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Febraury 2014 Item Loots

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Loots I got for the month of February! (ノ゚▽゚)ノ
Some came from the splits I participated in, others were impulse buy group order with my friends and some ordered items that I received late.
I'm quite happy with everything~ ;u;
Especially that white cuddly bear I got from my Dad as a present~ <3
Dad rarely gives me gifts so this is a first to me that's why I treasure this bear~ >u<

Again, I couldn't add the CDs and some books since I don't have space to put them. D:
My bed is so small so forgive me about it. XD
Found the Tales of Ichiban Kuji Clear File set in Terraformer which was my first time ordering with them and was happy about it. >u<
There's some addition to the Diabolik Lovers collection which I'll show and share it to everyone once I got my new shelf built for this summer.
And I love the Saitou Hajime Coloring Book~ <3
Too bad I won't open him up since I'm gonna include that to my Saitou shrine. XD

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Naoto-chan (Vor 5 Jahren) #2121229It was a gift from my Dad during his trip. XDD
It still cute~ xD I also collect plushes collection like kind close of this. xD just on and off I not worry for. xD it's just gift and enjoy~ xD
Vor 5 Jahren
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
angelbott (Vor 5 Jahren) #2072254cute loot and teddy bear is lovely. xD
It was a gift from my Dad during his trip. XDD
Vor 5 Jahren
cute loot and teddy bear is lovely. xD
Vor 5 Jahren
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
FufuwaChan (Vor 5 Jahren) #2025550Awesome loots ( ; w ; )
Thank you! >u<
This actually added another piled up of work to me but I'll be displaying and organizing these once I'm done with school work. ;u;
Quite happy with everything. XDD
Vor 5 Jahren
Awesome loots ( ; w ; )
Vor 5 Jahren
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