games will always be important to me, and seeing and battling Green was always a thrill! I also loved seeing him in The Origins. It's great to have Green and Red in their own anime!

As for in the original Pokemon series, I was in love with Gary's personality and dynamic with Ash. I'm pretty sure he was my first anime crush as well haha XD I've always been a fan of his snarky and arrogant attitude, but I loved how he managed to see where he went wrong in his attitude and changed because of it <3 As for his relationship with Ash, the rival trope has always been great in my eyes, but Ash and Gary were on a whole other level. I loved seeing Ash trying to catch up with Gary at every turn, and them always caring for each other when they were in need. I live for their dynamic, its beautiful <333 His attitude was what drew me to him and of course, his drive motivates me as well. Gary was the best and original rival and will always be number one in my eyes!


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Favourites: Naruto, Death Note, Pokemon, Free!, Dragon Ball, Madoka Magica, Black Butler, Assassination Classroom, Black Rock Shooter
Favourites: Naruto, Haganai, Death Note, So Cute it Hurts!!, Owari no Seraph
Pokemon, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, Project Diva f 2nd, Dragon Ball FighterZ, DN: Poisoned, Dragon Ball Legends
MOE Punkt(e)
glasses, odd eyes, messy/interesting hair, smug+cocky attitude, manipulative behaviour
VOCALOID, Pokemon OSTs, the freaking Naruto soundtrack shkshk






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i will :) let me know what you think of the cute manga if you get to read them. What type of figures do you like the most? Is there a certain theme or genre?
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Thank you very much! :)
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glad you liked it! If youd like to check out more, Id suggest reading the Kase-san series as well as Hana & Hina After School! Theyre both super sweet and cute,and kind of short with significantly less melodrama than citrus. Something to warm your heart haha. And yes Im very excited for the new deathnote figures. I really know megahouse is scamming with that price, but fortunately i could afford it at this time so I preordered anyway because I know I really want it and have a feeling it will be even more outrageous in the aftermarket. Just look at how the RAH figures went up. At least now its only doubled years later (lol), but at one point they were going for like 800 USD each! insanity
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That's awesome! Glad that someone else enjoys yuri too..And yeah sometimes I think Harumin would be better for Yuzu than Mei haha. I'm reading at the pace of the physical English releases, so I haven't finished the series. But my favorite characters are Shirapon and Yuzu. Shirapon reminds me a little bit of my partner irl haha :'d ..hmm what do you think of the recent death note announcements (new nendoroids, megahouse g.e.m.)?
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OMG thank u sm..........i was a little scared he'd never come and gsc was just gonna abandon him at one point......but god im so thankful they didn't (`;ω;´)
I HOPE URS GETS ONE TOO!!! i always love seeing friends wild out over their faves getting cute figures jdfkhgjdfktgh
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I'll choose Sobble! I always take the water type, and he's so cute :3

Oh yes Groudon! I forgot him but I really love Deoxys too, my favorite pkm movie is the one he appears in with Rayquaza! I dont know if you watch the anime?

I always buy on amiami now! If he isn't available there, maybe you can try on Plamoya! I ordered from them twice and they have good items! The only thing is the price goes up if the item is popular xwx I ordered once from Hobby Search too, but since Amiami always have the best prices I just stay with them x)

I love your new profile pic btw hehe
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Yes and DID YOU SEE THE NEW TRAILER?? The backgrounds look gorgeous and I love the starters ;__; I'm so excited I want to play it now!!

Ooh Mudkip is also one of my favorites, he was my very first pokemon :') I love all gen3 pokemons, like Mightyena too, and my fav are Zangoose and Salamence. I love totodile too, and my n.1 eeveelution is Umbreon~ And do you have a fav legendary? Mine are Zekrom and Lugia <3

Aaw I hope you can find him! where do you usually buy figures? Absolutely TouTou are adorable uwu and I loved all the easter eggs in Black and White 2, when you could see them with N.. Great times
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I understand your feeling first pkm game is special ❤ I bet you really want a gen4 remake too then? You have some favorite pokemons btw?

Yes yes Barry is so cute and we still need Hikari! Maybe they are waiting for the remake so they can make her new design hehe.. I want Hugh so bad too and Timmy;;

It's so cute uwu Did you order his nendoroid too? I really love Touko and Touya, you can imagine how disappointed I was when I realised they wouldnt be in the anime '-' But I was reeeeally happy to see well.. Touya's shadow (tears) in Pkm Generations!
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Heey thank you for the fr!

Yes I love Pokemon and I can't wait for the new game! What's your favorite gen? I reeeally love the gen 5 games ❤ I hope all the male trainers Kotobukiya skipped will be released (I want Touya uwu)
I see you have some gif of Green on your profile (nice profile btw) from Pokemon generations! THOSE VIDEOS WERE EVERYTHING :'(
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Awesome! I love meeting other Ontarians on here!
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