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    Sep 25, 2013

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Klon Solo Rei basta!
Looks great! I like the mood and the colors.
Vor 6 Jahren
Great photo, congratulations!
Vor 6 Jahren
Thanks for the love and kind words everyone! ^_^
Vor 6 Jahren
Vor 6 Jahren
amazing! good work!
Vor 6 Jahren
WOW as soon as i seen this i was all like 0.0....... AWESOME LOL
Vor 6 Jahren
Oh May Gaaaaaashhhh!!!!


this pictures is pure awesomeness... and kenshin.... what a good Anime....

no more words to say here...
Vor 6 Jahren
artlim21Vor 6 Jahren#1749142killer pic...~~~^.^

Hey there, thanks Art! ^_^
Vor 6 Jahren
blazerazgrizVor 6 Jahren#1748898This is really cool! I like the lighting as well :).excelenceVor 6 Jahren#1748945The lighting on this shoot is perfect really like it.

I'm so glad you liked this picture. ^^ thank you
Vor 6 Jahren
ExiledHeartsVor 6 Jahren#1748786Congrats! well i have expected this one will be on top of the picture of the day XD

I'm happy that this Kenshin figure received a lot of love today. ^_^
Vor 6 Jahren
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