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    Jul 04, 2013
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    Jun 30, 2013 - Jul 06, 2013

Über dieses Bild

I'm not good at all at manipulations, but it's how I see this Madoka xDD

It's just a joke, be nice. =]

As I said, be nice with each other! I didn't imagine that it would have a repercussion like that. Thanks for the feedback.

You're free with your opinion. But, again, be nice =]

Kommentare69 Kommentare

Exactly how I imagined this figure when I saw it in person at AX2013.

Creepy lol..
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Madoka Maniac!
Vor 7 Jahren
Can't be unseen!!
Vor 7 Jahren
Oh, fantastic! Every time I see those wide happy eyes and smile on a figure, I instantly think how it could me made into yandere.
Vor 7 Jahren
Hahah, awwwwwesome
Vor 7 Jahren
hahah yeah, I didn't post it anywhere else xDD
NaiskaVor 7 Jahren#1602661I didn't know you did this Bellechan, ahah. That's quite original. ^^
Vor 7 Jahren
I didn't know you did this Bellechan, ahah. That's quite original. ^^
Vor 7 Jahren
Like the thought here alot, though i think your skills in photoshopping could need a tidbit of polishing
First impression (before it turned into intense stare) =awesome

i think if you would blur or smear the edges of the blood on the kimono and left cheek though, it'd look even more awesome
and possibly using a thin, almost transparent, feathered eraser on the axe- i think could make it melt together better with the rest
Vor 7 Jahren
Now if I ever see this figure in another pic or for real, I will always think Madoka The Killer. Epic, well done. XD
Vor 7 Jahren
Much approval.
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