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Some things that arrived in the last couple of days.The artbook is in japanese,In These Words 2 and Piece 7 are in german and No. 6 vol. 6 is in english.

I love the Perfect Edition (Hardcover *.*) of In These Words. It's sooooo beautiful made!

And the picture doesn't do it justice but the box of Olivia is really huge,just like everyone said until know.The figure itself is huge as well :D and simply gorgeous!

Also I didn't expect for the Tonari Artbook to be a hardcover!You don't see that everywhere nowadays,when the trend leans more to Softcovers.Oh my freaking gosh!I absolutely love it and it's soooo thick!!! :D *cry for joy*

The Eren Nendo is as cute and sweet as expected.One of my all time favourites!

In Piece 7 some things are beginning to take form, but the suspense is still there. This manga is trully a masterpiece, even if not the most beautiful drawn and one can see that it was written by an adult women with life experience.Not your usual crappy shoujo series.

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