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bust limited towel megahouse limited_edition mug yutaka one_piece banpresto monkey_d._luffy portgas_d._ace bandai excellent_model dragon_ball_z cospa plex world_collectable_figure ichiban_kuji log_box shueisha s.h.figuarts akainu kyun-chara oda_eiichiro portrait_of_pirates_dx portrait_of_pirates_strong_edition jango attm master_stars_piece portrait_of_pirates_neo 7-eleven the_grandline_men monkey_d._garp chibi-arts toei_animation chouzokei_damashii figuarts_zero bottle_cap high_spec_coloring_figure chibi_kyun-chara sabo super_effect_devil_fruit_power_users deformeister_petit ichiban_kuji_kyun-chara_world_one_piece mr._satan dx_figure one_piece_collection_change_the_world_(fc18) deformaster_petit_one_piece_vol._3 ichiban_kuji_one_piece_opening_a_new_era zacca_pap pansonworks one_piece_collection_grand_pirates_(fc9) one_piece_figure_collection_3 one_piece_world_3 one_piece_collection_vs_the_seven_ouka_shichibukai_(fc15) maruka one_piece_collection_promise_for_freedom_(fc17) the_grandline_children anichara_heroes_one_piece_vol.2_arabasta_fierce_fighting portrait_of_pirates_limited_edition inc. portrait_of_pirates_mild anichara_heroes_one_piece_vol._8_impel_down one_piece_log_piece ichiban_kuji_one_piece_~marineford_saishuu_kessen_hen~ one_piece_@be.smile ichiban_kuji_one_piece_~marineford_hen~ kengo_iida spider_web card_stand_figure ichiban_kuji_kyun-chara_world_one_piece_~kaizokuki_no_shita_ni~ mascolle_premium one_piece_world_collectable_figure_vol.1 one_piece_world_collectable_figure_vol.0 one_piece_world_collectable_figure_vol.14 one_piece_world_collectable_figure_vol.20 @be.smile chouzokei_damashii_one_piece_vol._1 one_piece_styling super_one_piece_styling_~marineford~ super_one_piece_styling_ex_strong_brothers_special super_one_piece_styling_~star_hero~ super_one_piece_styling_~marine_ford~_limited_set_of_3 mascolle dxf_figure one_piece_x_panson_works_full_face_junior_vol._7 miniature_plastic_model_series dg dg_series_one_piece_1 one_piece_great_deep_collection_1 anime_heroes_-_winter_islands fuji_television_network one_piece_real_collection_part_06 grand_battle_part_03 one_piece_frame_collection,the_power_of_devil_fruit dxf_brotherhoodii characollecan mascolle_premium_one_piece_greatdeep_collection_"d"_no_na_o_motsu_monotachi full_color_r one_piece_full_color_r

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I feel bad that I don't have better lighting yet. Or glass. But, at least I got all my figures out of the drawers and added the shelf on the bottom, though it makes the collection rather imposing. Never a good time to take a shot of it since there's always more coming in and arranging to do...
MFC says over 200 Aces when I search my collection, though there are some not on MFC so who knows LOL

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I can only aspire to be as much of an Ace collector as you...holy geebus...
Vor 4 Jahren
omg, Ace shrine :D
Vor 7 Jahren
Eisuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!! I love him too He's defiently the best character of all time IMO
Vor 7 Jahren
Perfect Ace collection! Congratulations for your dedication!
Vor 7 Jahren
Just wow man o_o... I wish my top loved had this much of stuff to collect :3! I understand how you feel!
Vor 7 Jahren
dokidoki azusa girl
Dedication like this is beautiful!
Vor 7 Jahren
Leaveno1behind Collector and Reviewer
This is amazing! You have like every figure of Ace!
Vor 7 Jahren
Fishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
Obsession < Perfection.
Vor 7 Jahren
Asce Lover!
Vor 7 Jahren
Who is your favourite One Piece character?
Vor 7 Jahren
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