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I can has room collage too? Latest room arrangement. More photos here at figure.fm www.figure.fm/e...

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sillyker0nianVor 7 Jahren#1517007Love it! So organized and clean :))Thanks! I wish it was this organized right now; it's in desperate need of spring cleaning.
Vor 7 Jahren
sillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
Love it! So organized and clean :))
Vor 7 Jahren
i have that glass display :3 perfect for figures :)
Vor 7 Jahren
I like how all the figmas are looking Madokami xD
Vor 7 Jahren
RychiVor 7 Jahren#1386671Lowe chur room!^_^
Vor 7 Jahren
Lowe chur room!
Vor 7 Jahren
PVC anime figure store.

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