Bizarre Focus: Saki and MaidsFigures/

EccmyEccmyVor 7 Jahren
maid schoolgirl socks blond_hair ribbon sailor_fuku bow smiling school_uniform kotobukiya apron tights blue_skirt brown_shoes black_shoes black_tights long_hair black_hair blue_hair green_eyes short_hair blue_eyes boots yellow_bow white_socks brown_boots open_mouth shining_wind konami pleated_skirt clalaclan_philias smiling_face to_heart_2_another_days migizou wristwatch tokimeki_memorial kusakabe_yuuki mesun nijino_saki white_apron maid_headband school_shoes wrist_cuffs

Über dieses Bild

I quite don't understand this photo... My goal was to get a clean close-up photo of the Saki figure, just like I did with the Miharu figure (PICTURE #801850), but it's the two maids in the second row who got the best focus instead!
Hell, even what's little left in the photo of the FREEing StrikerS bunnies, in the third row, have a better focus than Saki!
Really strange.

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