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    Jun 19, 2012

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Isn't cosplay fun?

Introducing a brand new magical girl show- Puella Magi Yuyuko Magicka!
With Yuyuko, there will be cake, lots of cake.

Yuyuko "Should I become a magical girl? Any wish you say? Please grant my wish to revive the Saigyou Ayakashi!"
Uh oh.

Sakuya "I will save you Remuguka, I swear it, even if I must View spoilerHide spoiler luna dial a million times over again

Marisa "Any wish can be granted and the only risk is View spoilerHide spoiler becoming a witch? I'm already a witch so I got this handled, da-ze

Cirno "Since I am the strongest magical girl I will fight for justice because I'm strong!"

Reimu "I don't care about any of you. I only care about donations and DDR"

Tune in next time!

Kommentare13 Kommentare

Touhou!!! Wow! That's a really neat idea! :D
Vor 8 Jahren
Rock on magical girlz!
Vor 8 Jahren
good idea!
Vor 8 Jahren
Wow, brilliant idea! (if I fanart this, all idea credit goes to you my friend, for such an awesome idea O w O)
Vor 8 Jahren
Fishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
Fun, Touhou cosplay is fun~~!x3
Vor 8 Jahren
Great idea!
Vor 8 Jahren
Vor 8 Jahren
Yuyuko as Madoka.
I like it.
Vor 8 Jahren
Yuyuko is perfect as Madoka, omg
Vor 8 Jahren